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This is from Heat magazine. Click on these thumbnail images to get the full-size picture. Added the last page. Missed that one before. I do hope Eugene is getting sufficient reward for these Heat features.

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There's a thin line between empowerment and mocking here. Not that Eugene isn't intelligent enough to realise if and when he's being used, but he does seem the gullible type, all the same. I don't really think he's being mocked. I think it is meant to be light hearted.

Eugene Sully - Heat September Eugene Speed Dating - 2 - Big Brother UK Picture Gallery

I haven't read the interview but I genuinly think people like him and it's nice to see him looking happy, even in a jokey, matchmaking manner. Eugene is really cool and deserves to be treated nicely I am glad Heat magazine has done this but hopefully he wont turn into some lady-loving user aka Calum Best and get himself onto next years Celebrity Love Island as his profile is already on the up so why does he need a shamed reality show to bring him back down! Mind you I was taken aback at these photos now I can see the sexual spark in Eugene-its Eugenius! He can have a girl - me!

But I wasn't too keen on the pics in the article, especially the front cover pic - he just doesn't look like himself. Do you think Heat just didn't like the way he really looks? I'd have him just as he is. Find More Posts by HuggyBird.

Big Brother UK Picture Gallery

All times are GMT. The time now is Contact Us - ThisisBigBrother. Eugene Speed Dating This is from Heat magazine. Send a private message to James. Big Brother's EFourum — introduced in the previous year — was revamped and its name changed to Big Brother's Big Mouth , with Russell Brand continuing as presenter of that show. For the second year, open auditions were used to select housemates; these took place between 5 February and 6 March He took the money which meant eventual winner Anthony won the same amount as Eugene.

The House for Big Brother was a radical change from the oppressive and angled House from the previous year.

Makosi is new favourite to win Big Brother as Sam set to go

House designer Patrick Watson described the design as "aspirational and yet not wildly practical. Watson also revealed that he accomplished this by extensively utilising mirrors for an airier and cooler atmosphere. Pictures of the House were released on 24 May , revealing the outdoor shower and pool. The tiled floor lead onto the wooden deck of the pool, this year a circular pool positioned in a corner of the garden.

More pictures were released to the press later in the day. For the first time, an American-style refrigerator was utilised, giving the housemates more space for food and located next to the store-room. On the opposite side of the main Diary Room entrance was another door, which lead to the "Secret Garden". The Secret Garden was an indoor room decorated like a jungle, and contained a fridge, basic cooking utensils and crockery, a hatch, three beds, a decorative stag head which was revealed to be able to speak , a television screen and an adjoining toilet.

The Garden also contained a telephone that Big Brother used to communicate quietly with the secret housemates, and a "Quiet" sign that illuminated whenever one of the main housemates occupied the Diary Room. For several days, the three housemates had to live in the Secret Garden, with only Makosi knowing their existence.

The only clothing initially supplied to the three secret housemates was fig-leaf underwear. With Makosi's help, they had to steal clothes and food from the main Big Brother House when the other housemates were asleep, and to make sure that the other housemates did not find out about them. The secret housemates stayed in the Secret Garden until Day 32, when Orlaith and Eugene were selected by Makosi to enter the main House and become true housemates. In week 5, three other housemates entered the Secret Garden.

Makosi then chose two of them to enter the main House, Orlaith and Eugene. When Orlaith voluntarily left weeks later, Kinga who was the third housemate from the Secret Garden re-entered the House. Big Brother 6 received mixed reviews from professional critics. While one critic called the show "dull and unlikeable", [21] another called it "refreshing viewing". Eleven years after the conclusion of Big Brother 6 , columnist Rupert Hawksley opined that the series potentially marked "the moment when Big Brother began its ongoing gurgle in the gutter".

These viewing figures are taken from BARB.

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Throughout the sixth series, Big Brother was subject to numerous complaints from the viewing public. Maxwell's claim to have put scabs from his feet into Science's food; [28] scenes filmed in the pool that led some viewers, and housemates, to believe that Anthony and Makosi had sex; [29] Craig allegedly making "unwelcome advances" [25] towards Anthony; Kinga allegedly masturbating with a wine bottle; [25] hostility directed towards Makosi by the live crowd and, allegedly, Davina McCall during the Live Final; [25] [30] [31] and Channel 4 breaking the Advertising Standards Authority's code.

Media regulator Ofcom , which received over complaints about the series, opined in response that Big Brother "offers viewers, unpalatable though it may be, a window on what some complainants believed to be the unacceptable attitudes of some members of society". In , Charlie Brooker created and wrote the horror mini-series Dead Set , set during a fictional series of Big Brother.

