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Unknown why they would block anyone. I would say so. I have never engaged anyone so my chances of being blocked are unlikely like many have said they were. I do think that this site is a waste of time. I was on POF for 6 weeks. I was catfished by three different men. Each man claimed to be on business trips out of the country Capetown, Dubai and West London.

Two asked for money within 8 days. I'm recently divorced, as of about 8 months ago. They were also insane. POF doesn't verify anything about the individuals that use their site. Men expect sex on the first date, felons will not give their last name, most drove cars in poor condition.

Then, the majority of the guys I also went out with were really cheap. They didn't even want to pay for the date, but still wanted sex out of it. This is a letter I received from a user on POF. I am a female and this so-called male initiated contact. After a few days, this is the email I get from him. Mind you, he just "happened" to be out of the country for a week in Greece on business. Hope you had a good day. You've been on my mind a lot lately since we started communicating. I can't wait till we finally get to meet in person. I've had a very busy week so far with preparing for my trip home this weekend.

Done with business here, now rounding up to leave. I'm suppose to be leaving for the States on Thursday night but there's this fee that I have to take care of before leaving For the shipping of the products of which I Purchased. The problem is that My cards are maxed out and I won't have any access to more money until I return to MD. I have to take care of that process in person.

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My investment funds I'll have access to my funds once I'm back in town. That being said, I would be needing a little Favor from you. You will get it back upon my return this weekend??? It really would be of a Great help to me if you can help me with this request of mine. I promise to pay it back this weekend soon as I get back in town.

Let me know so that I can provide you with the Info for the transfer. I had a very busy day today. I'll respond to your email in the Morning my time. Can I have your cell. On day one they billed me the full 8 month membership when I only wanted a 30 paid membership. To my surprise there was no phone number only email support.

But on my bank statement it does show a phone number In order to get some money back I told them reduce my membership to two weeks and provide the refund and remove my card from auto-renewal status. I told the representative I signed for one month 30 day trial and got billed the entire 8 month membership. My bank reimbursed me all but the one month membership fee. If they rendered the refund my bank would rescind theirs. I would have a two month Plenty of Fish membership at that point.

However, Plenty of Fish did not follow thru. Surely they didn't think I had recourse to get my money back. The woman answered the phone billing, I explained that I'm locked out of my account and sent an email and have yet to get a response. I also told her that I'm on the Consumer Affairs website reading complaints and a host of people have stated this has happened to them.

I need to speak to someone, she went on to say customer support is only available via email and she would reach out to them and have someone contact me. I told her I preferred a call, she was adamant only email correspondence would happen. As for my time on the site, bots send you request and when you email the person to try and speak with them you don't get a reply. You get a host of women outside of the criteria you've outline in setting up your profile that would interest you.

Plenty of Fish is a scam, possibly a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or group of friends are getting rich off of just as the old Girls Gone Wild scam. I would receive a lot of "meet me" notifications, which I would come into contact with actual profile at times, and they would not say anything but wants to meet. The few conversations I would have the women would be rude from the beginning conversation for no reason or they would block you as soon as you say hello for no reason. My profile got deleted multiple times. I contacted customer service and on last deletion I was told profile was deleted for suspicious activity when it was a conversation but POF could not deleted the suspicious activity of constant nude or fake profile requests that would flood my notifications.

I would receive more attention from dude profiles than actual women that from profile standpoint we shared many common interest. No matter the woman, she would not seem interested and could easily go weeks without responding and when she would it would be short answer. I would get approached by very old women nowhere near the age range I had placed in criteria. I would get male profiles in my carousel even though I was looking for females. I would comment to customer service but it only seemed to get worse with no response from customer service. Online dating is typically a failed endeavor for most people, and POF is a spectacular example of why.

As far as the real women: Read their pages and you will often see a ridiculous, unrealistic laundry list of criteria and things they will not put up with, simmering with anti-male sentiment and statements like 'Real men only, no time for losers' or something similarly abrasive and condescending. Good luck getting a response at all, other than them blocking you for no reason.

There are occasionally real women on the site that will talk to you. Unfortunately, they are usually the most pathetically downtrodden, unattractive and desperate women you could imagine: Even this last category of beggars is determined to be choosers, and they'll still criticize men for not being Brad Pitt, or for being 'boys' and not ready to handle all lbs of them plus their kids. They'll put up with nothing from you, but you have to enthusiastically put up with everything from them.

