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Or just one in the shed, and then run to the garage with no subpanel in the garage? Also, I will be putting a ground rod in one or both. Should I not connect the ground wire in the feeder cable then? Seems like I should not. I really need more power in the garage then shed, because I will be making a workshop there.

How to Install an Electrical Subpanel

But shed is closer to the house. Maybe I run the feeder to the garage, and then a back to the shed? Hi if the main panel has a main disconnect switch near the meter and that main disconnect switch has neutrals and grounds bonded together and the main panel has seperate grounds and neutrals which are not bonded, how does one go about installing a subpanel? Where does he run his 4 wires to. On the very bottom of this page look for the electrical wire calculator. That should help you out. And yes I would not run a sub panel just for that. What would be the max distance you would run a , since this will be the determining factor as to whether I install the panel.

Why not just add 5 new 20 amp outlets for the above. I would use the 3 available spaces to add 3 20 amps outlets. Look for my adding outlets in a garage. The blue trailer is divided into 2 main rooms section 1 , section 2 The blue trailer has an indoor subpanel 70A that feeds lights and power outlets. Unfortunately that subpanel 4 circuits of 20 A installed on it with 3 spaces available. Circuit 2 20A 2 outlets in section 1 and 1 outlet in section 2 Circuit 3 20A lights in section 2 and light in toilet.

Circuit 4 20 A outside lights.

Sub panel Installation with how to video

The main panel is connected to the blue trailer and still has 9 spaces available. At this times we have 6 of those plugged in about 3 outlets, I noticed that 3 refrigerators were in 1 power outlet via extension cord which is a no no although they are each rated at 5 A. We want to installed dedicated circuits of 20A for this 9 appliances. The section 2 of the trailer is located about feet from the wall where the main panel is located. The ratings of the appliances: Thank and surely appreciated.

You can just install a ground rod at the sub panel building. I install sub in separate building, so I will need 8 feet rod and 6 bare copper coming from the rod to sub grounding bar. Do I need to bring ground from main panel and connect to sub grounding bar as well? If yes, should I use same size as other wires from main?

Hi — I love the video however I have a question.

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We have a cable running from a 50 Amp breaker in the main panel through the wall and upstairs to the kitchen where it used to go to a range. The cable is two conductor 2 hot and a ground. We are installing a cook top and a wall oven which together draw less than 50 Amps. We are installing a sub panel in the kitchen with a separate breaker for the oven and cooktop.

The oven cable has 2 hot, neutral and ground and the cooktop has 2 hot and a ground. With no neutral going back to the main breaker the only option I have is to connect the ground bar to the neutral bar to make sure I have a return. This is not code according to your write up, so any suggestions? Mainly because of the cost of the wire if you ran a sub to the shed.

I need to install a sub because my main is full however I need to go about feet to my shed for lights and a few outlets nothing big could you walk me through the steps to get this job done. Do you mean the big black wire coming in from the outside that would be the neutral? If so I never heard of that before nor have I ever. I have a quick question regarding the neutral wire, can it share the same socket as the main panel neutral? My electrician connect the white wire neutral from the subpanel to the main panel by placing sharing the same socket that the neutral from the main panel had.

Is there any way that it would be allowable to install a feed to a sub panel from a main disconect at a meter panel. Is there a way to piggyback a service wire from the breaker to a new panel? I believe this link solved my delema. Hardware stores must assume the sub pannel in my case a load box is in the same structure.

Consequently my panel does not include a ground bus. I was told to purchase the bar seperately and connect the ground from the direct burial line to it. I was also told not connect the ground to neutural using the screw included with instructions.

How to Install and Wire a Sub-Panel

Sounds like I need to connect to a seperate grounding bar from comments above. Is it a code violation if I only connecte the ground wire from the main panel to the ground bus? But this would really depend on your attic. If you are able to place say a box for storage on the wire then yes. If not and you can secure the wire you would be Ok. WHen installing a sub panel, if my run from the amin breaker panel to the sub is about 60 feet through my attic, do i need to enclose the cable run in conduit?

Then you would use a grounding rod. The neutral the return path will be to the main panel. No, you must come off of the main panel. If your sub panel is to a separate building you will need a separate grounding rod. Can i wire a sub panel from my meter socket, to got to the main panel i will have a lot of digging up to do. If yes how to connect? Just watched your youtube video for installing a sub panel. Let me tell you, outstanding.

What you need

I never had the confidence to even attempt something like this but your video was so well made that I am going to go ahead and do it. I have one question tho. I was able to purchase a A Murray panel box 20 space 40 circuit. It was the only box I could find that had a single neutral bus and the ground bus was also installed and unbonded.

I wanted as little difference between your box on the video and the one I got so I decided agains a split neutral bus box. I dont need near this much but I figured it couldnt hurt to have space for future improvements. It has a A main breaker already installed inside the new box. The box says it is convertable. I want to just hook it up like you teach in your video.

