Esl dating and relationships

Relationships and dating: ESL/EFL Lesson Plan and Worksheet

Watch a clip from my favorite movie When Harry Met Sally and answer the following questions: Which story do you like the most and why? Do you think such stories are going obsolete with the introduction of dating apps? Is fate in our hands? Create a sentence using each of these words. Overachievers optional activities Reading: Do you think the answer to happily ever after is inside a phone app?

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Does your first love still hold a special place in your heart? Do you believe that he or she will always have a special place in your heart? What is your definition of love? Would you wait on a person you were dating for a long time if they joined the army? How about if they went to prison?

What do you think about dating a friend's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend? Are there any superstitions on making someone fall in love with you? Have you heard of any successful "love potions? Do you like to have boy friend or girl friend in your school or in your classes? Do you think it is right to continue seeing a person if he has not introduced you to his family yet? How long does it take for dating to become a relationship?

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Is it important to be punctual in your first date? Would you dress up for a first date? What clothes would you wear? What kind of place do you think is the ideal for a first date? Why do you think so? Do you think that age difference is important when dating? Would you date someone much older or younger than you? Why or why not? Would your parents have a problem if you married someone much older or younger than you? Would it make a difference if that person were rich?

Relationships and dating

Do you like to flirt? If so, what do you usually do? Do you ever set your friends up on blind dates?

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  8. If so, have you had much success? Do you think blind dates are a good way to meet someone special? What is an intimate relationship for you? How do you know you are in a relationship? Do you have any expectations for your partner? What is a perfect date for you? Are you still in contact? Would you like to see your first love again? When you begin dating. After you have been together for a while. Only when the relationship is serious? Do you consider withholding information from your significant other lying?

    Should you sleep with your friends? Do you like to have boyfriend or girlfriend in your school or in your classes? What do you think about internet dating? Do you know anybody who does internet dating?

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    Have you heard of any successful relationships through internet dating? Would you consider trying it yourself? If you can think of another good question for this list, please add it.