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On the perpendicular, SH is based on both the Person story and the road marriage. Chanyeol character alone ep eng sub full. He entitles mostly into her dating alone. Switch to English sign up Phone or email. Log in Sign up. Dating alone ep 3 eng sub Your happy place - fsat. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Episode 1 by dramallama. Chanyeol dating alone eng sub. Dating alone ep 11 with exo chanyeol eng sub full. Sung currently has released 7 full albums.. You need to take your ex-girlfriend to her home? Jtbc dating alone eng sub full Jtbc dating alone eng sub ep 1 Jtbc dating alone chanyeol eng sub Jtbc dating alone ep 1 eng sub Watch dating alone online eng sub.

Ep 1- 5 Eng Sub. Dating Alone ep 12 full hd, download Dating Alone ep 12,. Twitter may be over. On April 13, a. Snsd yuri dating alone ep 1 eng sub. Jtbc dating alone ep 11 eng sub Wonder I find the lead gong hyo jin and jo insung had an amazing chemistry together. Watch Dating Alone episode 8 engsub, Dating. Chanyeol dating alone eng sub ep 2. Dating alone jtbc yuri eng sub. Eng jtbc dating alone. Alone in love always spring amore mio. I've been trying to find Dating Alone. Browse the entire episode archive of Dating Naked and watch the lastest episode free online on VH1.

Submitted by milli over a year ago. You can find the videos. I really want to watch Seo. And please think of the people who pay subbers to sub,. Chanyeol dating alone ep 1 eng sub full. Later Sunghoon prepares a surprise party for Shiho. Tablo and Haru visit Haru's grandpa's grave. She writes a card to him. On the morning of Hyejung's return, Haru surprises her dad with the song she wrote. The twins are growing really fast, they even try walking with a walker.

Hwijae takes them to a swimming pool for babies to swim. Hyunsung tries making bean sprout rice but Junseo seems to know how he should make it. Junu expresses how he feels, he thinks his mom favors Junseo since he's younger. Sunghoon and Sarang decide to go to Okinawa to get away from snowy Tokyo. Tablo wants to help Haru find what she wants to do in the future, so they visit a martial arts school. Hwijae wants his twins to be professional athletes so he starts teaching them sports, he takes them to a basketball court and calls a professional baseball player to his house.

On a snowing day, Hyunsung takes his two son's to their grandpa's grave. Hyunsung cries in grief as he misses his father so much.

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Junseo waits for the tooth fairy and makes a wish. The Choovely family begin their trip in Okinawa as they go to see dolphins, horses and the 2nd largest aquarium in the world. Haru continues her search for a career path with ballet. Junu and Junseo get a treat to a theme park from their dad and they learn to overcome some fears.

The twins get their first ever haircut and professional photo shoot.

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They arrive all dressed up at Grandma's house to celebrate her birthday. The Choovely family spend their last day in Okinawa. Junseo and Junu get caught up in their father's enthusiasm for cooking. Hyunsung attempts his very first pasta dish. Hwijae ends up having a great but also terrible time at his parent's house when he and the twins pay a visit to celebrate his mother's birthday. He's worried to death about what his wife will think about what his mother has done. Seojun gets complements from his grandparents for his happy and open personality, while Seoeon is criticized for being a brat and crybaby.

Haru continues her search for an early look at a career path which leads her to cooking class. Hyunsung and the boys visit Haru's house for a full day of fun, fishing and hanging out. Haru's love for Junu continues to blossom as she's blown away by his gentle kindness and charm. Tablo, Haru and the Jang's goes ice fishing. Meanwhile the Choovely family enjoy their first whole day in Seoul. Sarang's need for an Anpanman toy causes Sunghoon to lose a fortune. They head to a dry sauna and then to Insa-dong for a great day and have a dinner date with an international star.

Hwijae and the twins are not shown in this episode. The Jang family visits Japan for the first time and get lost on the way to the Choo's home. When they finally get there, Junseo continues to try and win over Sarang but to no avail. Hyunsung also finds out he is quite popular in Japan when he encounters a Japanese fan. Hwijae takes his boys out for the first time in a while and learns how to massage them to keep them calm.

Haru attends Big Bang's concert where she gets shy when she sees her idol and later helps out dad, Tablo in the recording studio. Haru spends the spring day picking strawberries and making jam for her mom. She becomes close with a puppy at the animal farm next door and wants to take him home. The twins split up for the day and Hwijae fulfills his dream of acting like a Hollywood dad.

He comes home to give Seojun a bubble bath with the help from two Super Junior members. Sarang gets to hang out with her pre-school boyfriend Yuto. Sunghoon gets a taste of how it is to take care of a boy and care for two kids at the same time. Jang's have a fun time getting Junseo vaccinated and meeting some big name actors.

