Dota 2 matchmaking server down

Agree, they may not be related but it looks like the last patch introduced a disconnect on hero select, this looks like a quick fix to avoid more problems. That sounds logical at first, but I don't think they're related for a variety of reasons. If the patch is related to the issues you've mentioned, then Valve are making themselves look bad right now: I have playing just fine in SEA throughout the week thank you. No need to disable matchmaking globally if you can't fix US servers. If you don't unit test your changes and put out a patch that causes the game to crash when you pick a hero I'm gonna call you out on it even if you do fix it fast.

Not something most multi-billion dollar companies do. This is the game client checking your hats to hero ratio, and you know what happens when you have more heroes than hats I think the complaints would be less prevelant if valve would make any kind of statement about the maintanence occuring. The whole past week vavle has not been doing well with their servers. I hope they take some of that TI money and invest it so that we can have more stable servers.

Anyone got any cancer to spare? I need my fix, man To be fair though, they're generally quite quick about fixing anything that actually makes the game unplayable. The reality of running a ton of server architecture means things go wrong occasionally, sometimes catastrophically so, even so I can't remember the last time the game was broken for more than an hour or so. It's a online game, not a single player game. These sort of mishaps can happen in any online game you play. If you don't want to spend money then don't, I don't really feel bad about having spent a lot of money in this game because a technical mishap cost me mmr one game.

Well hopefully they'll undo a couple days worth of MMR changes while they're at it. The server issues have cost me a couple hundred by now. Gave me an abandon, 1 low prio game, and a 24 hour ban because nobody could connect to the low prio game. A hardware update for that region to increase capacity was already underway and is expected to be complete in a few weeks.

We are working on an interim solution, but it might be a few days before service is restored. We'll let you know when we have more information. This is totally irrelevant as it's old af and has never been updated. You have like infinite sentries in your inventory and you can probably share it and those shared can be sell I think. That's the best solution I've heard so far.

Tho I'm not sure if they can detect all the games this bug occured. I feel like it's best to move on. You can't gain a long term MMR advantage with a 2 weeks lasting bug. I'm not sure about that statement.

Dota 2 reports

There are 10 posts in the first 2 pages of this subreddit about this bug right now. Im pretty sure hes saying that it will be easy to detect because in a normal game you dont buy sentries. I think his point is that it's easy to find because of this very specific characteristic that never happens in a normal game. Doesn't one of the support have -ve sentry ward stacks at end game is all cases where this bug was abused? website not working? Is it down right now?

I really don't know how the bug works. Maybe its much more easier to detect it, maybe its impossible.

I really have no clue. I hope they can just revert the damage done, but even if they can't its no big deal in long run. My main concern is, how much money mmr boosters made out of this bug. And even then, the main damage will be tanked by account buyers, which I don't really care about. Let's see how it goes I suppose. MMR boosters did not need this bug to boost before. If anything it accelerated their boost a bit but in the grand scheme it barely did anything for them.

Besides, boosters focus on solo MMR, not partied. This was bug was done in groups. The real concern would be how many people abused the bug to boost their own MMR? And even then, it would only be party MMR.

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There has been a bug prior to visible MMR in the game where you could sell items from your Manta illusions resulting in basically being 6 slotted right after you completed your Manta preferably with no boots ofc for the flavour. People got banned for that shit and I love it. I think some boys are in for a ride later today ;. Even worse than that was first day of Reborn. You could trade items from your illusions to your hero then sell them, meaning you'd pick Naga or SD and just win.

If that match is not recorded they win and we who didn't, lose. Since valve already block ranked, the sentry bug ppl complaining about is one where players can indefinitely share the wards to sell and gain infinite gold. I don't think there are any specific rules regarded to bug abuse or terms of service for playing Dota. Unless there is such thing, or a blog post recommending people to not abuse, no one should be banned.

I'm pretty sure Valve handed out a ban for some bug a few years ago but I can't exactly remember what it was, so I hope someone fills me in on it. A wise man once told me: There are no bugs in dota. It's a feature until it's fixed. Then it can be considered a bug. People including me who abused the Naga illusion bug a while back to gain infinite money at the start of a game were never punished, even though it worked in ranked games.

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I believe Valve has a rule that "everything that's in the game is part of the game". Which is why fountain hook is allowed in TI, or pixelwalking is not considered cheating in CSGO unless organizers explicitly disallow it. It's not cheating in Valve's POV, as long as it's part of the game. That includes both bug and game mechanism abuse. Yeah, but if they did that before asking Valve, i'm sure they wouldn't be punished. Not that they should have done that.

I think there's an unspoken rule there: But Na'Vi didn't "find" fountain hooking. It was a pretty common thing that was all over youtube videos and stuff like fails of the week. Valve only changed it from feature to bug because they didn't like how it was used at TI. We know that Valve employee specifically commented in the bug tread on dev. Yeah they nerfed an aspect of the game after seeing how broken it could be when certain mechanics are combined with said aspect. Not sure what the confusion is. - Is Dota 2 Down Right Now?

Well you could see it as being an official feature all along, but since it turned out to be too OP they decided to patch it out for balance reasons. Similar to bottle crowing. The difference is huge since fountain hooking someone required a lot of coordination and skill from Pudge and Chen. The sharing bug requires no advanced skill to use and can be done with any hero.

While not exactly the same I remember people being Overwatch banned in CS because of abusing a smoke bug for a couple of days before it was patched. The active smokes disappeared when you tabbed out and back in. People reported them and people reviewing the demos can't tell the difference between abusing the bug and normal wallhack, so they got banned.

Is Dota 2 Down Right Now?

The Overwatch system is run by community. If few invigilators think it's wall-hack, then the suspected player is going to get VACed. I'm not so confident about that system, because in LAN tournaments, we can always see some VAC-able actions by the pros.