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He's not confused, he's trapped in a car with a creepy gay man who is dispensing creepy pearls of wisdom based on his sexual preferences, and the song is actually about him wishing he'd stayed on his bike..

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Flag maxdamagus on March 14, You must live in a scary world. Flag bookofmudora on March 19, General Comment Been a Smiths fan for years. Here's a slightly different take: The line "will Nature make a man of me yet? The juxtaposition of him using his own legs to get through life versus riding shotgun on someone else's ticket is great. And his own method symbolized by the bike is useless, since his bicycle is broken he has no career skills, etc However, this lifestyle has a price and here's the twist that I offer - "Return the ring" means that he is calling the man, but the man is not taking or answering his calls.

In other words, the man possibly used him for sex, but while the "charming man" can offer the young man things like an nice car seat, or other material amenities, it is only temporary, and he will discard the young man and his "services" when he tires of him. But the young man needs the sugar daddy figure to maintain his lifestyle. The other possibility is that the man picked him up in the car, asked him to go out, and told him that he was handsome, etc.

But the boy is struggling with his place in life, sexuality, etc.. The "jumped-up pantry boy" could be one of his friends, or a flatmate, telling him to take the man's calls the man who picked him up and asked him out , "he knows so much about these things" means that the friend is a hustler, and knows a good "mark" when he sees one. It's also interesting to think that the young man was staging the whole thing from the beginning, working his first "John. But I think that's the beauty of any great piece of art, there can be several valid interpretations of the same thing, and I think this song reflects that.

There is an interpretation that identifies with everyone, and that is the gift that Morrissey possesses in spades, theft or no theft, haha. Just a few thoughts, hope it triggers more. OneTwo My favorite interpretation. Flag RogueNeuron on June 03, General Comment "Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate" -I'm a failure and my future prospects are grim.

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I'm broken and no one cares in this 'desolate' landscape. So I think this line is referring to the fact that he's a virgin. I interpret 'this charming man' as being an adviser to the protagonist. He sees that the protagonist is broken and hopeless and so offers his wisdom and generosity. I think the song is mainly one of gratitude, Morrissey or the protagonist thanking the man for being there for him at that point in his life.

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Introverts have a tendency to be 'absent' from the present moment and lost in their minds. I think Morrissey is expressing here how, even though it sucks that his 'bicycle is punctured' he has thus far been a failure , there is hope and pleasure in the present moment, and worrying about what happened to him and what will become of him in the future is rather pointless. Why not just enjoy the moment? The man, this muse, perhaps not even a real man as the 'man' is metaphoric gives a boost to the protagonist's self esteem.

He wants the protagonist to believe in himself, and he sees the charisma and the potential that the protagonist cannot see in himself. The 'charming man' has been divorced and advises the protagonist to not get married. I could be wrong, of course, but that's the most likely meaning I can come up with. When you consider who Morrissey is and his depth, you'll have a hard time reconciling that this song is simply about a homosexual romp.

No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Nobody seems to be noticing that the line "a jumped-up pantry boy who never knew his place" could be referring to a young boy "in the closet," not quite knowing how to live the way he's expected to live. It refers to a servant Pantry boy. All you closet queens need to make everything about being gay. Flag glampron on September 29, General Comment a jumped up pantry boy I always thought referred to the charming man, that as the boy sits in the car he is caught between evaluating this mans position and the validity of his experience to give him advice and being so caught up in the magic of the situation that he accepts the charming man does indeed know so much about these things General Comment I like what people have thought about it, so now I'll give my input on it as well.

It reminds me a heck of a lot about The Picture of Dorian Gray. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, I assume someone has. Because there's this one part where Dorian is invited to something by Lord Henry, and he says he doesn't have anything to wear.

Henry then says that it shouldn't matter, because of his good looks. And Wilde was homosexual and the book carried on a tinge of homosexuality. And with the rings, Dorian wore a couple of rings, and it's clearly mentioned in book that they are of some significance. I'm guessing it's kind of fuse between this situation that Morrissey has created and adding Dorian.

General Comment Lots have people seem to have misinterpreted this song, and there is in fact a clear misprint in the lyrics that have been put up on this site but I will get to that in a minute. This song is actually about a charming naturalist, the signs are everywhere. The "protagonist" travels on a bike, the perfect vehicle for riding around in the countryside. The bike is punctured, that could only be from the thawns and such debris one would find in nature. The scene occurs on 'a hillside desolate' Having misheard 2 crucial lines for more years than I care to admit to, I totally cracked up over your misinterpretation "he knows so much about bee stings".