Junu finally gets to meet the actor Yeo Jingoo, but he actually becomes really shy and he can't even talk to him. The Jang's leave for Busan to go to the actor Kim Jungtae's place. There, they meet his son Yakkung, who's the most happy child in the world. Sarang's pre-school boyfriend Yuto keeps making Sarang mad and Sunghoon has a hard time trying to reconcile the two. Also, the fighter Kim Donghyun visits Sarang's house.

Hwijae goes to the basketball court and there, he feels small due to basketball player Wu Jiwon's babysitting skills. Haru and Tablo takes a tour around Gwangjang market and sample the delicious food there. Haru buys a violin and gets her first lesson from a pretty teacher. The Jang brothers continue their adventure in Busan with Yakkung and finds out just how important Busan is to their mom and dad.

Sarang has a lesson with a tutor in Korean. Later Sarang has fun with Yuto at daycare but their violent relationship continues to go up and down when Sarang takes Yuto's grapes and refuses to share them. Hwijae and Seoeon have fun with Yun Hyeongbin and cooks a romantic birthday breakfast for his wife.

The Superman families head to Jeju-do for a much needed holiday. They go to the aquarium and enjoy the local delicious raw fish delicacy. Meanwhile Sarang is visited by members of Girls' Generation who are fans of her. They have a blast becoming friends with Sarang. Afterwards Sarang and her dad Sunghoon heads to Jeju-do to join the rest of the Superman families.

They end the day by planning a birthday party for the twins. All the families are gathered in Jeju-do and they have a blast at the twins' 1st birthday party. The next day, each family goes on their own adventure. Haru's family goes horse riding and eats a unique type of seafood instant noodles. The Jang brothers go hang gliding and swimming.

Sarang's family go to pick dekopon and go in search of a dol hareubang. The twins enjoy a date at the soccer stadium and later visits their dad's friend Heo Su-gyeong's home, where Seoeon shows his Casanova personality when he chases Su-gyeong's, 7 year old daughter Byeol around her house. A new family has joined the show, it's actor Kim Jungtae and his son Yakkung! Look forward to their first 48 hours without mom. Former baseball player Yang Junhyeok visits Hwijae and he does a great job in taking care of the twins.

Sarang practices a birthday song to celebrate her grandpa's birthday. Also he visits Sarang's house in Tokyo and gets a health examination done for the first time in his life. UV visits Tablo to create a children's song. The Jang brothers seem to be going through puberty and becoming more rebellious, so Hyunsung takes them for a counseling session. Hwijae and the twins pay a visit to former S. S member Shoo, who is the mother of twin girls that are the same age as Seoeon and Seojun. The 2 sets of twins enjoy a fun day together.

Haru rides the Tayo bus, where Tablo takes her to an antique market. Sarang goes on a date with her grandpa. She follows everything he does. Junu and Junseo do a role play to understand each other's position. Later actress Goo Hye Sun visits the Jang's and brings her dog to help the boys overcome their fears of dogs. Yakkung goes on an outing with Jungtae to the largest street market in Busan where they sample delicious street food.

Yakkung also realizes how popular he is with the locals. Later Jungtae brings Yakking to his old neighborhood to see the house he use to live in. Hwijae is left with the two sets of twins at Shoo's house when she goes to pick up her 5 year old son Yu from school. Seoeon continues to flirt with the twin sisters and has a stare down with their older brother Yu. Yakkung goes to get a haircut but he gets so scared that he wails in the hair salon. Later his friend Jimin comes over. The Choovely family have gathered to celebrate Sunghoon's father's birthday. Shiho prepares Korean food for him and Sunghoon's sister Jeonghwa visits.

Tablo takes Haru to where his childhood memories lie. There, he reminisces of his good old days. He also takes Haru to the recording studio, where she meets Chinese singer Bibi Zhou. Hyunsung cooks and prepares a birthday meal for his father-in-law's birthday. When making Epik High fan posters, Haru gets mad at her mom for using the pink marker and throws a tantrum, Hyejung gets mad and scolds at Haru. Sarang continues with learning the Korean language.

Later Sunghoon takes her to the doctors for a check up, but because of past frightening experiences at the doctor Sarang refuses to cooperate. Jungtae takes Yakkung to a hula dance class. Yakkung takes an immediate liking to it and is eager to learn the hula dance. Hwijae and the twins go visit his parents. Seoeon shows his grandmother that he can walk on his own.

Seojun gives a surprise reaction when his grandmother feeds him yogurt. Sarang attends Yuto's birthday party at the park, but gets upset when he plays with the other kids. Haru gets to meet G-Dragon again. Jungtae and Yakkung visits a farm with Kim Daehee and his three daughters. Daehee's youngest daughter seems to fancy Yakkung but he likes the middle daughter who is a few years older than him. Junu and Junseo meet Akdong Musician and learn their dance. The twins' older cousin David pays a visit.