Housemates Makosi and Craig returned to Big Brother in as part of a retrospective week of that series, involving tasks from all previous series of Big Brother. They competed against Siavash Sabbaghpour in a recreation of the sixth series' Box task, where housemates had to remain in a cardboard box for the longest period of time. In , Makosi was a contestant in the show's final series, entitled Ultimate Big Brother , which featured memorable housemates from the first 11 series of Big Brother and its celebrity spin-off.

She entered on Day 1 and became the second Ultimate housemate to be evicted on Day Anthony also returned as a guest to have a picnic date with Makosi. The first three seasons of the Serbian Big Brother series, Veliki brat , used the Big Brother eye logo and the opening titles from this series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Big Brother 6 housemates UK. Eugene was given one minute to make his decision and he accepted Big Brother's offer and took half of the winner's prize fund. Makosi was given the task of evicting one Housemate from the Secret Garden on Day 32, she chose Kinga.

Orlaith decided to voluntarily leave the House known as walking on Day Kinga re-entered the House on Day 66 as Orlaith's replacement. Archived from the original on 27 August Retrieved 17 February BB love loft revealed! Archived from the original on 24 December Retrieved 22 February No, really, it was". Retrieved 29 March Celebrity Big Brother housemates. Teen Panto Celebrity Hijack Ultimate. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 16 January , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The "unlucky thirteenth" housemate was chosen randomly on Day 1 as Makosi, when she was first to respond to a call by Big Brother for "a housemate" to go to the Diary Room. Makosi was told she would automatically be up for eviction that week unless she managed to get the most nominations from her housemates, in which case she had to nominate two people for eviction. She was to keep this task secret.

Makosi succeeded in her secret mission and chose Craig and Mary to be up for eviction instead. On Day 3, housemates had to paint portraits of each other, to hang in the living area.

On Day 4, housemates had to each perform a rap about each other to win Mary a birthday party. On Day 9, housemates had to participate in a counting task where each housemate had to count as high as they could while being distracted by Big Brother. Saskia won the task and won the chance to become Big Brother for a week.

She was allowed to watch selected Diary Room sessions, create punishments, and fulfil or reject housemate requests. Every other housemate was diagnosed with a problem and had to follow the rules of their injuries. Kemal, Lesley, Makosi and Vanessa didn't wear their hospital outfits on the third day and failed the task. Due to this, the House received a basic shopping budget for the next week. Maxwell was given some underwear after requesting some from Big Brother. He was unhappy with the underwear he was given and burned them with a lighter. The next day, he was forced to wear a baby's outfit and sit on "The Naughty Step" for three hours.

In a conversation together, Vanessa broke the game rules by telling Lesley whom she would be nominating. Although the nominations still took place, Big Brother decided to ignore the results and ruled that, for the first time in the UK series, every housemate would be up for eviction.

On Day 16, the housemates participated in the Box Task.

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Each housemate had to sit in a cardboard box for as long as they could. The winner of the task received luxury meals and an unlimited supply of wine for the week. After 26 hours and 16 minutes, Anthony, Derek, and Roberto were announced as the joint-winners of the task. On Day 18, for the shopping task, housemates had to participate in a Pirate Task. All housemates besides the captain had to do various tasks involving being a pirate and were only allowed two fails per day. Science was randomly chosen as the captain.

The housemates failed the task by incurring a total of 28 fails in three days. On Day 20, Big Brother held a speed dating task. Big Brother paired each housemate with three other housemates and they had to go on two-minute dates with each of them. On Day 22, Science requested toilet paper. Big Brother gave him a secret task. He was told that for every housemate that he slapped on the bottom, he would receive one roll of toilet paper.

Science slapped everyone but Anthony, Derek, and Maxwell and received seven rolls. On Day 16, during the box task, Kemal put a dirty toilet brush into Roberto's box and was punished by having to sit on the Naughty Step for two hours. Craig, Derek and Roberto were banned from nominating after talking about the nomination procedure, breaking a key rule.

Clips of their discussions mainly concerning Saskia were played into the House via the plasma screen in the living room. On Day 23, the housemates participated in the "Chicken and Egg Task. Makosi was the only housemate to fail the task and the rest of the housemates were given a party. On Day 24, Big Brother set the housemates the Workhouse task. Maxwell selected himself to be worker number one, automatically making him the unlucky worker.

Big Brother UK 2005-Speed dating task part 1

Maxwell was assigned to disgusting tasks such as sorting maggots. The true task was for the other housemates to convince Maxwell that they too were performing the same tasks. In reality, Big Brother provided them with luxurious treats while Maxwell worked. The housemates passed the task and won a luxury budget. On Day 27, Derek requested cigars and was given a secret mission to receive them.