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What happened to that way of thinking? I can remember way back to , when I was just getting my feet wet here. Back when the grid consisted of a handful of Linden Lab run sims, The most people online never hit above 28, However, those are stories for another time and blog entry. The point I am trying to make is that, way back when. It went without saying that whatever happened in SL was part of the game, and no one ever thought to bring their relationships to a level above and beyond.

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Somehow, with the inclusion of voice to the viewer, and the shift in places like SL Gor to take RP to an out of character relationship, we all shifted our mind sets. Suddenly, SL became the newest way to online date. After all, here in Second Life, we can go on dates, move in together and even get married. Especially when we have these beautiful looking personas to spend time with. They are expecting that this beautiful interpretation of an avatar is going to be the person who completes them in real life too.

So we end up finding ourselves in relationships that to put it bluntly are based on a lie. Our best foot forward and the perfect self image of ourselves, are what we present to our fellow residents of Second Life. Despite that fact that we all understand in our heads, that our avatars often times do not even remotely resemble our real life appearance, after spending time with people here in the game, we begin to see them as their avatars appear to be.

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Which is the first of many roadblocks on the way to ever obtaining and holding onto a real life relationship, which origins began in Second Life. What happens next, is that when we take our relationships to the. All of a sudden, you realize that you have done everything you swore to yourself that you would never do. Offline hours are spent in some what of the same way. Phone calls during lunch breaks at work, or curled up in bed after both have logged from the game for the night.

Or the lack of sleep that comes from staying up hours passed reasonable, since our true love is almost always hours ahead or behind us in time zone, and we just have to spend that much longer with them. I have to give you the last one. This year is a fresh start. I guess my advice and my hope for all of our fabulous readers this year, is that you will all get back to finding the fun that comes with spending time in Second Life. Bring back the fun, that you one had when you were still learning how to walk here without running into walls.

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Start taking things easy and remember that this is after all Second Life. We are all playing a game. Remain true to yourself, and share the honest you with those around you. So play fair, play wisely, play with heart, but remember that you after all, simply playing. First off lets start with Good Morning! OR Evening depending where you are.

For me its a brisk 7 a. Mind you I have wanted to write about it for awhile but am just now getting around to it, So lets address this shall we? Some of you might not like it, as it hits close to home.. Might start singing a praise but either way lets go..

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For every man in SL there are about… 10 women. You do the math. So here is the issue. SL is a very complex place. Everyone wants to be quick to say.. You are your avi. So even if you log off for the night, chances are you are STILL thinking of someone in sl… How would you feel if they passed?

Ended up in a hospital somewhere? You would worry, you might cry, you might even have a total breakdown… That right there? Just proves SL is more than SL. You never know what one person is going through or what pushed them to SL in the first place. The most important question.. You can do what you want. Thats all fine and dandy. However if you refer to the paragraph above you will see something… Your avatar is an extension of you.. What kind of non independent woman does that make you?

What kind of person does that make you? No hard feelings to you as well. Something to think about. Last but not least the women are are acting like sluts but not getting paid for it… or might be in Karma, who the hell knows! Anyway I saw a very good post about this in Facebook this morning so I am going to expand on it as well..

How can you be on stand by waiting for a guy to give you life? How non existent is your self esteem? Why are chicks even bragging about it like its cool? Ladies, you are TOO good of a woman to be a side chick or a jump off.. However sadly this applies to our real world as well. We all know someone who has done any of the above or hell maybe even you have. Women are always against women.

Out-due this woman, look better than her, have better clothes, better shoes, better hair, more makeup. You realize at the end of the day you are hurting no one but yourself and making us look even worse. If we need to be doing anything it needs to be sticking together and helping each other now, not bringing them down. Believe it will come and good does happen. If they cannot accept you for who you are flaws and all then they are just not for you sweetie. Remember the sacred term.. Some of ya still need to learn that. Also before I totally end this..

Let me make one more little note.. For you ladies that are out there and telling men how much you love them, leading them on for some strange reason and then dumping them or breaking their hearts..

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There is a special kinda hell just for you.. You cannot treat people like that. I will be the first to day that is what turns good men bad and makes it hard for the good women like myself to find a good one. There is no excuse for any of it. You need to learn to love yourself fully before anyone else will. No one will love you more than you love yourself although someone might come close.

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Patience is key, so have a lil bit of it.. If you really feel the need to you better be ready for all that comes with it. Your wonderful the way you are.. In Japan, a year-old woman was recently arrested, and could face up to five years in prison, under suspicion of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data after her Second Life husband divorced her. She is quoted as saying that she was suddenly divorced without warning, and became very angry. Finding out that your partner, virtual or flesh and blood, prefers the company of others to your exclusive company is a bitter pill to swallow.

Although the story of scorned lovers acting out in vengeance is old and long, it seems awkward to hear it unfold on the virtual playing field because we want to believe that, despite the thriving culture of online gaming, players know the distinct boundary between real and imaginary. But who's to say that they don't? Love comes in many forms and can be found in many different ways.

There's nothing inherently bad about finding love in Second Life, or in another online gaming circle, or even through a social networking and dating site. However, in order to treat virtual relationships with the same kind of credibility as those begun in the physical world players ought to understand that the same rules apply. For example, you don't have a license to cheat just because you're not physically touching someone, or because you think you won't get caught.


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