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Love his smart, thoughtful, compassionate and respectful advice. This is a fantastic podcast to help navigate dating and relationships. Evan Marc Katz does extensive research and walks the walk; the advice is top notch. I appreciate how he has helped me see different perspectives. His podcasts helps me keep the faith to keep looking for that special life long relationship. I found myself dating again in my forties after divorce. I had to completely re-learn how to do that, as my old habits, and new insecurities on top of a busy, structured life, fell flat. I was a dating mess until I discovered Evan in my Facebook feed.

If I have questions or quandries, bck to Evan I go! I really like Evan Marc Katz and his approach to dating; he's open-minded, controversial at times, but always honest about what he thinks and why. I enjoy listening to his podcasts - he has great guests and interviews. I've been listening to Evan's podcasts for a while. Evan is very open and honest, gives great advice and a lot of tips on how to approach dating. He is not afraid to talk about the dating mistakes he made in the past, and how he changed the way he looked at dating and finally met his fabulous wife.

He is very inspiring! I've worked with Evan during the initial LoveU program, and have followed him for years prior. The podcasts are still very informative and new and I enjoy the refresher course. Love getting a man's perspective on love and relationships. I love my friends, and they have great advise. I have male friends and female friends. I find myself quoting him a lot, and telling my friends to check him out. You get clear great advice that has help me understand man. Thanks to following him, I navigated dating after being married for 18 years, online dating, face to face LoveU podcast is as real as it gets.

I've been following Evan for years! I started following him when I was single and even though I'm married I still follow him. His blogs on love really opened my eyes in a way I couldn't imagine. I largerly credit those blogs for the reason I'm in a happy and successful marriage.

I gave this podcast a 4 star, only because I haven't listened to as many as I would like. If I had to rate Evan's work in general, I'd give him a 5 star because he's amazing. I get his free emails and am currently engaged in his Believe in Love program, which has already provided a awesome action plan for what I need to do to find love in Without his guidance and wisdom, I would have much less motivation to keep going when the going gets tough, and it has.

I always find value in what he has to say, even if it's to disagree and find my own truth. Either way, his perspective is invaluable! The podcasts are a great way to get insight into dating. Easier than reading and able to multitask. The speakers Evan has on are incredible and diverse and just shed some very tangible advice on how to navigate the dating world. Evan respects his guests viewpoints and provides some very thought- provoking interviews I look forward to each and every podcast weekly.

And replay them throughout and take notes. I am a 29 year old woman that found my way into Evan Marc Katz's website 2 years ago when I became serious about my love life. The tactics I was using to find a relationship weren't working, and I found two things to be true of Evan: His Love U podcasts are a welcome addition to the family of content that he shares with the world on a weekly basis.

I always have a pen and paper handy when listening to ensure that I am getting the most out of what he shares! If you are looking for a "truth teller" , listen to some advice from Evan. He has a realistic take on the world of dating and mating in a time when not much makes sense anymore. I so appreciate the advice and his honest approach in navigating dating. He gives me hope. Evan stands out as an excellent resource in this wide open field of relationship coaching. He is smart, vulnerable, clearly knowledgeable and a superb communicator. He is articulate, courageous, probing and wise.

He shares from his heart along with his years of training; what a phenomenal combination of expertise and shared wisdom. He is refreshing, provocative in a consciously challenging way. I highly recommend Evan's podcasts as a way to grow and flourish as you walk the relationship journey. I listen to this podcast every week; when I was getting back into dating, it was one of my top resources for understanding men and learning how to be successful in dating. Such informative, applicable and real world tools to help find and keep the relationship of your dreams.

Evan is authentic, very insightful. I would recommend his podcasts to my girlfriends due to accessibility and portability. You can actually listen to his advise in the car or during a lunch break without your coworkers knowing. He is funny and prompts you to relax and enjoy the pod just like a normal conversation with a friend.

I really enjoyed my first podcast Thanks Evan for putting yourself out there for all of us singles! I love listening to Evan. I feel I know him personally, I even talk to him in my head. After 30 year marriage to my best friend , I tragically lost him and trying to figure out what men, dating are like at Seemed easier , because in 20's you actually had physical interactions to date. It's having a best friend , who's in your corner and has your back, loves you unconditionally , even terminalon your death bed!