Basically, dating anywhere in the first world is a losing proposition for most involved. Only the tip top of the social pyramid should expect any success. When it's online dating, or POF specifically, you can double or triple those bad odds. Western women are spoiled and price themselves totally out of the market, and men add to the problem by rewarding it with lust and attention.

POF - Plenty of Fish Review January 12222

Good luck folks, l'm moving to Thailand. It is true that you get what you pay for.

POF App Review : Watch This Review Learn If PlentyOfFish App Is A Scam Or Legit

Also, I have had my profile deleted and was not given any notification or a reason. One woman who I exchanged emails outside of the site told me that my profile and messages were gone. I have read some profiles that said POF will delete profiles. I was able to message one of those women and was told that they did not click "meet me".

Seems like POF might be playing games. I avoided profiles of women who paid taking it that they were desperate. They make hundreds of fake profiles every day, usually of some stunning beauty in a bikini, or maybe even topless. POF has the ability to block the IP addresses of the offenders, but they choose not to.

It would instantly stop this perverted misuse of their website. I created a profile with pictures. I was there for a while and I had someone try to scam me by asking for personal bank information.

As soon as I complain and reported the account my account disappeared. Numerous tries to contact Plenty of Fish so that I can remove my pictures but the customer service wasn't getting back to me hasn't got back to me. I recreated a different account with no pictures to search if I was still on there and again my account without notice less than an hour disappeared. A company that doesn't reply to resolve a problem to me is running a scam. In the older days it wasn't too bad of a site once I learned to weed thru all the BS scam artists on here and customer service used to be someone responsive.

Those days are completely gone Now this site has been flooded with young women scammers posing as older women in their 50s and 60s. They post pics of young hotties that are barely dressed. When I contacted a couple of the women they referred me to a website called trustmilf. I reported literally s of these women to POF customer service department for a month now and absolutely no action has been taken nor any response from POF customer service.

POF must have new ownership and administrators now who are part of this scam I received over messages and views and requests to meet within a couple of hours! They kept coming for 2 days.

Plenty of Fish POF Review - Is there any good fish out there? -

As I kept reviewing the profiles and messages, everything looked the same and as if it was written by the same person or just a few things were changed, they all looked the same. I also noticed all the profiles I received were as if they were handwritten or hand picked for me from where they were from to wording to my preferences in men most all looked very similar also. I got plenty of messages. Again they all sounded very similar. There was one or two that differed but there were other profiles that matched them also I noticed.

Nobody actually scammed me. I was only on there 3 days. They were mad and said there were problems with fake profiles. I pulled my profile and changed all my info and saved it, I only hope they do not keep a back up of anything. I used to use POF in my twenties and decided I would give them another try. I had a profile for maybe two weeks that I rarely used.

One day, I actually browsed and messaged two guys. Went to log back on the next day and nothing worked. Decided to open a second account after multiple password reset attempts to see if it would say my email was registered to someone else. Second account opened no issues which told me they deleted my account. Second account was opened about two hours and off it went again. I had absolutely nothing vulgar or against company policy on my profile.

Grade F for fail in everything. Keep your sleazy men who all mark very ambitious and have a dead end job. I was so excited when I joined POF! I was overwhelmed with the number of responses I received! But, that excitement didn't last too long. The quality of the men are poor on this site. I received inboxes from guys who didn't want to post their picture on the dating site, but wanted my personal email address or phone number to send me messages. Thank God I'm smart as I realize most of them are frauds and want to send you personal emails, so they can try and sell you a story to con you out of money.

I get the impression that this is a "hookup" site. The men whose profile stated they were decent, turned out to be nothing but con-artists, immature little boys playing games and seeking attention, or bootie calls! Their profile states one thing, but when you began to have an intelligent conversation, they seem to become afraid and will run by not contacting you! Im a single mum who was genuinely looking for rship. Pof your disgusting how you treat your customers. To decide whether you think im a decent person to use your site or not, based on the disgruntled idiots of the world, of whom i was just plainly not attracted to, therefore did not reply to.

Pof you will eventually have no customers left in time, the way you treat the good people genuinely trying use your website in the right way. Your customer service is zero. You made me feel like a horrible person, when infact im one of the decent human beings of the world. Pof i hope your company suffers, justice deserved for treating people the way you do. My friend suggested this site to me, mainly because it was supposed to be free. So I joined this site back in January. After spending a couple of months on this site, I wasn't seeing a lot of attraction.