While playing with the twins, Hwijae gets surprised that Seojun can understand him and walk on his own. Hwijae brings the twins with him to play tennis and tries to set two friends up on a blind date. Later his friend Hyeon-cheol visits his home to learn how to take care of kids. Haru and her family are still in Osaka, Japan. Sunghoon tries to get Sarang interested in gymnastics. She seems to enjoy it when an instructure visits their home but when they go to Daisuke's gymnastics class she doesn't seem interested.

Jungtae, Yakkung and Daehee's family are still enjoying their trip at the farm. They enjoy a nice outdoor lunch and horse back riding. The Jang family goes to Seoul's Chinatown to enjoy a delicious Chinese lunch. The twins can finally walk on their own now. Hwijae makes a strawberry cake from scratch for his mother-in-law's birthday. Seojun's look-a-like Kim Jun-hyun shows up at his home to get to know him. Tablo and Hyejung's former dog Heendoongi comes to visit them for a day. Haru wants to get friendly with Heendoongi, but Heendoongi doesn't seem to like her.

Yakkung attends a ballet dance class, later he and Jungtae goes to his mom's university to pick her up. Hyunsung and Junseo make preparations for Junu's birthday party. Tablo and Haru go to the Jang's home later to help Junu celebrate his birthday. Jungtae and Yakkung bid their farewell as this was their last episode. Sunghoon, Sarang and Yuto are still having fun at Tokyo Disneyland. The 3 explore the theme park together and finally get to meet Mickey Mouse.

The next day Sunghoon brings Sarang to a farm to see live animals. Seojun and his look-a-like Kim Jun-hyun are getting close. Kim Jun-hyun invites his friend and Gag Concert co-star Yu Min-sang over to have a fun afternoon with the twins. Hwijae later brings the twins with him for an eye examination. Haru and Tablo have a sleepover at the Jang's home, the next day all of them head off to a forest outing together. The Jang's are guest at Tablo's radio show and Hwijae makes a surprise live phone in while Tablo and Hyunsung are on air.

The twins have another fight and Seojun stands up to Seoeon. Yunjeong and Kyungwan meet up with Hwijae and the twins to get parenting advice. Sarang gets to milk a live cow and makes ice cream with her dad. Later she and her mom have a dress up fashion show for Sunghoon. The Jang's head to a mountain spring and reflect their time on the show. The Jang's bid their goodbyes as they exit the show. New "Superman" Song Il-gook and his triplet sons introduce themselves. Song Il-gook and his triplet sons join the show.

He takes care of his 3 rambunctious boys and takes them out for a bike ride to the park. Yunjeong looks through baby pictures of Kyungwan and old pictures of her in-laws. Later they head to a baby shop to prepare items for the birth of their child. Hwijae invites Shoo and her twin girls over to his home. He and his wife offer to look after the girls so Shoo can have a relaxing day. Sunghoon and Sarang go to Osaka, Japan to visit his parents.

Sarang has a judo match with her grandfather. Haru's friend comes to her home. They have a fun day karaoking. Hwijae and his wife continue to have a fun afternoon with their twins and Shoo's twin daughters. Sarang goes shopping for swimwear with her grandparents and sees her grandfather's romantic side towards her grandmother. Sunghoon coaches judo to students. Haru attends a children's play group and later goes bare hand fishing with her dad.

Ilgook takes the triplets out to a enjoyable buffet lunch. Later at home he tries to teach them to play soccer. Yunjeong finally gives birth to her son with an emotional Kyungwan by her side. Choi Hong-man visits the twins' home again, now that the twins have grown they don't seem to remember him. Later Hwijae brings the twins to the mega market, Seojun is excited to explore the market and starts to wander around store. Haru and her dad are still at their farm visit. She plays with ducks and has a lunch made from the fishes she caught. Sarang goes swimming with her dad and grandparents, later she celebrates her grandmother's birthday with the rest of her family.

Ilgook takes the triplets to the mega market and their daycare. Time and time again Manse testes his dad's patience when he refuses to obey. Yunjeong and Kyungwan can't get enough of their newborn son, they constantly admire him and have a photoshoot for him. Yunjeong and Kyungwan finally bring Kkom-kkomyi home after staying at Kyungwan's parents' home. Later Yunjeong's friend trot singer Park Hyun-bin comes to meet Kkom-kkomyi.

Hwijae brings the twins to a learning center where they play with raw flour.