Cheers to embracing Evan tells it like it is with his witty no-nonsense charm. His advice is given in a digestible format that leaves you with a lot of personal soul-searching to do long after the episode ends. A must-listen for any woman looking for insights into dating and relationships! I've been listening to Evan and reading his stuff for years and, to me, he's the best out there. He's like your best friend who wants to tell you the truth but it afraid to do so.

He shares a point of view from a man's perspective who has tons of experience dealing with dating from the other side of the fence. He knows what's important - it's not playing games. It's being authentic, knowing your purpose, and not being willing to be satisfied with breadcrumbs. I hear his voice in my head every day and I am grateful. Not a podcast if you just want to hear what makes you feel good.

But if you want real, useful information; this is a great source. Evan tells it like it is, and has great guests with great insights. Always appreciative of your free advice! You're the only dating coach I listen to now. I mean duh Marilyn. Better step back though because things have a tendency to get intense whenever I try to use the old noggin for anything other than food and booze recognition.

Oh and also because you stink and it is rather distracting. I mean geeeze dude…. Wait- what were we talking about? You asked a dumb question and I was about to answer it. Alrighty then, here goes nothing. Some ideas [1] Marilyn, are damaging. And they have real, actual, harmful effects on the lives of real, actual people.

And when douche-buckets like EMK insist on perpetuating these damaging ideas that harm real people, they and he need to be called out for it and their ideas thoroughly repudiated. I knew you could keep up. But anyway, back to it. So if we need to take a trip back to kindergarten just let me know and off we will go. June 8, at 3: They want us to go back to being the docile obedient doormats. Married at 17 to the first man who asks us and remain there for life… In the UK the daily mail is heading a fierce campaign against women. Worthless after 40 and infertile at I do wonder if EMK is part of this campaign..

November 30, at 1: I would say the same about all the coaches from life to the whole self help balogne that is plaguing the whole Internet amongst other areas. January 20, at 3: Rosy, wow you see it just right. Miranda, Your site is an awesome one. I get the impression that you are a strong and wise woman.

You are so refreshing. You have brought much truth to the forefront for us women. Do not be defeated by or allow certain males to make you stop speaking truth for women to hear. This is so needed. Women should continue to support each other and not be so catty against each other. June 12, at 3: July 10, at Miranda have you ever come across a manosphere blog called Dalrock? October 17, at Oh dear God I had forgotten that Dalrock existed. His was one of the manosphere blogs that I used to gawk at on the regular out of sheer horror. I recently came across a site called The Return of Kings.

And people take them seriously. January 16, at 7: Which brings me to my point. EMK is well aware of the value that misogynist trolls bring him in website traffic. Frankly many of the comments sounded planted to me, especially the ones from posters claiming to be women with the most misogynistic comments of all again, red flag.

Which brings me to my second point. Traditionalist conversatives and the far right in general seem to be on a mission to take over the internet. At the end of the day, click bait brings the trolls which brings the money, and the biggest fish in the digital sea these days are angry tradcons. March 26, at 5: This is so well written, thank you Erika. I myself had to learn the hard way. Down below on another post I defended Renee Wade a bit by saying she is not so creepy.

I take it back now. I am re-reading her material and it is horrifyingly awful. It is time to ride these morons and those who are just like them off the Internet. Or at least make an attempt. March 26, at 6: Opinionated masculines in a female body that have no idea how to be a woman! And I would like to add that you all love to swear and cuss! SO unattractive and low class you are all a breed unto yourselves! March 26, at 9: March 27, at 7: And he agrees with me on these issues. Sorry to burst your bubble. I am glad I did not listen to fools and misogynists. I could have settled earlier for a man who would have made me unhappy.

I held out for a good guy who respects me. I am endlessly grateful that I did! I am so glad imposters of men like these are dying out. Evan Marc Katz is just a used car salesman. He does this because he cannot hold down a real job. He is a modern day snake oil salesman and nothing more. And silly, dim witted creatures like the above take him seriously and allow themselves to get influenced. March 26, at Another winning trait, pining after what they think men want. Way to act like a lady. January 25, at 7: I wish I had read your blog before I read his.

January 26, at 9: Great to read something against that wanker EMK, I keep ending up on his site while searching for sensible discussions! I actually nearly ended up posting a comment there, until I realised it was a pointless exercise …. I really must get out more …. January 29, at In it, she describes all the ways in which women are harmed by the perpetuation of the gender differences myth. If only people understood just how harmful this shit was.

