Dating after college graduation

I have no idea if he just wants to have sex with me as make-up sex or if he truly loves me and means it every time. I don't know whether to end things for a while and see other people or try to solve this issue. If possible, can you help me Over the past year and half, you and your boyfriend have been at similar places in your lives, you both were in school. Even though the two of you were in different grades, your lifestyles were in a similar place.

Both of you had to balance studying with socializing and family.

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Finances and living arrangements were based on being students and although you might have felt that college life made you independent, both of you were still dependent. The expectations in college are based on what your professors expect from you.

8 Things to Expect in the Post-College Dating Scene

Should you not meet these expectations, the worst that could happen was a poor grade and perhaps upset parents. The most stressful aspect of your lives during this time came at finals. Similarly, most of your friends were also students, with similar struggles. Now that your boyfriend has graduated, he and you are no longer in similar places with similar lifestyles and similar stresses.

For your boyfriend, these different expectations come from his boss, co-workers and the company he works for, which create much different stresses than those of a professor.

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  6. Here the worst thing that can happen is he loses his job and with it his financial independence. Your boyfriend is learning how to manage the expectations of his career with balancing the lifestyle he used to have.

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    This developmental stage separates him from you and as a result, the two of you are now at different stages in your lives, most likely for the first time. Eventually you too will experience the move from dependence to full independence, but until then this stage of life is foreign to you. This may be part of the reason you are having a difficult time relating to your boyfriend in the same way as before.

    The other reason may have to do with not knowing how to support your boyfriend as he learns how to adjust to this new stage of life. And remember, the guys are likely dating multiple girls at the same time, too.

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    So be careful not to jump to conclusions about the status of your relationship without having "the talk". Schedule more than one date in the same week. Having a full social calendar always feels great. Most of the guys you meet post-college will be older anyways.

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    You could meet a creepy old man who pretends to be younger—and that is definitely not the guy you want to date. After college, talking on the phone becomes more of the norm. My college girlfriend would always read my texts the wrong way and get mad at me, so when I graduated, I vowed to make more calls and send fewer texts.

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    I met a cute girl through a mutual friend and decided to call her and ask her out on a date. See, good things come to those who call. Call him just to talk. For whatever reason, all of my college friends seem to laugh at the idea of online dating. Sometimes I feel as if I'm back in high school. After being in college for four years surrounded by thousands of people my own age, I feel like there is no one my age around here!


    Online dating is a great solution for people like Megan who move back home after college and are struggling to find love. Explore different online dating sites and set up a profile. Whatever his baggage is, be prepared to handle surprises that you never had to deal with in college. As long as you go into it with a positive attitude and an open mind, you should be able to handle these little challenges.

    Be patient and understanding if and when he exposes his baggage. Be on the lookout for guys who want to be independent bachelors and repeat freshman year all over again—one hook-up after the next.

    Is It Too Late To Start Dating After College?