Short girl dating a tall guy

No, it isn't painful. I actually like it, it makes me want to protect my little lady and she loves the feeling being protected. To this point I haven't had the situation where a girl wanted that from me but I guess I would just do it. My impression is that especially smaller girls like to be lifted by a strong man: You can either grab his t shirt where his throat is, I don't know the word for that and pull him down OR which I like more bring your knee up to his hip and guide his hand to your butt. I don't know a single male friend who would understand this as something different than "lift me up!

I love smaller girls. I like picking them up or sitting them on my lap to make out. It's no trouble at all. I'm 6'2'' if that's relevant. I don't mind picking up the girl, but you don't need to "ask" for it. Just stand on the tip of your toes, wrap your arms around the guy's neck, and lean against him.

He'll get the message if he isn't completely stupid. It does put a strain on my back, as I have to bend so far for a full contact hug or kiss. But on the other side, their necks do hurt from having to look so far up. But we also have fun with it, finding different height stairs to change the geometry, and generally trying anything to make it enjoyable.

I'm fine with picking up girls to make out with them, but i would rather it happen organically rather than be asked to do it. The biggest problem I have is when my SO does something to break the mood, such as making a comment "out of character" or basically that is not directly relevant to the current activity. Realize while we are tall, it isn't always fun and games for us. I have plenty of scars and dents in my head from cabinet doors and other objects most people can avoid easily. We don't all play or enjoy basketball.

We want to be loved and to love regardless of any physical attributes. As a side note, Heels! I'm 6'6" and have had three girlfriends; 5'3", 5'4", and 5'6". No its not painful at all or uncomfortable. I have to bend down for plenty of other stuff that isn't made to my height so its not some weird foreign action or anyhting. I would love it. I love holding girls while I make out with them. It's easier because I don't have to bend down, we're now at eye level, and because they generally seem to find it really hot which heats up the mood.

Honestly it's not challenging or a burden at all. It's just standing that has to be adjusted. When I sit or lay down with a shorter girl we're eye level. I just prefer shorter girls. I have no idea why, I just always have, I guess I like the pettitness. So me adjusting to it is normal, honestly I think it would feel more weird for me to date a tall girl and not have to bend down. The only thing I've gotten consistently from gf's is I walk to fast because my stride is so much bigger than theirs, so overtime I've had to learn to walk slower but thats about it.

I'm 6'2, and the majority of the girls I've slept with or dated were about a foot shorter than me. Kissing was no issue, and in my experience, both they and I loved picking them up. My current girlfriend is petite enough that i can almost effortlessly lift and toss her around, which is awesome. So for me, if a girl wants to be picked up, all she has to do is either her best impression of a face hugger or just ask.

I find it really hot. I'm 4'11" and my husband is 6'3". It works because we make it work. I've never seen our height as a challenge or an issue, except shower sex, because dammit I'm just too short and he's too tall to make it work. To answer your questions, yes my husband has to bend down to kiss me. He's never said anything about it.

Or sometimes we'll kiss while he's sitting No, he's never picked me up to kiss.

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Though I did stand on a chair when we got married so I could smash cake in his face. He does pick me up for hugs though, or to pop my back. I love doing this. I used to carry her to bed all the time. Asking does not kill the mood, if I didn't get the hint. The first time we kissed, I was sitting on a stool and she was standing. Make out sessions were usually sitting or laying down, so height really didn't matter.

Sometimes I would pick her up and set her on the counter-top Depends on where we are. Outside a bar is sort of strange, try to find a bench or something to sit on in public. At home, especially in the bedroom, by all means climb into my arms. I know it sounds silly, but if you are walking down a set of stairs or something, linger back a step or two, make him stop below you and then plant one on him. If a guy has this problem he's a weak sap. I'm a tall guy and have dated plenty of shorter girls.

If I'm going in for a quick kiss, it's no big deal. If it looks like we're gonna be locked up for a bit, I'll lift her up to me. Bonus, this usually gets things pretty hot pretty quick. You girls love that shit ; The only thing I can really think of YOU doing is wearing heels, which is another bonus because heels are usually pretty hot. It's not like you failed height class. If a guy has a problem with it he's a weak bitch and you should easily dick punch him and blame him for being too tall. So no to that one. I'm a man that needs his leg room. I'm 6'2, maybe closer to 6'3 havent measured in a few years.

My girlfriend is short enough that I can lean forward a bit and rest my head on top of her head. It's less uncomfortable for us than for you. I'll put my girlfriend up on a ledge sometimes before we kiss and I have no idea how she handles that all the time. I'd probably find it kind of cute assuming she was skinny. You are still probably lbs-ish so its not something I want to do the whole make out session but it's okay for short bursts. I don't think it's more uncomfortable for us at all, especially if we're both standing.

Your girlfriend probably doesn't mind because we love being manhandled like that: FYI, I'm 6' and most of my ex's were around 5' or shorter. Dated both short and long terms. It's just impossible to do that "her arm wrapped around mine" thing without holding my body in an extremely unnatural way. I'm tall-ish 6'-1" , but I prefer shorter girls. Yes, the bending thing is kind of annoying. Big spooning while watching a movie and resting your head on hers a pillow is involved of course is wonderful.

Take that with a grain of salt, everybody has their own preferences for positions, also 69 is tricky unless he's flexible.

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Tall guy short girl dating issues

The title of your post must contain your actual, concise question. Do not make posts asking about a specific person's or group of people's actions, behavior, or thinking. Do not post pictures looking for affirmation of your appearance. Do not complain about other subs here or post to push an agenda. I started having other relationships again this past year and found that being extremely short is something that I do consider but it is way down on the list of things.

Short girl dating really tall guy ~ Restricted Growth Association UK

So if I am interested in two women about equally and one is extremely short I ask the taller out first but I have no qualms about asking out or being interested in a shorter woman. She has absolutely vetoed any prospect of me dating a short girl, or any other girl for that matter. If height were the only critera for selecting a partner then dating would not be the angst-filled hell I remember from my youth.

If it is the major criteria for someone then, without wanting to come across as judgemental, that person is as shallow as a puddle in the Sahara. You may be able to swap clothes, if that floats your boat. That said, being different heights is advantageous when, for instance, shopping. I can reach the top shelf and reach into freezers necessary after an unfortunate event involving my wife, a chest freezer and the last packet of frozen breaded cod. Tall males look for shorter females most of the time, simply because tallness is related to dominance, and strength. The taller the male is compared to the female, the more confident he will be.

In my first year of university 41 years ago two of my fellow students were in a relationship: And guess who was the stronger partner in the relationship? Ask New Question Sign In. Are tall guys ok with dating a short girl? Have you done the 10k year challenge?

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18 Men Admit Why They Love Dating Short Girls

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