January 29, at 6: He lost all legitimacy in my eyes after this blog post. Sounds like a homo in the closet to me. Maybe he should question his sexuality rather than question how traumatizing rape is to women. Just buy my books! February 2, at 3: I have just finished posting a reply to that bag of shit! I was actually beginning to think my kind were extinct. Like Liked by 3 people. July 26, at 6: Trouble is when the ovary brigade speak our mind the dick brigade call us liars.

Apparently a 55 yr old balding truck driver is highly desirable to a young woman and becomes more desirable with age. A 30 yr old woman is the biological peer of a 58 yr old man. Cougars are just pretending to like younger men. If a man defends a woman he is called a mangina.

Wives divorcing them or women rejecting them. And they call us Entitlement princesses? July 31, at May 23, at 2: I agree with the one commenter on here. There are too many men posing as dating gurus, who are really trying to fleece single women, particularly those over the age of And if someone dares to speak out about this, they are buried under irrational, unintelligent ad hominem responses.

I would even go so far as to say that there is a conspiracy, at least among the misogynists, which aims at not only siphoning money from single women over 30, but at keeping them dating unsuccessfully, so they in turn keep spending money. They post terrible things and try to destroy their self esteem.

Dating “expert” Evan Marc Katz is concern trolling you | cupid is burning

They post nonsense about how men get desirable with age do they resist the aging process? Show me the science. And show me one normal, mentally healthy female in her teens or twenties that wants a man ten years older than her — or more. I do not believe these misogynists are married. Such angry, judgmental men would have no reason to take to the internet spewing hatred if their personal lives made them happy. They are miserable men, and find single women over 30 to be easy targets for their vitriol. Yet while the internet is a misogynistic wasteland, in truth the people you meet offline are nothing like this.

Those who troll the internet indulging in hatred are lacking in social skills and social lives. They are like roaches, emerging at night to slip into nightclubs and bars — if they ever escape their self-made prisons at all. But then, given their misery, maybe He already has. February 3, at 1: My whole take on Mr. But he sells himself that way I guess. AND, I also believe he totally settled for his wife, who, by his own writings, is not the most beautiful woman in the world, just very tolerant it sounds.

The person I feel bad for is his poor wife. And I feel bad for the poor women that actually listen or take his advice!!! OH MY, not a good idea!!! I was wondering about his wife… he upset the ladies on the board when he said she was a 7 on the scale.. February 3, at 2: February 13, at 9: Somehow I stumbled onto this blog by accident. Katz for any of his comments, opinions, beliefs, philosophies, or whatever you may call them.

The woman escort who originally posted it was talking about moving on and not allowing something that could happen to a woman to keep that woman from living a happy healthy and productive life. As a product of child molestation I can attest to just how you can make the decision allow something to define you, to blame that for every action and reaction you have in life. I made the decision not to allow my past define my future years ago.

While there is no arguing that men and women are different in within those two genders, no two are the same, it MUST go without saying that within each of those genders there becomes a noticeable cliche. And as long as there are asshole guys who dump decent women to chase after a something piece of ass, men are going to SEEM like dogs.

This is why dating is so frustrating. So we stand a lot less chance finding one another. But back to EMK for a moment. And in a previous post from him I read it and I have to agree with it. Men should see women the same way. Some women are simply spoiled little rotten women who think they are princesses and deserve a man to give them the world. In the same regard, if what you ladies want is the good looking jock who would watch Sportcenter over cuddling with you and would rather hit the bar to hang out with his buddies than take you to dinner, again, have at it, good luck to you.

Just a little food for thought Miranda. But I will say that you got very defensive when someone simply invited you to take some time to think about why he gets under your skin. Give the women some credit for being intelligent enough to see through the bullshit. We ALL have to learn to change, to adapt, to accept, to love ourselves and stop trying to make others happy.

For some reason I never trust anyone who says that. I mean why the fuck do you even feel the need for such a disclaimer? Fuck you for putting me in that position. Not all of us wanted sports jocks. It was only the top to tty that went with them. Many women are insecure as fuck re their looks. Eating disorders obsession with surgery etc.. All i remember is overwhelming choices of cock and commitment was hard to obtain. Women do need to be attracted to a guys appearance irrespective of whether he is good looking or not.