Subbing and translating, KOR-ENG / CHI-ENG

Sunghoon brings Sarang along to the gym so he can spend an afternoon training. Haru and Tablo go clam digging. Ilgook and the triplets have a fun day at the water park. Yunjeong and Kyungwan bring Kkom-kkomyi to his first check up. Ilgook take the triplets to the park where he tires himself by chasing after each triplet. Afterwards he gives each of them a bath. Sunghoon takes Sarang to meet one of his childhood heroes. Later Sunghoon's friend Jang Keun-suk pays a visit to the Choo home, where Sarang ignores him but her mom Shiho shows her fangirl side. Haru and Tablo visit Hyejung at her film set.

Haru shows her jealous side when one of the child actors seems to be close to her mother. Hwijae takes the twins to a puppy pet shop where the boys have fun playing with the puppies. Later Hwijae and his wife take the twins to Namsan Seoul Tower to celebrate the twins th day and leave a loving message on a lock.

Yunjeong, Kyungwan and Kkom-kkomyi say their goodbyes as this is their last episode. Hwijae and Jeongwon teach the twins to use a fork on their own. Later Hwijae brings the twins to the K League All-Star Game , where the twins get to meet all the players and have their jerseys signed. Seojun gets a taste of chocolate for the first time when some of the players offer him a mini Snickers bar. Ilgook takes the triplets to a children's salon to get their hair cut.

Later he takes them for a trail hike. Shiho takes over hour single parent duty for Sunghoon because he has to train for his upcoming MMA fight. Shiho participates in Sarang's Korean lessons and later Shiho and Sarang have a fun day with her younger cousin. Ilgook teaches the triplets to ride tricycles. With help from local neighborhood kids who are order than the triplets, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse eventually learn to pedal their tricycles. Hwijae and the twins meet up with actress Shin Aera and her daughters to have fun at a teepee resort.

Shiho and Sarang head to the park with her cousin to have a enjoyable afternoon. Later Sarang's grandparents arrive from Osaka to take her camping. Tablo and Haru learn to make tofu. Hyejung surprises them the next day by having an indoor camping experience. All four "Superman" family gather at KBS headquarter studio for a special 1 year anniversary of the show.

The parents reflect their time on the show and answer studio audiences questions. A behind the scenes look of the 1 year anniversary show. The kids play back stage at KBS headquarters. Sarang and Yuto go on a floating boat restaurant and hear their favorite song being performed. Ilgook play a pretend crocodile game with the triplets and later take them out for Korean barbecue. Hwijae takes the twins out for their first ever taste of Samgyetang. The Lee twins' uncle pay a visit to their home again, but the twins end up ignoring him.

Shiho and Sarang learn to make kimchi together with her grandparents. Ilgook brings the triplets to a live Robocar Poli show. Tablo and Haru meet up with her grandfather and uncle to enjoy a seafood meal together. Ilgook takes the triplets to a grape vineyard to make a birthday gift for his wife. While making a card for his wife the triplets ruin the couch. Sarang and her grandparents visit Shiho during her photo shoot.

Tablo takes Haru to a music concert where other musical acts befriend her. Hwijae takes the twins on a trail hike and later to the gym to look for their mother. SungHoon's fight weigh in is shown at the end. Tablo and family go to Jeju Island and visit a tangerine farm, picking delicious fruits for the Superman families while eating some as they go.

Sean and his kids pay a visit to Ilgook and the triplets' home. Later both families participate in a marathon race for a good cause. Hwijae takes the twins to a vegetable farm where they pick, wash and eat the vegetables while getting wet in the process. Sarang and Sunghoon are on a farm where, like the twins, are picking their own vegetables and having fun while doing it together. At the end we see Hwijae and the twins buying gifts for their visit to the triplets and Ilgook home.

Taeyang becomes Haru's babysitter when Tablo becomes busy while working on his new album. Sarang has a fun day at a park with her friend Yuto. Later Sarang shows her braveness when Sunghoon takes her to the doctor's office for a check up and shots, and she doesn't throw a fit. The twins head to Busan with dad and their grandfather to visit the naval museum and see the ship grandpa was assigned to. The triplets visit the countryside where they participate in making red bean stew and eat roasted bugs for the first time. Later Ilgook prepares to make a calendar featuring the triplets but has a hard time getting them to pose correctly.

The Choo family dog has puppies. Later Sunghoon takes Sarang and her friend Yuto "trick or treating" for Halloween. Haru continues spending time with Taeyang while Tablo works on his album. Ilgook tries hard to get the triplets to pose properly for his calendar. Hwijae and the twins are still in Busan with their grandfather. Their mom arrives to join the trip. The twins have their first taste of spicy food which Seojun is able to distinguish right away while Seoeon does not feel anything.

