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Now a days Eritrea as a whole is a prison. Anybody unwilling to stay in the service for life motto is detained indefinitely.

Detention centers are growing everywhere like Mushrooms and every Eritrean town; even far places are becoming ground for prison building. Each army division is autonomous and has its own prison where army members are detained inhumanly for undetermined period.


Nobody is allowed to protest about anything; even this will be more serious if the protest is done by a group with similar claim… it is considered as a rebel. Thus, anyone who is not satisfied with this handling has to escape and save himself than be imprisoned and get too much suffer. The leading prisons now are: Military detention center located few kilometers west of Asmara used to imprison army members who come back home to help family without permission or who stayed more time than the allowed break time. Located around 3 kilometers North West of Asmara and mostly used to detain anybody caught without valid I.

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D card until his issue is examined. Some of its rooms are also used to detain families whose children deflect from the army or illegally left the country. Its altitude is either sea level or below sea level and always too hot. It is used to detain people accused for rebel.

These prisons have been used as centers of mass arrest in for about 10, army members and in for nearly all University students accusing all as rebel. This is the most secured and well patrolled prison on the way to Massawa used to detain higher governmental officials accused as rebel. It is where the most of the Eritrean influential ministers and journalists are detained for years without a judge for years. These are located in every town of Sob-zone and are mostly used to detain families of deserters. Located east of Asmara and on Dekemhare-Massawa way.

This is mainly for deserters and people accused to be smugglers. Located south of Dekemhare on the way to Tsorona and similar to the Ala detention. Sawa detention Shadishay Birgad: This powerful initiative from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic leaders in Switzerland urges stronger refugee protection, making practical sugg We are also grateful to France, Germany, Portugal and Spain who have offered to receive these people from Malta.

Operational Portal Refugee Situations Menu. Operational Portal Refugee Situations. The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.

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Loading Most common nationalities of Mediterranean sea and land arrivals from January Loading Sea and land arrivals monthly. Access to formal education for refugee and migrant children - May document Download View details Access to formal education for refugee and migrant children - May Greece Sea arrivals dashboard - December document Download View details Europe Relocation Mechanism - document Download View details 1.

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