Your connection to matchmaking servers is unreliable 2016

Losing connection to matchmaking server after recently being at a neutron star

When MCC launched, they said it would run on dedicated servers, when in fact, there were no dedicated servers at launch. Also, I have ran into a lot of this issue, specially if your a solo player, playing arena. The constant dropped players, heavy lag on the opponent team and shots that do not register properly. This makes me wonder if the server issue is tied to the minimal Arena playlists they have going right now.

Losing connection to matchmaking server after recently being at a neutron star

One could argue that the reason for fewer playlists is to force people to play Warzone and populate those matches. Or, one could argue that the reason there is a lack of social playlists in Arena is because of server population and strength. Might the lack of servers affect the ability for multiple playlists? Either way, I'm getting mb download and upload, but it feels like I'm playing on some kid's laggy connection like in the good ole Halo 2 days.

Try living in Canada: You can sink shots into ppl hardcore lol. Playing ppl in arena is frustrating when your shooting the crap out of them.

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Last halo I played was 3 and it was better then this is most times for bullet lag. I'm glad someone's pointed this out. If it got fixed I'd actually try competing again.

The Cat is out of the bag on Halo 5 Servers.

I just can't play with my old mates cuz of the servers we connect to. Oh ya I forgot my favorite thing is to get 3 shotted by magnums: I can't even shoot ppl that far away with the magnum bcuz the bullets do not absolutelllly never hurt them that far away.

I posted this elsewhere, but yea I have problems as well. I play swat mostly but on Halo 5 every player just about has about one to two seconds to kill me before I can kill them. I struggle to go positive sadly. I have 1 video of the connection issues of both games on my profile. Also I upgraded to cat7 cable to the router and cat6 from router to xbox. Router has most recent update and supports mb. Help would be awesome if anyone's got ideas and honestly I don't think I have ever been host on mcc. Devon View Profile View Posts.

Csgo not connected to matchmaking servers

Last edited by Devon ; 9 Nov, 5: Guybrush View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Killer Lyroan View Profile View Posts. Was just about to make a thread like this.

CS:GO - Your Connection to Matchmaking servers is not reliable - 2016

Evanito View Profile View Posts. Belgium Tried everything nothing seems to work, the error occurred only on my main account and not on my 2nd account.

I tried everything, no way I'm from Italy and many others friends have the same problem Originally posted by Guybrush:. My brother about 5 meters away can connect. Pak View Profile View Posts. Start a New Discussion.