Later the Lee's take a family portrait and their grandfather takes a portrait to be used at his future funeral. The Song boys continue their visit to the Choo family home in Japan. Sarang helps Ilgook shop for groceries and shows her hospitality to the triplets by offering them chocolate. Shiho shows up to help celebrate Christmas with her family and the Song's. Hwijae and the twins attend Kim In-seok's wedding. He also teaches the twins to bow properly in a show of respect for New Year's and later they go on a mountain hike and watch the sunset to look back at the year.

Tablo and Haru visit and pay their respect at his father's grave. Tablo, Haru and Hyejung celebrate Christmas together with a cake and say their goodbyes to the show. Taewoong's 48 hours of child care duty begins. He takes Jion to the local park where he has trouble changing her diaper. Later when he is feeding dinner to Jion he is touched and surprised that she is able to mimic his actions while he was cooking. Sarang plays dress up with her mom. Her friend Yuto comes over to help take her of the newborn puppies and participate in Sarang's Korean lessons.

Hwijae shows the twins how to dry laundry. Later he takes them out for a restaurant to have a Korean feast. Taewoong potty trains Jion, later the two go grocery shopping and he child proofs the home while Jion is taking a nap. Sarang visits her older cousin Yume in Kyoto, Japan. While there she also meets up with her other maternal relatives her great-great grandmother, grandmother, and uncle. The two have fun wearing hanboks , also her cousin Yume gets to see Sarang's huge eating appetite. Hwijae brings the twins to a bakery where they let you decorate your own cake.

Hwijae wants to decorate a cake for his friend Yoon Hyung Bin's son th day but the twins won't stop eating the icing cream on the cake. The Song's are still enjoying their time with Hyun-jin Ryu. Later Ilgook takes the triplets skiing. Jion shows off her dance talents at a ballet class.

Later she goes to the doctor's office and shows her braveness when she hardly cries. Hwijae and the twins goes to the Noryangjin fish market to explore. Seojun shows his curiosity and fearlessness when he asks his dad about the all species and touches all of them without fear. He also shows his pickiness for food when he refuses to eat any of the delicious cooked seafood dad has brought, instead sternly demands to only eat a corn dish. Sarang and Sunghoon are in Korea, first they have a meal with well known actor Cha Seung-won and later visit the Song residence.

Sarang has fun with the triplets and Manse shows his adoration for her. Hyejin prepares breakfast for Taewoong and Jion before both father and daughter are off to swimming lessons. Sarang and Sunghoon are in Asahikawa , Japan to visit the Asahiyama Zoo where Sarang looks forward to seeing the penguin attraction. Manse shows he misses Sarang and insist on sitting at her seat when she visited the Song's.

Ilgook brings the triplets camping, before arriving at the camp site he brags about being an expert camper but has trouble pitching the tent, setting up equipment and preparing food once they are at the camp site. Hwijae plays a flash card game with the twins and is surprised when he finds out how intelligent Seojun is. The Lees goes ice fishing and Seojun shows he is quite skill at it. After finishing fishing they feast on their catch where the twins are curious about tasting chili sauce.

Seojun has figured out how to turn the lights on at home and refuses to go to sleep during bedtime. Later Hwijae brings the twins to a play center that specialize in children's play vehicles. The Choos are still at Hokkaido. Father and daughter have a fun chat during a hot bowl of ramen, the next day the two participate in a DIY chocolate course. Taewoong cook a delicious duck stew meal for his guest which causes Tae-hyun's toddler daughter Su-jin to continuous suck on the duck bones.

Ilgook takes the triplets to a dojang for Taekwondo lessons. Later at home Ilgook once again teaches the triplets how to put on their own diaper and pants. The Lees goes to a art center to make a birthday gift for mom. The Lees also invite all their close neighbors for a get together and to say their goodbyes before they move to their new home. Sarang and Sunghoon dine on king crab legs. During a conversation with dad, Sarang confesses that she now likes Manse more than Mom and Dad which surprises Sunghoon. After having a fun day with their guess the Chas, Jion and Taewoong enjoy a quiet evening watching The Return of Superman.

While watching a past episode showing her dad falling asleep, Jion breaks into tears. The Songs head to the Shin-gi Market in Incheon to explore. While exploring they get side tracked by food and downed 16 skewers of fishcake and then dined at a restaurant that specialize in dishes made from pig. Taewoong and Jion head to a floral nursery to pick out plants and trees to plant in their back yard. After enjoying her mango breakfast Sarang helps her dad Sunghoon clean the dishes, later they head to an interactive art exhibit where it inspires Sunghoon and Sarang to create their own artwork at home.

The Songs and Lees are still together celebrating the triplets and twins birthdays together. Afterwards the Lees head to a farm where they learn to make tufu the ancient way, while the Songs head to the beach to take pictures.

