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This post is probably really old. Nonetheless, just finished Weeds.

Weeds - 8x11 - God Willing & The Creek Don't Rise - Final Scene - Andy & Nancy.

It was on Netflix and I knew I had missed a couple seasons when it first aired so I re-watched it. I agree with wanting Andy and Nancy together.

Celia was my favorite character and I loved watching the kid that played her daughter progress too. I felt the show started to decline when they decided to make Celia a pathetic loser rather than the arrogant, rich-bitch with a heart she had been. He must be in with the creator of the show because he was horribly gross and not funny at all in any scene he was in. Why they would keep him the duration of the show and write out other truly funny characters amazes me. The show started out great, unique, funny, the whole sha-bang but became painful to watch.

Not even in the finale. Also, at least according to one article, the Parker was very fond of Perkins and was sad to see her leave the show. A lot of times it was very dark. How many times could the show have ended with a happy life? Simply because they are not done yet… they left many openings for next season whenever that will be. I think they needed time to figure out where they were going. I dont believe they expected it to be the hit that it was and then have to continue writing season after season.

I never subscribed to ShowTime. I watched episode 1 a few months ago… I just finished watching the Final Episode of Weeds on Netflix today. Only my namesake on The Croods does that. Think of the Demographics here! I own a house. I have a yard. There are indeed many unanswered questions! There are many storylines that got cut off too soon! Outside of certain circles, America has been kept in the dark about them.

I totally agree -I would love more!!! Bologna that the season went downhill after season 1. It was amazing from start to finish. I personally feel Andy and Nancy were not meant to get together -he needed to find an identity for himself beyond Nancy and Nancy needed to find purpose in her life without a man. The last show was called the wrap up so we kind of needed info about Stevie?! Uhm, Billion in the US? You might rethink that figure… More like 8 Billion worldwide. I watched this entire series on DVD.

Just finished it the other day. Found it to be very entertaining throughout…was mildly disappointed by the last season, but long-running shows are hard to wrap up. Nancy was The Mother From Hell, and it had many very dark moments. Megan hates Nancy because she treated Silas like shit, and a good wife stands by her man. They fucked up big-time here. The whole rehab thing was a cop-out. I was very disappointed in that. They focused on Stevie because they were wrapping up the past, and Stevie was the future.

Would have helped if the actor looked more Mexican, but I understood where they were going. I am glad they showed how sad Nancy was in the last season. She should have been sad. She was selfish and impulsive, and her own wants and desires always trumped those of the people she supposedly loved. If they were trying to portray her as a mom who would do anything for her family, they missed the boat. I loved the show, but liked Celia better than Nancy. Also another perfect analysis! She had a weird pull on every other character and on the viewers watching also!

In the end…I was relieved to see Andy rise above and to see Nancy feel some remorse. They disappointed me with Shane in the end too. Was hoping to see him actually be a straight cop for some reason even though he was damaged goods. Please bring the show back, we need a follow-up, a conclusion… We need more. I so miss the show. If you remember when they were making hash in the hotel, they were waiting for a bus and Andy asked to be released.

Nancy, obviously, said no. This meant that Andy was gunna follow Nancy for a little while longer. Andy had a major realization, when talking to the rabbi in the hospital after Nancy got shot, that he was still under Nancys control and he needed to get his shit together and leave. She also thinks shes kinda of a selfish bitch because lets be real, during the show Nancy was portrayed that way. After meeting the other cop, his name is escaping me at the moment Shane learns the ways of being a crooked cop.

This is most likely why he shows up with, whats believed to be, hookers. Shane was also kinda fucked up after killing Pilar so i dont think anyones surprised to see hes a little messed up when hes older. I mean this is also the child who shot a cat because he thought it was a mountain lion. In between the block dances and running from the Mexican drug cartel along with the crazy fatherless sons with guns she didnt have much time to successfully parent Shane and Silas throughout their teenage years. The finale showed how Nancy kept to her promise of raising Stevie right and having him grow up normal.

Also shed light on the fact that everything gets better for Nancy, no matter what happens to her. He shot the actual lion. Told nancy he got it in the eye and in the last few seconds of the episode she sees it walking outside with a bleeding eye. In a later episode she mentions that he shot it as well. To address your number 3, Shane did shoot the mountain lion. He tells his mom he hit it on the eye. They end the episode with a clip of the mountain lion in their backyard, and show that the mountain lions eye has a huge scar on his eye.

You see when stuff hit the fan Nancy did what she needed to survive. She had an expensive home two kids growing up in affluent Agrestic. Then he becomes the protector of the family the one who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them including murder and infiltrating the police department. However, Mike was wrong Shane did hit the Mountain Lion, Nancy thought it was the cat until at night when they were watching a movie she saw thd Mountain Lion walk past her patio door with blood on its cheek. Shane is the best character there he defknitely deserved a better story ending, however life is messy and sometimes the ones who we cheer for just dnot measure up.

