Signs ur dating the wrong guy

While most men complain about women being needy and clingy, there are guys who are more clingy than girls. If your boyfriend is one of them, you may be dating Mr.

15 signs you’re dating the wrong person

You and your guy should have some alone time in order to keep the spark in your relationship. Did you introduce your boyfriend to your family or friends?

2. You don’t have the same life-plan

Are you sure he loves you? If you feel like your partner never listens to you, you might be dating the wrong man. Just break up with him. You deserve someone better, trust me. Can you imagine your future with your boyfriend without crying or laughing? If the thought of a lifelong commitment makes you want to cry, why are you dating him?

The 6 Ultimate Signs That You’re Dating the Wrong Person

He might be a good guy who wants to have a serious relationship. If spending time with him exhausts you and you feel depressed and stuck each time you are with him, this is a warning sign you are dating the wrong guy.

You should feel alive and happy with your boyfriend, not sad. Is your relationship his only interest?

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If your boyfriend has no interests or hobbies outside of your relationship, perhaps you are dating Mr. If each difficult conversation, for instance, about religion, politics, or how many children you want, makes him angry and it leads to a serious fight, you are definitely dating the wrong man.

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Caution Signs

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This was a portal through which a potential wife in my world, must pass. While for me this was a very narrow and specific criterion, a wider principle can be stated thusly:. Is the person you are considering as a lifelong partner, a person of vision, and is that vision compatible with yours?

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Beyond a specific ministry assignment, we are all called to the vision of becoming Christ-like: Does she display the self-discipline necessary to turn from lesser pleasures and follow the supreme path of allegiance to Christ? Now is the time to evaluate before you choose; once married, you forfeit that luxury. I once heard this illustration: Feeling trapped — not wanting to hurt each other by even suggesting that marriage may not be for us. Addictions — do either of you struggle with alcohol, drugs, or porn?

If you struggled in the past, how long have you been free?