An alternate reading could also be that Morrissey was here coyly referencing 'The Wicker Man', with it's pagan nature worship, although I'm pretty sure Edward Woodward was never assaulted with an Orwellian 'bee-helmet' in the original filmed version, causing him to overact like Nicholas Cage did in the unintentionally hilarious remake. Food for thought, n'est-ce pas? General Comment I agree with a lot of things said here. But no one talked about the homossexualism. Dont u notice the obvious homossexual mentions?

Ive heard even that the BIcycle refers to homossexualism To me it goes like that: He still praises the cyclist saying he's handsome: I dont know where u guys found so much about marriage, but maybe this return the rings has sth to do with it. So, i think moz is telling about a homossexual experience or initiation. I hope u guys like this interpretation, and let me know what did u think about it answering.

The Smiths This Charming Man (Manchester) with lyrics, single version. 1983/ RT136

I wont mind if you disagree, mainly because my english isnt very good and thats why maybe i dont understand the lyrics well. My Interpretation I mean "this charming man" is reference to Morrissey himself. You know, he's so charming, but he's got such pointless problems like he "haven't got a stitch to wear", or "punctured bicycle". And "this man said it's gruesome that someone so handsome should care" about these little things.

And yeah, it's actually all his life about: He is charming, but he's got such a issues with his shyness, self-confidence and stuff. That stairway nervous laugh I first heard him utter years ago is who I always knew he was If only he could see what I saw and still continue to see. Hey, but he has fame and money I'll try any trick. With the Smiths, I'd take this really loud Telecaster of mine, lay it on top of a Fender Twin Reverb with the vibrato on, and tune it to an open chord.

Then I'd drop a knife with a metal handle on it, hitting random strings. I used it on "This Charming Man", buried beneath about 15 tracks of guitar I'm tuned up to F and I finger it in G, so it comes out in A. There are about 15 tracks of guitar. People thought the main guitar part was a Rickenbacker , but it's really a '54 Tele.

There are three tracks of acoustic , a backwards guitar with a really long reverb, and the effect of dropping knives on the guitar — that comes in at the end of the chorus. The chord progression for the song, from the instrumental intro to the lyric "Will nature make a man of me" is: On release, the song received near unanimous critical praise.

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This group fully understand that the casual is not enough This is one of the greatest singles of the year, a poor compliment. Unique and indispensable, like ' Blue Monday ' and ' Karma Chameleon ' — that's better! Some of it has found its way onto the Smiths' record, 'This Charming Man'. It jangles and crashes and Morrissey jumps in the middle with his mutant choir-boy voice, sounding jolly and angst-ridden at the same time. It should be given out on street corners to unsuspecting passers-by of all ages.

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AllMusic 's Ned Raggett noted that "Early Elvis would have approved of the music, Wilde of the words", and described the track as "an audacious end result by any standard". It might as well be called 'This Charming Song'. The sound of that guitar intro was incredible. The lyrics are fuckin' amazing, too.

This Charming Man

People say Morrissey's a miserable cunt, but I knew straight away what he was on about. During an appearance on Top of the Pops , Morrissey appeared waving gladioli. His very English, camp glumness was a revolt into Sixties kitchen-sink greyness against the gaudiness of the Eighties new wave music , as exemplified by Culture Club and their ilk.

The Smiths' subject matter may have been 'squalid' but there was a purity of purpose about them that you messed with at your peril. They came into work and said 'Fuckin' hell, did you see that poof on "Top of the Pops" with the bush in his back pocket? On 28 October , the "Manchester" version was released in the UK in 7" and 12" formats, reaching number 25 in the UK charts.

WEA re-released the single itself in to support the Best The reissued single reached number 8 on the British singles chart, the band's highest chart placing. The track was intended to be pressed in limited numbers for New York club DJs. They said 'Go ahead', then didn't like it so it was withdrawn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the Danish short film, see This Charming Man film. Jangle pop pop rock. Retrieved 23 November Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 22 March Universal Music Publishing Group. Retrieved 27 April Archived from the original on 24 May Retrieved 11 May The New York Times. Retrieved 8 March The Alan Bennett of pop".