As for Stevie who care about him.

Weeds Series Finale: The Highs and the Lows | E! News

The kid barely makes an appearance throughout the show only to be the center of attention at the end. I am a HUGE fan of weeds. Seen every season more than once.. Shane was poorly cast and I guess always looking 14 made the whole Cop side story so weak and unbelievable, it should have ended with Shane shooting his brother or something, or even just a deep convo between Andy and Nancy alone somewhere, also The character of Doug although funny at times really should have been written out of the show many seasons earlier.

He must be in with the writing team or creator because I lost complete interest in any scene that included him. I just re discovered weeds a couple weeks ago and binge watched it in about 4 days. I think it was supposed to be an emotional episode and to basically show that look Andy was trying so hard to be with her changed his whole lifestyle kind of and helped her out in many many ways and she would always treat him like scum fucking who ever had the best drugs.

Which makes no sense because Megan had aborted his baby and her dad punched him. I think it was based around Stevie because it shows that he was more involved in school and he was a really good basic kid in soccer. It was showing Nancy had really changed and she was giving Stevie what she had failed to give Shane after his fail. One he realized that having sex is not the same as love and he does not know how to feel love, which can be noticed by the pure sexual relationship that he and Jill had or with the waitress.

Hence he ran because he did not feel satisfied and felt that he messed up, coming to my second point of him feeling humiliated. Having kids means having responsibility, and when an individual takes the paternal road the have already made a choice to protect their own. Therefore, this comes across Megan, who has just realized how important being responsible is, as a warning to not give her child to a person, who could not raise her kids with the love, which she has for her own. The last episode was mostly about forgiveness and resolution.

Steven being enlightened by Guiliermo about his true hereditary lines, brings back the motif of secrets,chick existed throughout the past seasons. But what differs is the reaction, which her youngest child has. He is first shocked, but then manages to forgive his mother, unlike Silas, who required time and space for himself to feel independent. But I very much like the emotional ending, with the perfect song about self realization, which can be seen in each character from start to finish.

Thank you Weeds you were an amazing show. And after sleeping with Nancy, he realizes that she would do anything to keep him hanging around without actually loving him back or giving him any chance at having his own family someday.

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I think Nancy is trying to keep him trapped and he realizes it and hence runs away. The DEA agent, who she married in Season 1, had a stash of hidden money according to his ex-wife, remember? And she thought that Nancy knew where it was. Everyone moves to Pittsburgh, and they eventually give the money to charity. I laughed that whole season when Shane was obsessed with Pittsburgh, so funny.

But it does make sense for his character to escape. He carried a torch for Nancy for at least 5 years SS08 , but eventually tries replacing his infatuation for Nancy with others, like Jill, and his waitress wife of 2 or 3 days. Pairing that with the fact that Nancy strung him along for seasons , and only wanted him once all of her others husbands died, and realized that she had no chance to get back with Conrad, who after being abandoned found his own happiness and success.

Also, when we do see Andy again, he is finally happy, has his own house, family and an honest career. After Megan has a kid of her own, I assume she would never think of endangering her child as Nancy did. His real dad, was an engineer, so we can assume he was intelligent, and Shane seemed to spend a lot of time with him he died while jogging with Shane.

The next man Shane spends a lot of time with besides Andy a person he had known his entire life, and looked at as a friend and uncle rather than a parent, was Ignacio. When he hung around Ignacio he learned irrational violence and extreme selfishness more so than from his mother , and began acting violent and irrational. She is not very likeable, all the sex aside in my opinion.

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I would just like to know everyone else's thoughts on her and her very liberal use of sex to get what and where she wants I find it very taboo and shocking as I have never seen a woman portrayed in this light to be a protagonist on any show. That said I don't find her sexual antics all that bad just shocking mostly She even makes a light comment about how men are easier to deal with regarding sexual bribes in an episode in season 6 when she's trying to barter with Linda Hamilton's character for trimmings after offering to go down on her, haha.

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But I guess if he was really done with her games, he would've left early on, since he became fully aware of it after a point. Because she's a fictional character and the writers decided that those are aspects of her personality and continue to incorporate them for continuity, character development and plot progression. And Weeds was on Showtime in the early 00's when they we're really going for edge.

4 Burning Questions About That Weeds Finale

Now that's normal for the TV landscape. That's why I think part of it was that she's just very sexual, it wasn't always about using sex to gain something else for her or about love, sometimes she just enjoyed hooking up with someone. Because the series extends over what? She dont sleep with that many people all things considered.