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Ok, that was only 11 months. Once again, coil was covered but labor was not. Here we are in Oct. Pressure is low and I can only surmise coil is gone again. Well, this one lasted 14 months! No I will not be getting another coil! Fortunately I have money put aside for a new unit. Prior vendor told me there's nothing wrong with the coils, but I am not going for a 5th one.

Changing vendors and manufacturers. My neighbor with the same unit has just replaced her first coil but her until was bought in I wanted to take the time to write a good review since most people only bother to write reviews when they have an problem. After all when you buy a new product you expect it to work so why would you bother to write a review for that!

The one thing I also kept reading for Lennox is that parts are hard to get. I feel like all of those reviews came from California, maybe they are hard to get in California? That being said I would focus more on the contractor's reviews than these Lennox product reviews. Just wanted to take a minute to give a positive review for a product that is expected to work and thank my contractor for doing a top notch job with a top of the line product.

From a life long satisfied customer. System condensates heavily and has growing discoloration on the unit installed in the attic. Dealer informed Lennox customer is attempting to run the system at 72 degrees when outside temperature is thus resulting in the heavy condensate. Not sure what dealer is referring to. It is documented to outside temperature 84, thermostat set to 72 as requested by the dealer.

Mold detected by independent audit. Purchased this unit in October First year 2 fan motors and 2 service calls because of it shutting down and locking out. Second year fan motor again and 3 service calls to get unit to cool in the summer and heat in winter. Third year summer added Freon.

How can I tell the age of a Lennox air conditioner from the serial number?

Fourth year numerous service calls because of no cooling or heating in winter. Fifth year diagnosed with all factory welds leaking and needed to be resoldered. Sixth year capacitor bad and replaced along with service calls during the year. Seventh year Ambient and coil sensors replaced.

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October and guess what. Have talked to some HVAC installers that use to install Lennox and they told me because of no support and poor quality of Lennox they no longer use them.

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Strand Brothers Service Experts in Austin TX now tell me that I am lucky something has not broken sooner, all systems irregardless of brand are not made to last. They should have told me that in the first place, I would have gone with a less expensive brand, since I was told I was going to have problems anyway regardless of the brand. I am very disappointed in Lennox and I will tell everyone I know, not to buy this product.

It does not fare well over less expensive brands. Waste of hard earned money. Had several problems in the first 3 years with furnace. Well I've had it with Lennox. But it will NOT be a Lennox. Worst company and product. My unit is only 5 year old and it's Condenser Coil has gone twice. They says part is covered under warranty but what about labor. Built my home in Would never recommend Lennox.

I think Lennox is dishonest and a very cheap disappointing company.

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Wish I had never bought from them. Our Lennox air conditioner was installed on March 18, It stopped blowing air hot or cold on September 16, Serviceman determined the coil had rusted through, Freon had leaked out. The part is under warranty but we had to pay for labor at the cost No notice from Lennox that these coils could still be out here being installed in ? Nothing said to us from the installer?

Despite being on the wrong side of a Class Action Lawsuit Lennox has not learned their lesson. The company continues to produce A coils that are not made totally of aluminum. I bought my unit in therefore do not qualify for the Class Action lawsuit.

Experience the Ultimate in Comfort with a Lennox® Home Comfort System

I have a leak in my A coil Air Handler in what suppose to be a high end unit. The coil will need replacing with a full aluminum coil. All costs will not be included in the warranty claim. The freon on initial trouble call to include blue dye to isolate the problem will be my responsibility. We have been in our home for only 10 months and are already experiencing ac problems.

At beginning of cooling season, ac was not cooling.

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Tech said ac not fully charged. Now unit not cooling again, continually running. Unit needed charge again. He will return in 1 week to check for coil leak. This in a unit only 10 months old. Tried to contact customer affairs, and district manager never reached out after customer affairs recognized the issue. Called a number of times just to be told that no progress had been made.

Very poor product and poor execution of service by the district manager overlooking cases in FL. Have performed Dye Testing to confirm the same. When I call up customer service, they are initially vague and keep transferring me from one department to another. At last when I get to speak to consumer affairs department, they say only parts which are cheap can only be replaced but not the Freon and labor which is more expensive.

It is better to stay away from low quality products which cause very expensive repairs. Whatever you do stay away from these people! They make a lot of promises, i. Do I get a discount? Buyer beware, I wish I had got a Trane! I clicked on the link to ask for an estimate then asked in my request. THEN I asked when he was on the phone. The guy literally hung up on me because he said I "never asked for an estimate" and "he couldn't help me. I just need my AC replaced. I know what I need. He was upset that I used an independent contractor to determine that I needed a new AC. Then he just hung up on me.

Our very energy efficient heating products will keep your home warm all winter. Our PreciseComfort and variable speed technology will help you enjoy an evenly heated home without the loud noises of traditional furnaces. You want to stay cool in the hottest months of the year without paying massive utility bills.

Heat pumps will keep you comfortable in hot or cold weather.

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These HVAC products do double duty to help heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer months. Similar to our other heating and cooling products, itll run silently and efficiently to maintain the ideal temperature at all times. Whether youre at home all day or leaving Carlsbad for the weekend, comfort controls will ensure your home is kept at the temperature you want it.

Lennox Indoor Air Quality Systems. Our indoor air quality systems present solutions for improving the your homes indoor air quality and all that goes along with it. Excellent performance, reliability and energy efficient heating and cooling. We make sure to have it checked once every six months, and we replace the filter every six months also. Another bonus is the filters are not expensive, and since we have kept up the maintenance on our Lennox air conditioner we have never had an issue with it.

Nothing broken, nothing ever having to be fix or replaced. It wasn't expensive to begin with and again, 6 years later and it's still going strong, It was worth every penny. Las Vegas, Nevada Satisfaction Rating: We live in a very hot climate and it has never failed to keep up with the heat. If I ever buy another air conditioner, it will be a Lennox. Atlanta, GA Satisfaction Rating: The tech said it was low on coolant and possibly had a leak, and he would perform a search.

He said it was a bad coil and he would order a replacement. The outside unit kicks on loudly and the unit runs loudly. They did provide an all-inclusive year contract that states I will not have to pay any amount for any future problems. They also provided a complimentary one year contract on both of my units. Now it's winter and the unit doesn't warm the room as well as my old unit did. I was comfortable with the thermostat set at 68 on the old unit, but the new one requires at least a setting of My last unit was a Trane.

Don't buy this product. I have had nothing but problems with this product from day one. I wish I had gone another brand. Because of lack of quality control in this product has cost me electric bill, time from work etc. Bottom line, I should have done much more research than I did. Seems that either Lennox' products are inferior or the repair company is taking me for a ride. Which is more likely? Lennox says even though it has a 5 year part warranty, freon is not covered.

Tech said it was a defect by manufacturer but no matter to Lennox, not covered. After the third repair I elected to get an extended warranty that covers any and all repairs just to protect myself from trying to get Lennox to back their sorry product. I have discouraged several friends and family members from buying Lennox. I have seen 5 homes on my street with the same unit all starting to die around the same time. North Carolina Satisfaction Rating: San francisco Satisfaction Rating: I am very happy with the price I paid for it. A shorter warranty is especially worth considering if you don't expect to stay in your home for a long time.