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Some good opening gambits: Money Bags you met over breakfast. Forget what nutritionists say: One happy hour at the right bar could result in a life of luxury, if not luxurious happiness. On your first date, order the most expensive item from every category — the most expensive appetizer, the most expensive soup, the most expensive dessert. See if he flinches.

The other reason to order the most expensive items is to find out how generous this person would be with you in the future. Instead, think fund-raisers, especially the political sort. Or you may marry one. Remember, too, that charity starts at home.

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Secretaries still marry their bosses. Consider working at a top hotel or exclusive restaurant or other places that cater to the rich, such as health clubs, salons and boutiques.

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Save your pennies and vacation with the rich. Certain resorts are easy choices, such as Monaco, St.

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Or head to pricey spas like Canyon Ranch. Try places a little closer to home such as the Hamptons, Greenwich, Conn. Some read the obituary pages to find an apartment; others to find if a person of substance is suddenly available. But make the gossip columns required reading.

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  • A guy who casually slaps his American Express Black card on the table to pay for dinner will pretty much give you anything you want: Just be sure to prepare for this, because those vacations will usually come fast and furious. So I told my boss to find a new phone answer-girl, and devoted all my time to my sugaring relationship.

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    Best decision of my entire life. We went to Paris, Tokyo, and Oahu…in the first month!

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    • As in, old enough to be your father, and maybe even your grandfather. If not, though, you need to at least be comfortable with it. Me personally, I like to keep tabs on how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are performing, because I have an online sugar daddy who invests in them and loves to talk about them and that means he can talk to me about them.

      My final bit of advice on the subject of rich sugar daddies is to be discreet, and make sure that they are, too. A lot of guys you meet doing this will be married.

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      I bring this up because my first rich daddy the one I quit the office job for had a wife, who eventually found out about me. So naturally, my relationship with this particular daddy was sexual, and he had a very unfortunate taste for having me sext him a naughty picture at least once a day. So you see where this is going, and you can imagine how his wife reacted when she went through his phone which I swore the bitch would do, and tried to make my daddy realize and saw a naked 23 year-old all over it.