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Once you find the event you wish to attend click book now and the system will take you to a booking form so that you can register and pay for the event of your choice. If you do not have the facility to pay by card please call the contact number shown on the relevant events page.

Once you have booked the event by card, you will get an automated e-mail confirming the booking. Everything is processed electronically so you do not have to bring anything with you. You can go to as many as you like. Most people at each event will be new so it will give you more chances to meet the right person. You are very welcome to come speed dating with friends and many people do.

You can bring friends who do not wish to take part to the start of the evening but it is not normally possible for them to stay after the dating starts. If in doubt please phone us to check.

Go to the our home page and choose your county from the dropdown list then select the event you want to attend from the top of the page. You'll then see a list of all events of this type in your county and you can choose the event nearest to you. Once you have chosen your event click on book now and complete your information.

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You only need to do this once as our database will now hold your information for future events you may wish to book. Once in the event of your choice if you click onto the postcode it will take you into multi-map highlighting the location of the venue. At our events wear what you feel comfortable in. Many people will be coming straight from work so suits are fine.

But don't forget that with everything in life first impressions count. Yes, provided your friend is the same sex. Please call us to on the number shown on the relevant events page so that we can register your friend. If your friend is the opposite sex we may still be able to help you. Please call us to check. Provided you let us know a minimum of five working days before the event we will move you to another event free of charge without you losing your fee.

However, we would not be able to move you to another event less than 5 days before without a charge being incurred, as we may not be able to fill your place at short notice. However do please let us know if you are unable to attend, for whatever reason, as imbalanced numbers spoil our events for other people attending. You pay to attend events as you book them. We charge your credit card when you book an event online. Whilst we endeavour to get equal numbers of men and women on paper, in reality this is not always possible.

Sometimes people do not turn up on the night because they are unwell, or quite simply change their minds, or their circumstances have changed. This is why it is very important for people to let us know in advance if they cannot attend, as we often have people on a waiting list that could take their place, even last minute. However, we would like to reassure people that we would not hold a speed dating event without a good number of both men and women booked in, otherwise it would not be a good event or value for money.

We do pride ourselves on having run successful speed dating events for 12 years now.

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The number is very variable. Some people will only tick people they feel a romantic spark with, whereas others will also tick people they feel could become friends as well.

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Most people do come on their own, which is actually for the best, as they will be meeting lots of new single people. We specialise in the personal touch and fully appreciate how apprehensive some people, particularly women, may feel about coming alone.

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Please be reassured that our hosts are very friendly and helpful, and will make sure that anyone coming alone is introduced to other single people who are there when they arrive, and will not be left on their own feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Many customers have come back again because they felt so relaxed and comfortable coming on their own. If you can't find events close to you we recommend you try www. Our matching procedure is very stringent if you have been ticked then it would be given to you as a match.

The age ranges specified are guidelines only and we do not discriminate against age. However if you are, or appear to be, well outside the age range you may not get matches. No, we are very strict on confidentiality and it is only if you have a positive match where both people have ticked each other, that we pass on any contact information.

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It's a good idea to have a few questions up your sleeve in case you run out of things to say. However it's a very bad idea to have a scripted list of questions as it kills the spontaneity of the date.

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In our experience a few minutes is long enough to decide whether you're prepared to invest a couple of hours in a follow-up date. We are very strict on confidentiality, and will only provide people with the information you have given us which should be your name and either a mobile phone number or an e-mail address. Every-day single people who want to make new friends, meet new like-minded single people, and meet that special person. They will sign you in and then invite you to have a drink at the bar.

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It is very important to get signed in as soon as you arrive so we know that you are there. Once everyone has arrived and sat down, the hosts will explain how speed dating works and answer any questions. The evening then begins. A form is provided with a pen for you to write down the name of each person you are talking to. Some people do this at the end of the evening once they have spoken to everyone instead of after each move. There is also a memory jogger available on the form to help you remember. At the end of the evening everyone hands in the left hand side of their sheet.

The matches are then processed the next day and are sent by text or e-mail. Matches are when both people have ticked each other. We hold speed dating events for different numbers of people depending on the size of the venue. Most of our venues hold facilities for up to 15 dates 30 people , but some venues have room for more, and some have slightly less space.

We always endeavour to give people as much privacy for conversation as we can. For each speed dating event we list the maximum number of dates you could have at that venue if all bookings were taken, not the guaranteed number. However, we would not hold that particular event if the bookings were low as it would not be a successful event.

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At our Party Nights there will be music and dancing with a great DJ who is happy to take you requests throughout the evening. There will be also usually be some snacks to nibble on. Our hosts will ensure that you are introduced to other people who are there, so if you are coming alone, don't let that stand in your way. We appreciate that some people may feel apprehensive if they are coming to an event on their own, so we always make sure they are looked after on arrival and not left on their own or feeling uncomfortable.

We have a commitment to quality and are pleased that many successful matches have been made over the years. FAQs Have you got some questions about speed dating and other events? Dating Tips Improve your number of ticks with our useful Dating Tips click for tips. Tell a friend Tell a friend and come to your next event free of charge!