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  • 2. Cordon Has 2 Kids With Michael Vick’s Brother Marcus.
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  • 1. In 2017, She Accused McCoy of Cheating on Her With a Hooker.

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  1. Delicia Cordon LeSean McCoy's Girlfriend (Bio, Wiki).
  2. And let’s be clear. This isn’t the first time there’s been controversy with Delicia Cordon..
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  4. NFL Player LeSean McCoy and Msdecordon Just Bought a House Together | Lipstick Alley.
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  6. This is some heavy stuff lobbed, which was accompanied by horrifying pictures of her being badly beaten. There are plenty more accusations flying around social media, which are tied to nothing more than passionate social media accounts. Marcus is obviously the brother of Michael Vick.

    Lets get into it. LeSean McCoy’s ex-girlfriend takes to social media to air things out.

    Is her first appearance on gossip sites? Delicia first appeared in the public limelight in Delicia rode in the car with him at the time. This occurred in June of Since they broke up in May of , they dated for at least five years. Delicia also gave birth to a daughter with Marcus.

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    In May of , Marcus Vick announced their breakup on social media. Marcus said they decided to focus on co-parenting their daughter. According to the website, he called Delicia a queen and a boss. She also threatened to expose him for a misdeed.

    LeSean McCoy's Girlfriend

    Delicia mentioned a payoff from Michael Vick in the tweet response. What did it mean? We will not speculate. On October 30 of , she said they have nothing to prove but are going to prove it anyway.

    Lesean Mccoy UNDER FIRE After HORRIFIC Photos Of His Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon Go Viral!!