Dating a guy with a criminal record

I would never consider dating someone with a criminal history including a DUI. Driving drunk shows a great deal of stupidity and disregard for the safety of others. I once dated a girl who admitted to me she was declared legally insane. I should have run away then. How about a 24 year old guy who got arrested for selling packaged beef door to door without a license.

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No he's just a loser. Mooches off of everyone, never went to college or did anything with himself. I wouldn't write somebody off on criminal record alone, unless they were violent crimes or crimes that strongly offended my morals.

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It would depend on when the crime took place, nature of the crime, and if the criminal activity is still continuing - and probably on other things I can't think of. Would you ever date someone with a criminal record?

Would you ever date someone with a criminal record?

Not like the small stuff i. I'm talking about crimes like felonious assault and armed robbery etc. If the person still smoked, I'd leave. If the person did other drugs in the past I would need a ton more info. The info you found merits further discussion.

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Being a criminal has never stopped a man from being successful with women. Also, personal insight as to what was going on, and personal accountability. Some are worse or more troublesome than others. For example, I could forgive a "charge" of threat toward a female, because that could be a vindictive woman telling lies, or a big misunderstanding that quickly spiraled downward.

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But if there is more than one charge from more than one woman, thus showing a pattern of behavior, even if the charges did not turn into convictions OR if just one charge but I see aggressive behavior early-on, then that is a deal breaker. Dui isn't a big deal to me.

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Its very easy to blow over. However, A string of charges but no convictions and still having open container in the car is very concerning as far as demonstrating ongoing lifestyle, lack of self-control and sense of entitlement. The record may basically look "clean," but the life really isn't. I would never tolerate any theft charge nor conviction regardless of misdemeanor or felony.

Personally I would look more at patterns and co relations with observed behavior. I have seen and experienced instances of over-zealous police as well, so I don't immediately character assissin just because someone has a charge, nor minor conviction on their "record. Originally Posted by VedderisBetter. Did they do something dumb as a dumb kid fresh out of high school or were they shoplifting underpants last weekend? Arrest records are public now? I haven't personally viewed any arrest records.

You're being responsible about your depression. You have a good job. One might even say that you're a catch. Of course, not everyone is going to feel that way about you. I can't lie about what I might do if a person on a date told me they served time for a white-collar crime and "learned their lesson. But -- I can't say that for sure.

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Dating and love is all about vibes. Sometimes we get bad vibes from people who have clean records. Other times we get awesome vibes from people who've made big mistakes. Hopefully, someone will get a great vibe from you. My dating advice is to get yourself into a good circle of friends, a pack of nice people who can really get to know you and vouch for your character. It might be difficult to date online with your past -- because online dating involves quick judgments. But if you meet people through friends, those potential mates will know that you're surrounded by good folks who see you as a trustworthy person.

Would you date someone with a criminal record?

They'll see you in context. Context is really, really important. You'll be able to talk about your mistakes whenever it feels natural, whenever your past comes up and it's time to share. Probably within a few dates.

Before anything gets serious but after you've shared some of the good stuff. Would you forgive a criminal record?