Considerations to help determine Sub-Panel Circuit Requirements: How big should your Sub-Panel be? Watts and Amperage This will help you consider the circuits to be served by the Sub-Panel including general purpose electrical outlets and any special equipment which will be needed. Large Volt Loads such as Welders, Air Conditioners, Motors, Well Pumps and the like may require larger size wire and conduit to provide the necessary current this equipment requires.

Be sure to list all the label requirements and manufacturers specifications. Long Distances from the power source will produce Voltage Drop, especially over feet.

How to Install and Wire a Sub-Panel. More about Wiring a Sub Panel Grounds and Neutrals in Electrical Panel How to Wire Grounds and Neutrals in Sub Panels — all the neutrals and ground wire and terminal bars must be separated from each other, and your sub feed should be a 4-wire cable that has a separated insulated neutral wire and a separate ground wire.

When you add a second electrical panel with separate neutral and common bars, do you ground the common to the box along with a ground rod connection? Planning the right amperage and cabling for a sub-panel used in a basement, garage and other locations. Identifying Panel Circuits and Connected Loads.

Sub Panels are installed and used for several reasons including expanding the circuit breaker capacity of the main electrical panel. Aluminum wire is fire risk and should be avoided or installed by professional.

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Southwire armored cable cutter Buy: Rolls of stranded wire. Copper ground wire Use same size as other wire in circuit Buy: Buy End cutting nippers at Amazon. When removing insulation from wire, do NOT score or put cuts on surface of copper wire. Doing so increases resistances on wire and creates weak point. Wire strippers at Amazon Linesman pliers Utility knife at Amazon.

This is especially important when calculating wire and breaker size for shop tools used inside a detached structure. Motor wire size and distance Figure volts amps watts. Either hot wire can connect to either hot busbar inside subpanel. Ground busbar can be purchased separately.

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  • If structure is farther than ', then wire gauge increases from 6 to 4. Consult local electrician for correct gauge. See wire size chart Electrical formulas. Separate ground busbar not needed since ground wires can connect to neutral busbar Resource: Subpanel shown here is for installing while-house tankless electric water heater How to wire Tankless water heater. Wires going to Load connect to Volt breakers When connecting ground wires to ground busbar, keep wires along edge of box.

    Wires cannot be put over the top of breakers or busbars Wires cannot lay over the breakers or busbars. Wires can lay over top of other wires, but not at point where wires connect to busbars. Lay all wires to sides of box. This wire must be connected to neutral busbar Wires going to Load connect to breaker in usual way, except there are 3 connection screws on Volt GFCI Connect neutral going to Load to center screw on breaker The Load Neutral does not have to be connected to center pole on breaker.

    Buy from my affiliate links: Ground bar must be installed so Neutrals and grounds are separate Buy: Terminal ground bar at Amazon Ground bar with attachment screws Resource: How to change volt subpanel into volt subpanel. How to wire GFCI. Install separate ground bar Main lugs and subpanel etc often do not have separate ground bar. Good electric practice requires separate busbars for ground wires and neutral wires. Install ground bar If subpanel is volt then separate ground busbar not needed.

    And ground wires can attach to busbar where neutral wires attach Buy: Terminal ground bar at Amazon Ground bar with attachment screws Ground bars at Amazon. Do not bond connect Neutral and ground together inside main lug, or subpanel. Resistance on the ground wire. The purpose of the ground wire is to offer a continuous resistance-free route for electricity to reach ground earth.

    Inside main breaker box , the Neutral and ground are bonded together because the ground busbar is directly connected to the ground rod. If you bond the ground and Neutral together inside a subpanel, it would be same as connecting the ground wire and Neutral wire at each light fixture or using ground wire for the Neutral. It would function of course, but add resistance to the ground. It would increase risk of fire and electrocution in event of a short.

    Grid transformers that supply power to each home have a neutral that is connected to ground. Every pole in the grid has a neutral that is connected to ground. Every main breaker box should have a neutral bonded to ground busbar that is connected to ground rod. Some older main breaker boxes use same busbar for both Neutral and ground, but codes have changed to help avoid hazards. So whenever there is a ground rod nearby, the neutral and ground are connected together. This mean if your subpanel is located outside or in a separate building where local codes require the box to be bonded to ground wire that is connected to ground rod, then you can bond the ground and Neutral busbars together.

    So proximity of the ground rod is the guideline for bonding neutral and ground. Do NOT use damaged wire. Instead crimp on a terminal. Put electric meter on Subpanel Resource: New and used electric meters How to install electric meter on water heater How to get electric service. Normally, each V breaker serves 1 appliance. For example stove has V breaker. Water heater has separate V breaker. Air conditioner another V breaker. Each needs separate breaker.