So while looking around one day, I accidentally hit some button that was supposed to attract more attention. So I quickly cancelled anything related to another purchase of this item ever confronting me again. Anyway after complete disappointment with this site, I stopped using it all together. Low and behold, I checked my credit card statement and noticed money being taken by this company every 2 months since I joined. Even after I made absolutely sure I cancelled any renewal status. Solely because it was a total waste of time. Therefore I say to all of you thinking of joining a free dating site.

Stay away from this mob, cause they cannot be trusted with your money. Fake profiles and bots are rampant. Low barrier to entry makes way for the prevalence of fake profiles and bots. I suspect the company allows for a certain amount of them in order to help drive up sales of account upgrades. It is likely the person you're interested in isn't active anymore because they're sick of messages from these profiles. There is a Tinder-inspired feature where you can like and dislike profiles, but it is very tacked-on.

I went on POFfor the purpose of meeting genuine people. In they decided to clean out the fishbowl of undesirables just after bed intimacy. I encountered this after attempting to weed out scammers and persons only interested in bed intimacy. Added to this I had no less than 5 males from overseas contacting my profile in over the 3 days I was signed up. I had no interest in meeting anyone from overseas or interstate for that matter. I've since realised angry dissatisfied persons block users for fun to get their kicks resulting in genuine people like you and I being permanently deleted.

POF clean up your act and remove the inconsistent selective approach to keeping undesirables on your website. This is just a scam. I was looking for a women. I found that most of the people are fake and they want u to sign up to other site or go on snap chat. Or u chat to someone then they ask for a iTunes gift card how hard is it to find decent real women on this site. I am a good looking man that wants to find a decent attractive women it's a joke. What a Waste Of Time..

Do these extra features justify the cost of becoming an “Upgraded Member”?

Aren't we better than this? Low Women were never available to chat. Alot of fake users I wouldn't use the app again. Actually very demoralizing I'm Better than This!! I'm in Brisbane but get shown to USA. Why have preferences set if they can still contact you? I have that I wouldn't date a smoker, yet I get plenty of guys who have on their profiles that smoke that contact me!

And heaps of dudes hundreds of kms away message me, getting angry because I don't want a long distance relationship. Site blocked me mid conversation. POF blocked me mid convo with several guys which sucks cos i was just getting to know a couple of them and I had some good prospects. My one experience was a nightmare. Male lied about living in Airport West. Do not buy membership, biggest scam. Fake profiles and they always get you to talk on snapchat and add them on another website which they want you to put your email to hack you , Keylog your computer.

Was upgraded user, had to watch my bank account as more than 1 charge for 2mths occurred still trying to get money back! This site is a disgrace i hooked up with 3 monsters two of them were grossly obesse and the other one was looking for a baby daddy. Now look im not expecting supermodels but cmon there should be a simple level of person care and hygiene thats taken into account before allowing these slobs to interact with others in a social environment.

A quick way to make the world a better place is to stick the majority of Plenty Of Fish members in a large pen and toss away the key. The screening process must change!!!!.

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The only thing this application is good for is laughing at the large selection of mutants and a possible avenue of recruitment for the local circus. Im writing this review cause i would never want anyone to go through a experience like i did when someones profile says" a few extra pounds" things become very uncomfortable when ur greeted by a Sasquatch looking creature. Im glad i survived i now see it as my duty to protect others.

I will not rest until i am satisifed there has been stark improvements. I've had a great time on this site. I have had a great time on POF- met at least seven guys. The pool does dry up fast but hey I'm in my 50's and looking for a 50 year old guy who doesnt smoke. It is what it is. Well where to start you get abused by people and when meet me say i match with someone i go say hi not even a hello i get back and if i do get a persons phone number I'll call them and never here from them the next day i believe the whole sites a fraud, fake the whole site itself needs to be investigated because every thing lead to the site itself is frauding people, lets see i get a message from someone, two days later no reply back or when someone replys message will last for a few days, oh the latest I'm getting from people on here they dont have anywhere to live and looking for a place, looks like people now are using pof as a real estate bloodly stupid now we have homeless people on pof, oh and get this half of the people on pof are on my fb and they tell me they never have ever made an account on pof.

Seems to me pof knows of all the fake profiles so why dont they take them down simple guys its a fake site to get your money the whole damn sites one big scam. Verified Customer Fake users and very small volume of current users. So many fake users, women wanting me to sign up for Snapchat video and other sites.

Doesnt state the true amount. Surprised i got charged 79 something aud. Just found out when i checked my account.

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