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Questa mattina ho attivato un abbonamento trimestrale "Premium" al sito app2.

Mum's tied up with Be2 online dating

I was charged membership for an online dating servive. Premium membership is made to look like a once off payment. And a day before 30 days of subscription an amount 10x the initial amount is deducted from your account. Cancellations are only possible by fax. Fax machines are effectively I have no idea I even joined up with b2 dating site.

I say the last 3 months I have threatening emails of their solicitors saying I have owe them money. First of all my name begins with h not an s. I have no idea what they are about can anyone help me on this as they are going to take me I emailed you more than once saying I did not want to use your service as it is totally useless.

It is a total ripoff. You said it was too late to cancel and now I am being pressured to pay money to some collection agency who cannot even send an email confirming who they are. Be aware, this company is using different front names for on-line dating and charged "members" unauthorized charges. They do not inform you like what they claimed - will notify you 14 days before your membership is due, and also charge you the amount of money you didn't agree to. They took this unauthorised amount from my account and refused a refund.

Blocked any further payments.

be2 S.à.r.l.

Marked it as fraudulent with bank. Since then, I've received another bill from an Auer Witte Please this is not fair for someone looking for love and get burnt like this I demand a refund as this should have been a trustworthy dating site witch now l'm worried about going on any more. I am very disappointing at this website they use it to scam vulnerable seniors. I already sent an email demanding a refund and also total cancellation of membership and my profile to be removed. I live in Brisbane If this was the price advertised I would NOT have signed up!!!

I sign up for 5 euro and affter they take euro And now i m getting emails from them to pay another euro for what? Membership payment, read the fine print, they take six months up front, I thought it was lik another app that took it weekly via iTunes. I was very wrong. Next is the auto renewal, make sure you cancel it or you will be paying for a very substandard service ongoing. The primary purpose of this dating site and others is to get money out of people without providing what you have paid for.

I questioned them about the mismatches versus their match guarantee I got a big fob off. In short, do not sign up! I'd cancelled my credit card to so as not to be taken for a ride.

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Not sure what process is going to be on the cards, just sure as hell not going to get call them as they'd harass me over the phone. I've been receiving hundreds of scam emails since I bought the initial subscription. They do not disclose that they take hundreds of your dollars and the fine print no one ever bothers to read. They rely on people not reading.

Stay well away from this site.

They are rip offs and you'll never meet anyone off their site. Like every other reviewer here it is impossible to stop them taking money, or attempting to and then sending threatening letters. An off shoot of be2 so avoid like the plague.

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Really card to get out of as they require you to fax them 14 days notice if you want to end it. Don't bother scammers for sure. Ended up cancelling credit card then getting threatening emails that I would get a debt collector onto me. This company is a joke - do not use them - I joined for 1 month with a big Stay away from BE2. Scam, scam and the same story thought I signed for one month and was continually charged, could not find a way to get unsubscribed so had to cancel credit card and now I have a letter from arl debt collectors for monies I owe!!

Most profiles are fake. Do not go anywhere near be2. Rating should be 0. How do they sleep at night Total scam so wished i had read these reviews before going onto be2 site.

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  8. Looks like iam not the only 1. Mark that a zero. How to cancel confusing.

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    Responses to messages are automated and both messages I received were the same with only a few details changed. Don't be fooled by this site, so many contacts with no photos or completed profiles. No way to tell if there is any genuine people on there. I should have known better, learn from my mistake. Verified Customer It's a complete dodgy company. I cannot believe that an Australian authority still allow them to ope.

    If you wanna waste your money - let's do it. Scammers are waiting for you. I gonna report this company to ACCC or consumer ombudsman!!! Sign up was confusing price misleading i was told I'd get 2 weeks free trial, if I liked it then. I would be charged for a 3 month subscription. So many members use fake profiles, i. I brought that to, their attention and asked to end my free 2 week period and didn't want to carry on my membership - see above for my request, it was acknowledged then completely ignored!!! Have written an email, scanned it and faxed, I asked them to send me confirmation, have got it saying no more payment will be made and membership is cancelled Wish I had seen all these reviews before joining this stupid dating website!!

    I joined around December Woke up this morning and got an email from PayPal regarding this transaction! I reported to PayPal immediately and opened dispute! I informed my bank about it.

    be2 Dating Site: LOVE. RIGHT. NOW.

    And they told me they would look into this matter seriously. I then realised the transaction was from this stupid website! And those transactions were unauthorised! I remember I deactivated my profile long ago! How come they re-activated my account without my knowledge?!? I logged in to my account and it was active!!!

    Mum's tied up with Be2 online dating | Money | The Guardian

    Can you believe it? So my account was active without my knowledge!! I am soooo angry and shocked! How could they do this? This website is total scam!! I cancelled my card too! A bunch of thieves these people are!! Hope PayPal cancels this transaction. They are still investigating my case. They told me there was a billing agreement! They just get my money, just like that! Read all these reviews.