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At the time, there were other things I wanted to do besides work, so I wanted a job where I could set my own schedule. Also, tough working conditions makes for a lot of comradery between coworkers.

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Well, when a client stops emailing you, you have to think of how to reestablish a connection with him. Analyzing what kind of email you can send to reel a customer back in, looking at that deep part of human psychology, that was interesting.


No people, no desks, nothing. I thought I must be imagining things. Did my boss forget to tell me they were moving and give me the new address? Did I get fired?

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Did the company go belly-up? SoraNews24 Bringing you yesterday's news from Japan and Asia, today. So how did you get started working as a sakura? What kind of people work as sakura?

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We imagine the pay must be pretty good. What was especially difficult about the job? So why did you keep working as a sakura?

Was it interesting work? We can ride rare bicycle of the bicycle large country Netherlands. The date and time: Netherlands windmill side farm road. At the following places, we rent rent-a-bicycle.

It does well in sale and restaurant of souvenirs peanut, miso, steamed bun, liquor of Sakura. We perform taste sale of Netherlands, sabot experience, panel display of windmill. Association of Sakura day orchid. We start sale of ice-cream cone using Sakura product milk newly, and fresh vegetables direct from the field are fulfilling!

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In addition, there is kids space in Sakura oldness and open space opposite farm products direct sale place " Marchais or island ". In farm products direct sale place "Marchais or island," we sell fresh local vegetables or bread, sweets using rice flour. At sun parlor which we were able to modernize, we can have light meal in space where solar light pours into. Sakura City circulation bus has little number of buses, and please be careful as capacity is limited.

1. Ueno Park

Tulip of approximately kinds, ,! We see on big map.

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We hold spring photocontest. Period From Saturday, March 16 to Monday, May 6 We update the details including participation requirements as soon as it is decided. Even if there are baby and small child, you can arrive in peace.

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It is approximately ten minutes by taxi from the Keisei-Sakura Station north exit It is use of rent-a-bicycle one yen a day in Keisei-Sakura Station south exit side Sakura City Tourism Association Keisei-Sakura Station, Keisei are approximately 40 minutes on foot from thin station. We value your comments. Was this page useful?