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See also Largest IT companies Category: Information technology consulting firms Category: Retrieved from " https: Hitachi Companies based in Dallas International management consulting firms Management consulting firms of the United States. Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references.


Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch Edit links. This page was last edited on 11 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dallas , Texas MBB Personal Life consulting working hours work life balance.

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If you have any kind of advice thatd be great! Write an answer 3. I want to be notified about updates regarding this question via email. Sort by Upvotes Date ascending Date descending. Hi Anonymous, it would be definitely difficult to maintain relationships as a consultant, and I believe the degree of difficulty would depend on the geography you are, even for the same company.

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As for your second question on what you can do to have your relationships to work, I would suggest the following: Allocate the time for what you need to do one week in advance. This will allow you to avoid to over promise things and align with both your job and personal needs.

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If you need to be free on a certain time or day on the weekend, the beginning of the project is the ideal time to speak. You are not ensured that you will not have to work on your requested free time, of course, but it would be easier for you to negotiate it when needed, compared to the situation where you would not clarify your needs.

Anticipate to friends and significant others your needs and schedule and define with them the best time to keep in touch.

They may not like the idea, but it will allow you to avoid conflicts later on. Hope this helps, Francesco. Upvote 5 Book a coaching with Francesco 1 comment. Upvote 5 Book a coaching with Srihari Add a comment.

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Can I work for the same company my brother will work but in a different country? Skills required to perform on the job at MBB? I'm joining McKinsey as a Junior Associate in 3 weeks. Any advice on how to prepare myself?

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We have a unique approach to management consulting with expert knowledge in a wide range of business areas, and a diverse client portfolio. ON let leaders prototype future versions of themselves and challenged traditional approaches to change. How do consulting companies and private equity firms collaborate to create value before, during and after acquisitions. Look inside This defines us Our approach Our heroes.

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What if energy and passion are the most important drivers of change? We unlock potential We help leading organisations succeed with their most critical change initiatives by unleashing human engagement to unlock business potential.

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Careers Open positions Copenhagen. Getting onboard You will be working in an environment that redefines what it means to be committed and competent. World class teams and individuals The combination of exceptional talent and exciting people creates a competitive but informal environment — and a great platform for you to develop.