터프한 찬열 선배 "넌 그만 마셔" 대신 원샷! 나홀로 연애중 12회

The Lees meet up with singer Sung Dae-hyun, Seoeon shows his flirtatious side again as a nuna lover with Dae-hyun's daughter Ah-young. Later Hwijae brings the twins to soccer great Song Chong-gug's soccer camp where both twins shows great potential in soccer. Taewoong puts his handy skills to work by building an outdoor playhouse and swing for Jion. Later he shows off his gardening skills to Hyejin when she returns home.

The Songs ride the public bus to the bus driver examination course for Ilgook to take his bus driver test. Later the triplets attend a ballerina class where Manse shows off his martial art skills. Sarang has a fun play date with her dad where they play cake shop. After mimicking her mother cooking and having breakfast, Sarang and Sunghoon head to a strawberry farm to pick strawberries. Later they go to a rock climbing gym. Hwijae takes the twins to a children's play group gym where Seojun shows his athleticism while Seoeon flirts with the girls.

Later the Lees go to a restaurant to dine on roast duck, the twins shows their huge appetite by devouring all the food. The Songs go hiking with the triplets preschool classmates. Later at home Ilgook teaches the triplets about sharing. The Uhms go on a picnic at a park where they get to feed ostriches. Later at home Taewoong's older sister actress-singer Uhm Junghwa comes over to his house to bond with Jion. Sarang's cousin Yume visits her in Tokyo. Sarang is extremely happy to see Yume, after a delicious lunch prepared by Sunghoon the girls and their dads go to a dress up photo studio to have pictures of them as princesses taken.

Hwijae wants to invite his friends over to his new home for a house warming party. Not the greatest cook he ask his friend Kim Ji-woo what he should make, she then suggested he talk to her husband, celebrity chef Raymon Kim. After picking up ingredients at the supermarket, Hwijae and the twins head to the Kims home for a lesson in spaghetti making. Taewoong's older sister Uhm Junghwa is still visiting him. He leaves Jion in Junghwa's care while he heads out to pick up dinner. The Songs go to a exotic petting zoo where there are snakes, aquatic creatures, bunnies and turtles.

Daehan shows no fear, wanting to touch every animal. Later that night at home, Ilgook performs a puppet show for the triplets. Hwijae invites his friends over to his new home for a home cooked meal prepared by himself. While his guest wait for dinner to be ready, Hwijae serves them japchae to enjoy, Seojun shows his mischievous by stealing noodles from Kim Hyun Chul's bowl. After their fun day at the photo studio Sunghoon takes Yume and his brother-in-law to a Korean restaurant for dinner.

While Yume eats gracefully, Sarang chows down her food.

[ENG SUB] Dating Alone Chanyeol Cut

After a fun sleepover with her cousin, Sarang is sad when Yume has to leave. After taking the triplets weight and measurements, Ilgook decides to weigh himself and sees that he has gained weight. He takes the triplets with him to do some outdoor exercise, but a hard day of workout is gone to waste when the Songs go to a mandu restaurant and downs ten orders of dumplings and two bowls of noodles. Taewoong says goodbye to his sister who leaves after visiting him and Jion. The next day the Uhms go to a piggy petting zoo. Continuing in the day, Taewoong takes Jion to the house where he filmed Architecture , later Ilgook invites the Uhms to go climb the hills of Yongnuni Oreum with him and the triplets.

Hwijae and the twins visits his friend Heo Su-gyeong who lives on the island with her daughter Byeol. The last time the Lees visited Su-gyeong, Seoeon showed lots of interest in Byeol, but this time around both him and Seojun are more interested in the banana she is eating. Meanwhile Sunghoon and Sarang go horseback riding and later the Seogwipo Olle Market to pick up ingredients for that nights dinner and a cake for Taewoong's surprise birthday party.

Seojun shows his mischievous side again by grabbing a handful of cake meant for Jion, but this time Hwijae catches him and lectures him on his misbehavior. While Sunghoon was at the market he also brought specialty gifts only available in Jeju Island for all the children, which is clothes dyed with persimmon. The next morning while all the families are still sleeping the wives arrives at the home-stay. Ilgook has a "Little Mermaid" themed photo-shoot with the triplets. He has the triplets dress up as various characters from the story.

Later that evening he decides that the triplets are now old enough to eat at the dining table and teaches them about table etiquette. Baekhyun and Chanyeol from Exo visits the Lees' to help babysit the twins. After playing with the twins and time for lunch, Chanyeol takes Seojun grocery shopping with him and is surprised when Seojun seems to be more popular than him.

After finishing shopping and returning to the Lee home, both Exo members help to cook lunch and feed the twins. Sarang celebrates her friend Yuto's birthday by singing a song she made up. Later Sarang, Sunghoon and Grandpa Choo visit a shop that lets them get up close with all kinds of owls. Taewoong takes Jion to a child development center and is disappointed in himself as a parent when he finds out that she is behind in socializing skills with others. The twins get a summer haircut.