It works both ways. Beauty is in the eye an all that.. February 20, at 1: Tim sounds like EMK, even the way they type. I am glad I am not the only one who find EMK to be such a worthless piece of shit. Jay D Kaputski said: March 5, at 5: EMK is a suck-ass narcissistic bullshiter. What is your beef? WTF made you so angry? I would fuck myself if I could. March 12, at 2: Yes you found the love of your life thanks to EMK and just happened one day to come across a blog criticizing him that just happens to be near the top of the Google search rankings and just needed to share your compelling story.

April 7, at Yup, very much so. March 13, at 8: March 19, at 2: You found him because it was meant to be. EMK is a moron. He serves no woman any good, what he tries to do is brow beat women into becoming something they are not, emotionless, tolerant, inauthentic beings. And for Elle, yes, I am in a great relationship, thank you! March 22, at 1: Thank you for writing this article.

Whenever I type in questions about dating situations I find his blog comes up first so I often end up reading his articles. I started to notice I would always feel pretty depressed after reading them and picked up a subtle yet distinct air of misogyny in his articles but wondered if I was the only one. There are much better dating advice websites out there that support, encourage, cheer and inspire both men and women, it would be good if they came up first in the search engine instead of his but as someone pointed out he clearly bought all the google words related to dating.

April 22, at 9: I totally agree with everything you said. His ramblings always come up in everything regarding dating. Also I cannot believe what woman would put up with Evan long-term. My ideal relationship would be a true partnership like what Paul Newman and his wife Joanne had. Funny how someone so gorgeous and talented valued his woman so much and did not see her as a mediocre baby factory. He is everything repulsive to me on so many levels, and I hope you write more articles regarding how much bullshit he spews out. April 24, at I found his site through another dating guru Rori Raye.

Found her after I was recovering from a marriage which consisted mostly of domestic violence and drugging his. The reasons why I sought that nonsense out was simple: When one gets out of those situations in the immediate aftermath there is usually a great deal of self blame. I mention the older part because the rape post was not the best example of his border line hysteria when it comes to women and sexuality. Having a sex worker speak on her own behalf was likely the most enlightened thing he was ever going to do. He piles himself in bullshit high and deep.

October 9, at 7: Angie, I also tried Rori Raye and I laugh when you say her advice taught you how to hum through your vagina. Plus she feels the need to constantly state her disagreement with Rori. It raises a red flag for me when someone trying to sell a product has to state how they disagree with someone who is a potential rival.

I remember when I asked to cancel subscription to it, she did it without initially reimbursing me until I asked directly to be reimbursed. At least with other products that I trial tested, no one tried to keep my money. I think all dating products and advice is over sold, and should be taken with a grain of salt. I think a lot of it can help improve your dating experiences but a lot of it just sounds like manipulation and it will drive you insane trying to make someone who is wrong for you commit to you.

October 16, at 7: I also bought into EMK after an abusive relationship, I was not married however. I met many awesome women through there, a couple are now my IRL best friends but his advice is damaging. It operates under the assumption that all women are insecure and controlling, that we all fall in love via our vaginas and that all mean are ogres who cannot control their sexual urges. Some of his advice, with regards to online dating is absolutely useful. He knows how to set up a dating profile but after that, its shit. It had me accepting awfulness in hopes men would see the light, It also allowed me to be very emotionally unavailable myself.

True relationships are based upon trust, you cannot trust a person who is unable to trust themselves enough to believe they are lovable the way they are. October 2, at 2: You really have a very low level of self respect. First you say you bought a load of dating books and programs. And then you say abnormal people buy such books and programs. Please send me the blog link in which Renee Wade asks women to stay-at-home. I have read her blog and the above topics have bot been covered. Are you lying or what? I have to agree with Myra on Renee Wade. I am not big on any of these silly gurus anymore quite frankly, but the whole not having hobbies because she has had several blog posts on how it is feminine to care passionately about things that are important to the individual woman.

Just read her blog, it is enough to want to tear your hair out. May 20, at Oh goodness, this guy just got featured on a Ted-x talk in the town I live in. June 24, at July 10, at 2: See how easy it is??

