How to avoid dating the wrong person

How To Avoid Dating The Wrong Guy

Give up your type. Put your type on ice. Throw your type to the sharks. I do what I want. We all live in the swamp together and we have to do our best to survive it.

Which is actually essentially the same thing on account of how liking someone means wanting them to feel good and liked and fixing your behavior to demonstrate that. Except not obviously because we all keep flipping putting up with it. Be tired of it with me. And then withdraw your precious delicious time and energy and refocus it in places that actually produce returns and make you feel good. Take my word for it.

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Romantically Involved with the Wrong Person

They just get mad and make you buy them a new t-shirt. You are being ridiculous. Life is for doing a bunch of cool stuff and meeting people what make you happy and eating hotdogs in the bath. Being single can be lonely and it can be depressing, yes. So buckle up, celebrate your singularity and make the best of it. Sure you can look forward to finding your person or people but enjoy being a person now. She may become — how can I say this delicately?

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The fact is, they have. Most people really struggle to say with any clarity what it is they really want from their life-partner. Casually ask what your partner wants from the relationship and see what you get.

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More often than not, she or he will either be defensive, talk in platitudes, make light of the question, divert attention to something else, or in some other way not tell you. These memories make it easier to talk about because they are real, as opposed to some kind of relationship nirvana they may actually not have experienced yet.

Therefore, you get to tell them what they should avoid doing without having to experience it first.

How to Break the Habit of Dating the Wrong Person

You have the choice to either put up or shut up, but at least you get to know early doors. To shower every day or not? Dogs, cats or no pets at all?

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To eat at the table or on the lap? The list goes on. The small stuff will become as important as anything if it becomes a wedge between you. All you need to do is be genuinely curious. These are things you need to know, so start asking. Every couple faces difficult times — it comes with the relationship territory — but no one has to face them for real for the first time. Of course there will always be times when one of you must make a decision on behalf of you both, but those times are the exception rather than the rule.

Making the mistake of believing you speak for the two of you is the downfall of squillions of otherwise potentially healthy relationships. When someone faces the harsh reality that their partner has taken it upon themselves to make a decision for them, they tend to find it easier to pretend to let it go rather than dealing with it right there and then. People often talk about their life partner being their best friend. Of course, you must be friends because without actually liking each other you are not going to keep that dance together when the going gets tough.

Friends may argue, may disagree, and sometimes may question if they still want to stay friends. Yet, if the friendship was well founded they get over temporary setbacks and move on. Make sure you really do like each other before tying the knot.

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