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To be honest, I was not at all expecting the breakthrough I experienced working with Adeline. In just one session with Adeline, fears and worries I had been paralyzed with all went away , just gone! Actually I realized that they never existed… It seems that at some point in my life I convinced myself of endless obstacles I would face. Adeline helped me discern that all of those obstacles were in fact non-existent, they only lived in my mind.

After just 2 hours of interactions with Adeline I felt so much lighter… My vision became much clearer.

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Adeline helped me realize that circumstances ARE ALREADY right, I AM ready, and always have been ready to act on my plans, and all there is left to do is execute, which now seems to be so easy and fun rather than troublesome or a deliberate failure as it used to feel. Terms and Conditions of Use. I understand marketing pretty well so I approached it as a messaging exercise, combined with a bit of NLP. From the marketing angle I wanted it to be highly differentiated. I wrote it in a style that nobody else used, and in a style that engaged the reader right off the bat, providing a way for me to introduce examples of who I am.

Instead of saying I am a good father, I just described in one sentence a moment where I engaged fully with my son as a father, using active words that made the reader feel they are there. Instead of saying I have self-discipline, I described what I do first thing in the morning to clear my mind again in one-two sentences and in an active voice that invited the reader to tell me what they did in the morning to clear their mind. Second, I brought in an aspect of NLP around building rapport and understanding that different people use different ways of connecting some are visual, some are auditory, some are kinetic, etc.

I made sure that each of my examples used one of these ways of connecting.

So when I describe something I make sure to word it in a way that connected visually, or through sound, or through the sense of touch. I close with a nice description of what I'm looking for that hits the hot buttons. I've been very happy with the quality of dates that it attracts - since it can be a bit intimidating I think that self-confident women gravitate toward it hence the marathoners, professionals, etc. Many I would have reached out to myself.

Your Online Dating Profile: Using The Right Language - Adam GiladAdam Gilad

Still it doesn't hit all the time - there is the occasional one I'd like to recruit who seems to be a great match but just doesn't get juiced up by my profile. It also helps that I'm tall and good looking, well educated and well employed. My online pic isn't great - that's something I could definitely improve. I lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years so most of my photos don't do justice.

Need to find a chick friend to shoot some pics. There is no doubt a well written profile combined with decent pics will get more attention.

My online profile is a funny profile. Many chicks who read my profile thought I was so hilarious. This can work both for an against me as a few expected a date with a stand up comic and I am not always 'on. One chick I dated, The Smart Party Girl, brought a copy of my profile to our first date and wanted to discuss it.

Mbx is on the right path here by simply putting some thought into what goes into the online profile.

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I do think the NLP bit is taking this to the next level. For example my inbox last night included this comment from a smart hottie: I'm sure you're getting some major hits! I don't normally send emails but this compelled me". I get other similar - though more subdued - comments frequently. There's nothing false at all about what I wrote, it's just being conscious and selective about how that truth is presented.

Still, I have a similar concern you had, KJ, about living up to expectations once met in person. So far so good. I guess my second concern is that this sets up an initial pattern of the woman being the pursuer, a role reversal, but I think during the meetup I squelch any possibility of role reversal concerns. OK, no more secret sharing.

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I want them all to myself. Hey mbxdad - we don't know jack about NLP.

How about sharing just a little bit more - maybe give us an EXAMPLE so that we can fully grasp the type of technique you are using so successfully? What do you say? Did you learn about this from one of the PUAs? Do you have a book or e-book that you can point us to?

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