Bad Dating Advice – A Response to Evan Marc Katz

March 11, at 2: Ive been reading and I have been trying to understand your motives. Your comments are viceral in nature and do not seem to from a lady who wants progressiveness between the sexes. Im shocked for real you do sound like you loath the existence of men. Im not sure how you are in a relationship but if this is any indication I would imagine finding any mate either sex would be difficult for you to maintain longevity. I respect your opinions but some are rooted in mis-guided frustation but its your blog and Im a man so I am a idiot in your eyes.

September 7, at 1: I am sad to say that I lack this courage to the extent that you have it. I did have it, but my self-concept has been eroded by something I will discuss shortly. When black people were being enslaved and then oppressed and treated like second-class citizens, they were bitter and they had a right to be. When Native Americans were forced off their own land and murdered, they were bitter and had a right to be.

Women have a right to be bitter over being treated like they have no right to breathe free and live with self-assurance, and be who they are. I fell in love almost a year and a half ago with a much younger guy who turned out to be a PUA. I met someone, he stared me down in a bar, I saw him, thought he was cute, we had chemistry, and we kept going for several months.

It turns out he is nowhere near secure in himself enough to be with a woman who speaks her mind and has her own boundaries and likes and dislikes — you know, kind of like as if she were a person. I never would have seen that in him when we got together. My ex is nothing if not a great student and scholar. When he puts his mind to learning pick-up, or anything else, he will absolutely master the material and it did. He broke my heart completely and was emotionally abusive and I still struggle to overcome the damage.

The worst of the damage, though, is the door this opened to my reading about things about women my age all over the Internet that I had NO IDEA was what some people thought. I miss the blissful ignorance. I am living testimony to this. Apparently, I may as well be 98 to some people. If you think the sexism thing pisses you off, wait until you see what it turns into after your 45th birthday.

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He is directly contributing to causing that to be true. I loved my ex. Our relationship was everything I wanted…or seemed to be at first. Why does anyone have opinions about who others date? You need to know two things that early on: Are you over 21? Anything else is just about the two people involved, or should be. The sad truth was, who they were before they got there was probably a decent guy most people would have liked.

They just had self-esteem issues. Tanya,beware of free advice. The reason being we never value what we get for free. See how easy it is? Except that it is not so easy for majority of women in the real world. To attract a certain kind of man,you need to be a certain kind of woman. You need to find someone who suits your value better. July 16, at 5: Thank you for this post Miranda — I absolutely abhor EMK and glad to see a like-minded gal voicing her opinion!

Nothing makes me more sick than a slick,misogynistic troll preying on vulnerable young women and making money off of that.

July 28, at 5: Is this blog serious? The odds of a guy being interested in you if he asks you out on a date are way higher than if you ask him. Yes, of course you can ask him first, or initiate sex etc. July 28, at 6: November 26, at 5: The only reason I need to defend him is that I agree that his advice can be useful. December 15, at Waiting for someone else to make a move is giving them the power.

But it is kind of sad to watch people like you try to rationalize it in the hopes that we are all dumb enough to be swayed by a few words. November 28, at In that case, the man has all the power and will dictate how and where the relationship will go. If you want to see the guy, initiate an activity! Men have given up because according to them, I never showed enough interest. So who is alone now. Why should men be the one to steer the darn relationship.

I have wasted so much time on such ideas! Lara,you are making the entire relationship dance way simplistic than what it really is the real world. It is not just about whether a guy asks you out or you ask him out. But such courses are not for people like you who love to read free advice and then sit on your ass and fart and do nothing else about their situation in life.

Such programs are meant for people who genuinely passionately desire to improve their personal life for an exceptionally great relationship and success in professional life too. March 22, at 2: July 29, at 4: Thank you so much for calling out this godawful loser misogynistic male apologist!

Katz has so much contempt and hatred for women that I find it incredible that he is trying to give women advice! No thanks, you freak! In that post a reader tells him that her male friend had been showing signs that he liked her, such as calling her daily and saying that he fantasized about her. When she confessed her feelings to him he rejected her and she asks EMK why.

August 13, at 4: August 21, at We have a relative who is a narcissist and can see some similarities. You know like boxers who uphold another boxer with great respect etc. Sure, if you like the character traits displayed then you will probably attract a similar type of person using his techniques. However, if you want to meet someone who is interested in progressing as a human being away from a sense of entitlement there are other more suitable mentors out there. October 6, at This is beautiful, Miranda. But, i am not surprised that some women are siding on the douches side. Have you read steve harveys book, its the most sexist and disgusting thing ive ever read!

