Dating female police officer

I generally don't like cops to begin with anyway. Not to say there aren't some good ones out there but I seriously do believe the asshole cops do in fact outnumber the well meaning and reasonable ones. I'm not some jackass criminal who is always getting into trouble either. I'm talking about getting hassled for going 10 over, parking violations, having a unregistered car in my own driveway, having a bonfire etc. I'd be constantly worried that she'd be put in the way of danger a lot and would be concerned if she was late one day.

I'd have to say no. I feel like they'd be too uptight and what not, but it's not like I don't let people surprise me if they can. We'd probably not see eye on a few things.. I'm former military Medic and can empathize with what they experience in their job. A woman that can defend herself and carries a gun, is a plus in my criteria.

Females by default have more power in the relationship, her being a cop is fucking overkill. If you aren't a career criminal and secure in your masculinity I don't see why dating a female cop would be an issue.

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  2. A Day In The Life: Confessions From Female Police Officers!
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Every female cop I have ever encountered has been shitty to me. Shittier than normal cops that is. I'm talking about getting hassled for going 10 over, parking violations, having a unregistered car in my own driveway etc. That has nothing to do with dating one though and everything to do with them having to be "tougher" on the job to be taken more seriously or as seriously as there male counterparts. But it also has a shit ton to do with you thinking it's being "hassled" when clearly you are regularly breaking laws you find inconvenient like that means they don't also apply to you.

Yeah you aren't out selling pounds of cocaine and murdering ppl but speeding, parking like a dick, and not registering your car are all simple things you wouldn't have to worry about if you were behaving like a responsible adult and not making them have to deal with you in the first place dude.

A Day In The Life: Confessions From Female Police Officers

When I am respectful to a cop I expect the same in return. They lose my respect as soon as they become unreasonable and treat me like I'm a problem for doing the same shit we all do. I don't expect to always get off with a warning but I should never be hassled or disrespected. Some male cops are capable of being matter of fact about the situation and deal with things in a reasonable manner.

I've never had that with a female cop. Its always either a crappy tone, lecture, or the most extreme "punishment" they can serve. Really it shouldn't matter how often any person breaks the law. They should be treated the same by the police as anyone else. Its up to the courts to decide what the consequences are.

And for the record it is not illegal to have a unregistered car in my driveway. Its a project and has not been on the road since before I bought it. The concept of spending time to work on a car for fun escapes some people.

You almost had a point at the beginning there but kept going and fucked it all up again. Of course how often a person breaks the law should affect how they are dealt with that's like saying kids shouldn't be punished for misbehaving because it's not very nice. And yeah I get that having a car in your drive way as a fix up project isn't an unheard of hobby in fact it's fun as hell more often than not to anyone into cars.

No, but keeping tabs on that kinda shit is what keeps nice neighborhoods from being eyesores along with shit like tickets for fucked up lawns or blight or any kinda shit like that.

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  • The real problem here is you have a really shitty attitude towards laws you don't think are a big deal like it's beneath you and that is probably why you get fucked with so much. Saying "I break so and so laws because we all do" is insanely immature logic and then being annoyed a cop isn't all buddy buddy about you not giving a fuck you broke the law is even crazier. Look at it from their angle they might just be about to get off shift or have had a long shitty day or w.

    Just follow some basic ass laws and none of this would be a problem for you to begin with. Cops are not part of judicial system. All suspects should be treated equally unless they're being difficult to deal with. Its how the system is supposed to work. I've never been shitty until after I've been treated poorly. Giving cops a pass on this because they have a hard job is like accepting shitty service in a restaurant because you're there around closing. As far as the car goes there are no laws or ordinances in my area about parked cars on private property.

    Its not an eyesore. It looks better than most the cars on this street. Oh so you're one of those "don't break the law and you won't have any problems" assholes. We live in a structured society that requires respect from both parties. And no you're not an asshole if you go to a restaurant around closing.


    You're a problem if you stay after closing or try to order items not offered at the end of the night. I guess you don't understand that though. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Dating a cop is incredibly difficult for anyone - that profession has one of the highest divorce rates for a reason. Find one of those - there are plenty of them.

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    It probably isn't realistic to have kids when you're a cop - the weird hours, the stress, the danger, and all the rest - they wouldn't get to see you much, and that's really not fair. But for many men, that's okay, because kids aren't their priority. Obviously, it's not going to work with a guy who is looking for a traditional stay-at-home wife and lots of kids, so you have to accept that and go for what will actually work. Girls in uniforms are very hot.

    I'd probably be just like in awe of her or something, lol. So, girl cops are cool Hard to know where to start with this, but the answer is yes, I would totally date a chic who was a cop.

    Guys, how do you feel about dating/marrying a female police officer?

    Hands down and what it really comes down to is that I know if she passed everything to become a successful cop, that I can count on her to handle herself and life better then almost anybody else, that she has a sheep dog protector mentality, that she's intelligent, rational, and logical by sheer necessity. That she is trained to defend herself and others and knows how to shoot if needed and make that call when it came to it.

    That she believes in serving the public, that she is brave, and so much more. The potential is that she could be a true partner, not a concern or a liability. There are some down sides to it The high stress, the op tempo, the dealing with what she saw and had to deal with that day that she will never truly get over I would not be interested because of how stressful the job is and how it's so infested in negativity. If she could handle that I could be interested but I'm skeptical and I don't want to hear her complain about the "tweekers" that broke into the old ladies house in the middle of the night with her there and the 40 year old guy fighting the teenager at 6 am in front of the gas station.

    Yes, I know police officers. True, but it is nice to listen to the significant other about how they felt Or just stories sometimes. I mean there's a time and place. But the General rule is like you demonstrated, don't bring your work home and home to work. LoveYourTime Yeah I would hear my ex complain about people at work but cops seem like they have really dreary experiences from my perspective. Dating Soldiers and Police officers is always difficult. If you ask my personal opinion on this matter, I could marry a cop but I have no intension to have children in my life and thats why I believe it can work out.

    Service women in Military and Police is impossible to have children,. Honestly, I'm looking for a woman in law enforcement to be with. I used to be and I know that I will understand and be able to support them. Regular civilian woman just don't get it. They don't understand what life really is or how different you see the world after being an LEO of any kind. I would be concerned that too many male officers would hit on you. Also, many police bring their aggressions and dominance home.

    I would have no problem marrying female police officer my grandma was married to Deputy Sheriff I've always been a law biting citizen. I voted NO because I really don't like the police.

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    • The only cops that have been decent to me are the Chicago cops. Too much stuff going on to harass you over petty BS. I'll give you an example. Recently my friend from Jersey got pulled over in a small suburb outside of Tucson. The cop asked "what's this? The cop didn't recognize the license so he gave him 3 tickets.