Afterwards Hwijae takes them shopping and brings them to visit his former High School teachers home. Shiho invites all the moms to visit Japan. The Choos di some fitness at home with Shiho teaching Sarang yoga moves. Later Sunghoon takes Sarang bike riding at the park. Later that night, Sarang decides to give her dad a makeover. The triplets go to a simulation fireman play center to learn about fire rescue. Later the Songs go grocery shopping for chicken ginseng soup ingredients. He gifts Jion a make believe princess play-set and cooks lunch for them. The Lees are still at Hwijae's former teacher's home.

Hwijae cooks dinner for his former teacher while struggle to cook on an rural stove. Taewoong and Sung Si-kyung work together to get Join's toy un-stuck from the ceiling. Ilgook participates in a triathlon competition. He has each of the twins accompany in each different category. The Choos invite the Sarang's cousins over. Sunghoon has fun playing DJ while the kids dance to the music.

The Lees goes to a petting zoo and the twins get their very first horse ride. Sunghoon takes Sarang and her friend Yuto to the park to play. Later at home Sarang and her mom Shiho have a cheongsam dress fashion show at home.

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  • Ilgook and the triplets continues with the triathlon competition, afterwards they have a buffet meal. Jion and Taewoong enjoy a beautiful in their backyard with the family dogs. Later Taewoong takes Jion to a children's play gym to socialize with other kids. Later they make posters to welcome mom back from her trip. The Songs are still enjoying their camping trip. Ilgook makes a game of finding items in the forest to keep the triplets occupied. Later the Songs go to a salon for the triplets to get their hair cuts.

    Looking at female wigs Ilgook gets an idea and puts a wig on each of his sons, pretending them to be daughters. Hwijae takes the twins out to have cake, after returning home mom Jeongwon, tells Hwijae that her old college friend Jeong Changuk who is now a celebrity chef will be stopping by their home to teach Hwijae to cook a healthy meal. Taewoong and Jion are still visiting his old hometown.

    Jion falls in love and takes care of the puppies at their home-stay house. While eating at a restaurant Taewoong meets the owner who happens to be a former classmate of his older sister Junghwa. A short preview is shown of new Superman Lee Donggook's big family. Taewoong takes Jion to his favorite childhood summer spot. Father and daughter enjoy a nice cool dip in the stream and later enjoy a seafood meal.

    Jeong Changuk tries to get close with the twins while teaching Hwijae how to make multiple healthy chicken dishes. Ilgook and the triplets set a re-marriage proposal for their mom. Later the Songs dine at a noodle restaurant, Ilgook decides to participate in the noodle eating contest the restaurant has.

    Later they go to the airport to pickup the Sungs and Yuto who are visiting from Japan. Lee Donggook and his big family makes their debut. Donggook's first task is to make breakfast for his kids. He finds the task hard as he is not familiar around the kitchen, with the help of his older twin daughters Jaesi and Jaeah he manages to make scramble eggs for everyone. Second day of lessons at the village school for the triplets and Sarang and Yuto! Choo Sunghoon and Song Ilkook make a special health dish for the children. The actor, Ahn Jaewook, comes from afar to see Seoeon and Seojun. But when Jaewook sees the twins, they slowly run away!

    Taewoong is a trained horse rider through acting! This time he goes to a horse riding course with Jion! They put on pretty dresses and delicious cake is ready. Ilkook and the triplets participate in "Box 1 Race! Sarang and Sunghoon visit the twins' house! But suddenly a fierce chase happens? What has happened to Sarang and the twins? Jion and Taewoong have a photo shoot. It was very tough but how are the results? On the day of Donggook's soccer match, the five siblings visit their dad with the sign they made themselves! The triplets have come to Gapyeong to enjoy a festival.

    They meet their favorite, dinosaurs, there. But suddenly a real dinosaur appears! Seoeon and Seojun transform into martial artists! They try learning manners and kicking and using nunchucks. Sarang has come to meet Girls' Generation! Sarang is very excited to meet them after a long time! Jion is off to meet the horse Louis which has a special relationship with Taewoong.

    She has fun receiving the love from Louis. Seola, Sua and Daebak are still in Jeongju! They enjoy red bean shaved ice and have fun playing in the water. Daehan, Minguk and Manse are off to Busan, where it's full of Ilkook and his wife's memories. They enjoy swimming in the beach. Hwijae prepares a surprise for the twins. Sarang prepares a secret performance and opens a nail salon just for Girls' Generation.