October 8, at 1: November 13, at 9: Wish I read your site, before I read his. God I wish I read your site first! How he ever got a girl in the first place I do not know, probably a sweet young thing which he sleazed onto and said something well… Sleazy! God I wish I read your site first, thank-you Miranda for pointing out the sleazy creep that he is! November 17, at 3: Way to go Miranda! EMK is a spin merchant, lining his pockets off the insecurity of modern women!

His advice sucks and causes his gullible followers to waste an eternity over analysing every action in their dating lives. I am single and happy that way. I gave up on trying to follow such shitty advice and pleasing men years ago. I do hope to meet a sincere gentleman but so far my experience as been mosty loser players and I have simply decided not to partake in their silly games as I am above that.

The absolute proof that EMK is a fraudster is the fact that year after year his followers are still posting away about their miseries of dating. They need to wake up and stop acting like damsels in distress and use their common sense which can easily weed out a loser or player without having to cough up some money to EMK.

The thing I hate the most about the EMK Harem is that whenever any female calls him out on his BS they resort to calling you bitter or implying that you must be single. Its a shame that some women think that being in a relationship or marriage gives them the right to become an entitled scoffer that has the right to sneer at single women. Miranda I think you are great keep telling the truth! They need to wake up and stop acting like damsels in distress and use their common sensewhich can easily weed out a loser or player without having to cough up some money to EMK.

Its a shame that some women think that being in a relationship or marriage gives them the right to become am entitled scoffer and sneer at single women. November 23, at 9: Went straight to new window and typed in evan marc katz wanker and found this article…. November 24, at 2: The responses he gives to women is with a sarcastic undertone. Surprising to me, many seem to like him. Recently, at a seminar, I heard him on a panel with other dating coaches.

Because I liked the other coaches is why I listened. The moderator was female and he kept going in on her because she asked him last for his expertise. I agreed with some of the things that he said and others I did not. He still had that sarcastic undertone and kept harping about being asked last, it was annoying. As a result, towards the end of the discussion, she started with him first. I think it was just to make him happy. His behavior rectified why I pay no attention to what he has to say.

December 9, at 7: When I saw http: You just gotta be insecure and flat-out naive to listen to this douchebag… I just called him out on the BS in that article I am showing to you, and you know what? Thank you for spreading the truth, keep up the excellent work. January 12, at 6: EMK is so incredibly hostile to his commenters every time he jumps in to reply, for this reason I stopped reading him long ago. Someone above hit the nail on the head — EMK is a narcissist.

Exactly the type of man we are warned to avoid. January 13, at I was very pleased to find you blog about EMK. I thought that I was the only one who thought that this guy was completely bananas-crazy. He hates smart and intelligent women, who call him out on his bs. I remember in my conversation with him that I was in grad school getting my Ph.

If you are the almighty dating coach, and you are as full of yourself, why not? Needless to say, I emailed the next day canceling his beloved coaching. It was one of my more stupid moments in life. I would suggest for fun, read his NYT marriage announcement, it may provide some interesting insight into WHY this man works the way he does. But he does not like Jewish women, and is completely threatened by them.

January 15, at 5: Does it have any basis in science at all? April 18, at 2: I was really concerned when I read his response to a woman who said she was freaked out by men bombarding her with calls and demanding commitment after two dates. How could the man possibly know after two dates. If they had been dating for a few months and she backed off, well I would agree with him. But why must she instantly commit simply because he has decided he wants her?

Apparently according to the Love Fraud site, the sign of a sociopath courting you is the too much too soon love bombing. And then they are blamed for not reading the signs. And if men supposedly use physical attraction as the deciding factor then find out about the womans character later…. September 7, at 3: I regret to say, I know. He was also very possessive very early, but after a boring, cold marriage for many years, I craved it.

I agree with you. If a man should think a woman has issues if she wants to be with him super fast, a woman should think the same thing. There is no excuse for a wealthy modern man who lives in a thriving metropolis to have a haircut as bad as the one Evan Katz has. And if Evan Katz insists chemistry is deceptive and never lasts why does he insist that the pace of the relationship be set by the man addled by his own illusions?

January 28, at 5: Had to throw my two cents in as I loved this blog. Both parties basically touted the same concept and both basically tore women down until they were desperate enough to throw money at them to ease their heartache. This is , not the s. We are capable of thinking for ourselves and thankfully we live in a day and age where we can be independent, due to some very inspirational trailblazers. KP should be avoided too, to be honest. The guy is completely blameless. In fact, she contradicts herself many times with the whole pedestal argument.

