Dating winchester model 1873

The longest barrel length known on a Model is 37 inches. The shortest known barrel length on a Model is 12 inches.

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The standard length for a Model Rifle is 24 inches Special order barrels were made from 26 -- 28 34 inches. There were 1 of Winchester 73 rifles manufactured. There were 1 of Winchester 73 rifles manufactured Short rifles were made with 20 -- 22 inch barrels.

The standard length barrel for a Model 73 Carbine is 20 inches Winchester trappers were made with barrels from 12 to 20 inches with 15 inches being the most common. Winchesters with engraving are quite rare with engraving priced from 50 cents to 5.

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Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters. I have a very fine made in with a "B" stamped after the serial number on the bottom tank. Is there any way I can determine when the Company installed the new barrel? What indications do you see that it has a new barrel? The B in the serial number does not mean a replacement barrel.

Is there any proof marks on the barrel or receiver?

Serial number with a "B" | General Discussions & Questions | ForumWinchester Collector

If you post pictures of the barrel marking would help in telling what era the barrel was made. The B started in about and intermixed with the A's into and continued until to the end of production with the B.

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Well thanks for the correction. Accordingly, it appears that the gun is original. Also has beautiful wood. It is in excellent shape, other than the dust cover is loose and does not return to the forward or closed position when the lever is worked. It is a straight stock rifle with a 24" barrel. I am attempting to add photos but it's my first time here and this is an experiment. There is nothing wrong with the dust cover they don't close by themselves on a The front sight is a Lyman 5 and you have some nice figure to the wood.

The receiver looks like it might of been color case hardened at one time. My guess it was a special order rifle. You should get it lettered.

Shooting the Model 1873 Short Rifle from Winchester Repeating Arms -

Is it 38 caliber? I agree with Bob. The fact that the re is not the slightest hint of any bluing in the creases and protected areas, in addition to the receiver being the same color as the hammer and lever, which were case hardened, points to the receiver having an original case hardened finish.

How to Identify a Winchester 1866

It would have looked like the attached photos. I have received initial information but not the final letter. You experts are correct; it does have the case hardened receiver but also is listed as having a 26 inch barrel. On the top octagonal it has the oval with a W and the line through the oval. The bore looks excellent with very good rifiling. Am I measuring the barrel length correctly? The barrel is measured to include the threaded part in the receiver. What does the information you got say about caliber?

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If it was a 26" and cut down 2" then you will either see a extra dovetail on the bottom of the barrel in front of the magazine band or if that was not moved then the mag band will be too close to the end of the barrel. The center mag band should be about 3. Just looking at the picture of the end of the barrel it does look like the mag band is too close to the end of the barrel but since the picture is taken at a angle its hard to judge distances.

Initial info is caliber and that is correct. The center of the magazine band is exactly 3. The rifle, carbine, and musket, which was only produced in small numbers. The rifle and musket variations utilized a 24" barrel while the carbine used a 20" barrel. According to several online sources, John Browning, the original designer of the Winchester model used this model as the prototype to invent the first automatic rifle.

Winchester Model 12 Shotgun.