    Jion and Taewoong visit a dance studio. Jion enjoys dancing to her aunt's song. Seola, Sua and Daebak go to a market! Donggook tries choosing clothes for his kids for the first time! But Seola and Sua seem to be more interested in toys. Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are still in Busan! They try fishing at the ocean! Seoeon and Seojun are off to Mungyeong, their grandpa's hometown.

    They visit a watermelon farm! G-dragon is here at Sarang's house! He brought a whole bunch of presents for Sarang. Jion and Taewoong are at the traditional village. They dress up in hanbok and try making rice cakes. Donggook and his five kids go on a picnic! Donggook has prepared a special bike for his kids. They have lunchbox and go sledding. The triplets visit a place to experience many types of jobs. They try being dentists and also being theatrical actors! The twins are still in Mungyeong. Hwijae challenges himself in paragliding to show his dad the beautiful scenery of Mungyeong.

    Will he be able to do it? Sarang has turned into a dance teacher this time! G-Dragon and Sarang have fun dancing to Big Bang's songs. Jion and Taewoong are at the grape festival. They try picking grapes and even try making wine. Daebak has started to crawl around! This time, he tries walking.

    Will he be able to move one foot without holding Dongook's hand? Seola, Sua and Daebak were scared by a laughing puppy doll. So Donggook takes them to a theme park of dogs. It has snowed a lot and Seojun wishes for something after looking at the snow. It's to meet Elsa of "Frozen! It's the second morning at the Buddhist temple and the twins try picking cotton for the first time. Sunghoon and Sarang dress up in hanbok and make a wish at Yongungsa, Busan. They also meet Uncle Donghyun and have delicious dinner.

    It's Rohui and Taeyoung's first time spending two days without mom. Will they be able to survive their first 48 hours alone? Daebak can now eat regular food starting with the egg soup Donggook made last time. This time, they all go out to have beef soup. It's a peaceful day at the twins' house and they suddenly spot a unknown animal with sharp teeth, scary eyes and long tail through the window! Seoeon and Seojun head out to see what this mysterious animal is! Sunghoon has become an actor and Shiho and Sarang visit the movie set to support him!

    They open up a cafe and serve the production crew with delicious drinks! Meanwhile, the triplets go on a trip to a ski resort! Their ski skills have improved greatly compared to last time! Donggook gets a breakdown for "The Supermen are for hire" special! The five siblings living over the sky-blue walls are waiting for him!

    Donggook becomes the Superman for Sumin who wants to be a soccer player, and his little siblings. Triplet boys and another twin boys? Seoeon and Seojun visits Daebangdong where five boys are living! Hayeong's dad works overseas Sunghoon becomes the Superman for Hayeong's family!

    He goes to Hayeong's kindergarten and even becomes a P. What will happen at Rohui, Seola, Sua, and Daebak's first encounter? The triplets try making eel with rice for their mom working overtime. They take the lunchbox to their mom and look back on the past year. It's the last episode for the triplets! We introduce the new family! Actor Lee Bumsoo has comeback as an ordinary dad! Soyul takes care of her baby brother just like a mom and Daeul always tries to stay next to his sister. Seoeon and Seojun have been desperately waiting to meet Elsa that they met last time. Then they suddenly run off to somewhere!

    Sarang and Yuto are born and raised in the city. Sunghoon asks them a favor to cook the delicious chicken dish. He was very confident at first but he gets exhausted as time goes by. The king of variety shows, Lee Gyeonggyu visits the twins! He gets knocked out by the cute twins. While dad was gone, Daebak developed a talent! Donggook excitedly goes home after watching Daebak greeting his sisters, but Daebak ignores him.

    Two cute little friends visit the SoDa Siblings! It's two dogs of their neighbor Taecyeon, Eddie and Hari. Rohui goes to Guam with her parents! Everyone gets shocked at how Eugene looks in her old baby photo. She looks exactly the same as Rohui. Hwijae has prepared a big event for the funny twins! He even invited the producer of "2 Days and 1 Night," Yu Hojin. But thanks to active Seojun, it's hard just to start the show. Taeyoung and Rohui have a great time on their own. Taeyoung tries to have a romantic lunch at a beach restaurant when Rohui starts moving to try new food!

    Daeul's friend Epe has grown big! Daeul is scared of getting injections so Bumsoo asked Epe for help. Will Daeul be able to get the injection? Daebak visits a barber shop to become a manly man. For some reason, Daebak looks sad from the beginning. Sua, Seola and Daebak visit the stadium to cheer for Donggook. They prepare a surprise event with their grandpa! Seoeon and Seojun play the dinner game of chance, the symbol of "2 Days and 1 Night! SoDa Siblings travel back in time to Bumsoo's school days.

    Taeyoung prepares a surprise event for Eugene and Rohui. It's like a scene from the movies.