She also makes him out to be some kind of a superhero that can sense our anxiety from miles away.

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EMK philosophy on making the guy do all the legwork is archaic too. He claims his wife never called or messaged him or anything and that made him want her more. Thst is the biggest load of crap. You freaked him out. So none of us are absolutely perfect or even emotionally super healthy. Best thing I ever did was leave KP Facebook group. I attracted a lunatic but of course according to the group, this was the one because he stalked me into submission.

May 24, at 4: You are so spot on with this. I was stupid and vulnerable enough to listen and try and follow this bunk five years ago and I found myself being taken advantage of by people. These dating coaches, and Internet life coaches in general, have a very strange ideology. It can be valuable and useful in the right context.

However, the way they advocate and promote it is very detrimental and dangerous for women in particular. If you are walking around giving every scuzz ball a chance just because they profess live for you after the first ten minutes of meeting you I am not exaggerating. I was one who actually did this , and get mentally raped or even physically taken advantage of, as both are true in my case in the process, what good is all this?!

THEN play around with these energies. But do NOT jump in when you are not strong in yourself first. Sorry for the rant. I could go on forever on this topic. So glad to find blogs and discussions like these. It is NOT a way to keep an unhealthy relationship where the balance of power is skewed going, nor is it a replacement for someone who needs professional help to take on as a role. These silly dating gurus who throw around these ancient concepts for the sake of forwarding their own agendas really upset me. February 9, at 9: When men are feeling it, they are given the liberty to go with their feelings.

When women are feeling it, we are told to stuff it down and wait for him. February 10, at 9: A lot of dating advice etc never looked at any until recently and was frankly shocked acts as if there is a significant difference between the genders and that women should act one way and men should act another. Dating advice makes it sound like a battleground completely unnecessarily. Frankly, if I was always the one to organise dates or initiate sex with a man and he never did so in return I would feel like he might not be interested and I would lose interest.

Communication, levels of interest and all of that should be equal. Hey Miranda I want to address you cause you wrote the blog. Ok ok here it goes heres were I stand with dating between the sexes. I think alot if not most of our issues boil down to social grooming. What do I mean? I mean that boys from a very young age are groomed a certain as well as the young girls.

It is this grooming that by the time we are adults we totally dont understand each other. Your write up does sound bitter it does not sound like its coming from a person who really wants men and woman to get each other it sounds like its coming from a person who enjoys being single because she hates most men and I get why you hate most men and why most men hate women. Its our grooming its no good in this country.

Think about it little boys are taught they are to be kings of all they touch and that people should respect them because they are men and that we are to select our woman and we are to court her treat her nice spoil her marry her and she is to respect her husband and blah blah blah. Young girls are taught similar crap too that they are soft dainty princesses that deserve whatever they want because of they are beautiful, smart, etc.

At no point during our early years as kids does society groom us to treat each other equally and that it is ok for a woman to take the lead in relationships versus the man its never in our programming as kids and if you want men to see women differently its time we groom our young boys and girls differently. You cant be a princess and then grow up to be the King of your Queendom and neither can boys be taught to be the ruler of their domain but then meet staunch opposition from almost every desirable woman when they are grown. Its not fair for either sex we are both getting short changed and woman like you who have a voice need to see that we are both being short changed out of what we want.

Lets clear men and women arent equal and thats ok it does not mean one is more important than the other or a man is above a woman we are not equal cause we are different and that is another good thing. March 13, at So right off the bat I do not like you very much. Just so you know. I actually agree with some of what you say. The only thing that you seem to be a little dense about other than your silly wrong-headed critique of me is that the blogger that I have such an issue with here is one of the ones who perpetuates this shit that you claim to have a distaste for.

You yourself give a good reason for this bitterness in your response. I mean you did actually acknowledge something important when you said this,. Gee, I wonder why anyone who is not a man would be bitter about being surrounded men, when way too many of them think they deserve reverence by sheer virtue of the fact that they have dicks? And I wonder what the effect might be of teaching men that they are superior to women and that they are entitled to reverence from women?

Might one of the effects be that women get the shit beat out of them on a daily basis by some of these men for not being subservient enough?