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Scamming is a huge problem on this site and many users on Habbo participate in scamming other users. Racism is also very prevalent on this site i've witnessed people calling blacks "Slaves" and bullying asians for their ethnicity. Also this site has tons and tons of pedophiles on it many people have stated habbo is a "pedophile heaven" and i believe them. This site is completely inappropriate for kids and teens. Adult Written by Lazerblade November 3, Save your kids from endless drama and bullying.

Habbo, it's THE place for a kid to have some fun and chat with other teens in a safe environtment - says Sulake. But when you're actually on it for a day you'll see users trying to do long distance dating and showing severe sexual behaviour. On top of that users have a certain way of making people believe they're friends.

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But they're just friends for pixelised properties. Note that games like Habbo are entirely "private" which means that every user could be someone else then he says he is. All in all, Habbo is not the place to let your kids go on. It only produces constant drama and a bullying attitude to your kids. It will not educate your kid in any way except how to ruin peoples lives and show off their body. Adult Written by Margarita April 3, Of course there's going to be people out there that are rude and nasty.


But we try our best to just try and tune these people out! Does everything have to be educational?

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I mean it's good, but just because it doesn't really teach doesn't mean it's so horrible. There's also an 'ignore' button when you click on a person. There's a filter, too. And there isn't random people walking around looking for sexuality based things. You have to go to certain rooms people make for it. And Habbo Moderators are constantly sending out alerts to those in sexual based rooms saying, " Do Not Cyber! It's against the Habbo way and we need to keep a nice clean hotel!

But Habbo is free to join, and they hand out five credits once in a while on holidays. And I think this site is very wonderful and well maintained. Full of pedophiles and ban you with no reason. Habbo is not safe at all for kids. Pedophiles purposely create accounts to lure kids into going on camera. For once, I agree! This is why I read you, Common Sense Media. Parent of a 3, 7, 10, 11, 17, and 17 year old Written by Treythetired April 22, Skin colored shirt, Skin colered pants, No shoes, Belt that looks like a penis Girl: Bra, Skin colored pants, no shoes I have witnessed this myself and I do not really approve of it, Habbo Hotel, I noticed you can turn bobba off in the prefrences, people turn it off or use shortened swears such as: Had useful details 7.

Parent Written by Wareld Jameson December 16, Given the environment of Habbo, keep your childern away from Habbo This is my personal experience. I think this site is bad. If you get scammed or hacked, their so called "help support" will only reply to your request with templates message repeatedly without even trying to solve the problem. Even the ones who get hacked sometimes get banned for no reason. First time playing, you will find yourself really confused because Habbo doesn't provide any decent newbie guide or how to make credits yourself without buying off Habbo.

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You will have to find it out yourself unless you have friends. I think it's a way Habbo encourages you to buy their virtual pixel credits.

From what I've heard you can get permanently banned if you roleplay in some rooms because the moderators consider you "disrupting". There was a giveaway and the winners are the ones who are doing best at role playing in other rooms, many people got permanently banned because moderators consider them "disrupting". It's funny how you can get permanently banned that way, while talking to underages sexually, discriminating, and using foul languages only get you a mute for a day s. Their "moderators" are not professional in my opinion.

Read my mind 7. My daughter plays this and shes 14! She loves it too! D Its a fun creative world for teens where you don't have to buy clothes using virtual currency and its easy to buy things! I saw this review and then my daughters.. I dont mind about the kissing booth or blow kiss.. So obviously have a go and have some fun: Stay safe everyone and remeber the Golden respect rule! Helped me decide 8. The creators turned the site into a terrible version of the Sims. Terrible graphics and filters that don't filter out most vulgar language.

Had useful details 8.

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Adult Written by AshleeNicole March 28, Had useful details 9. Virtual chat world with cute avatars is inappropriate for tweens and under. I had multiple accounts on Habbo Hotel when I was younger, and I can tell you from experience that children are better off with other virtual chat worlds such as Club Penguin. Habbo Hotel gives users the option of customizing their cutesy, pixelated avatars with an array of clothing and hairstyles. They then head into the world of Habbo Hotel, where they can chat, dance, and participate in cool events and hilarious competitions.

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Users can either visit public chat rooms or private rooms created by other Habbo users. The public chat rooms, from my knowledge, are moderated. Private chat rooms are run by the users themselves. They have the right to ban or boot you from their room for no apparent reason, which is what happens way too often in Habbo Hotel. If they simply don't like the way your avatar looks, or if you're not a paid VIP member, you will surely encounter situations like this at one point or another. Private rooms are themed after restaurants, bars, shopping centres, nail salons, and hospitals, and users tend to roleplay.

I am pretty certain that the language is filtered, so the major swears are translated into "bobba," but users will find ways to work around the filter. Also, I may be wrong but I think there is an option to remove the filter anyways.

Just like in any virtual world, you will find friendly people to chat with, and especially in Habbo since most users are in their early teens and are less likely to be crude and rude. However, there are still those users who will want to engage in sex chat by inviting you to their private room, or harrassing you by sending you numerous messages to your inbox. If I remember correctly, such users can be blocked or reported, but a lot of the complaints are not taken seriously which is upsetting. About Pool's Closed is a catchphrase associated with a series of raids carried out by Anonymous against the online social networking site Habbo Hotel , where members of the group formed human blockades to obstruct the entry points of popular hangouts with their avatars dressed in afros and business suits.

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