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Therefore, because 'C'-range frames in any year are the same, if the frame and engine numbers don't match, you don't have any idea whether you have "a twenty one engine in a tiger 90 frame", or a 21 engine in another 21's frame, or a 21 engine in a variant's frame, etc. An inquiry of the VMCC may be able to tell you what engine went in that frame. They won't tell you the engine number but would probably be able to tell you what type of engine was in it when it left the factory.

Well, what are the engine numbers? What are the frame numbers? From onward, the engine and frame numbers were a match when they came off the assembly line.

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Originally Posted by B31 Ally. I have a 59 3TA project bike that is free from tins so check the numbers.

1937 to 1949

Stuart, does the info you gave me mean that if I have the letter H stamped into the engine and frame before the actual frame or engine number mean my bike was made before and the engine and frame numbers should match? For example if my frame was stamped T90 it would indicate i had a tiger 90 that was probably made after is the way im seeing it. My first Triumph was a mis matched '21', engine number H, dated to August , I cant remember the day. I have the dating certificate somewhere.

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You have an early engine! Is it not also stamped '21' to the left of the H number?? Your frame is late Hi, Originally Posted by B31 Ally. I didn't know the model code was stamped onto the engine but not on the frame.

1938 Triumph Pre-War 5T Speed Twin 500cc for Sale!

Also that's great to know I have an early engine from even if the frame is from late , its good to know this information. I think I will restore the bike and enjoy it as it is. Thanks for the info guys.

Numbering System

Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Show All Member Profiles. Search eBay for motorcycle parts in following countries. Top Posters 30 Days. Of course, many registrations were lost or not transfered by the various councils, and when all the old records had finally been entered by about there were still many vehicles that were not on the new register. To apply for a Date Certificate for your Triumph motorcycle you need to get together as much documentation about your machine as possible, and as many photos as you can get your hands on.

As a minimum you should have photos of both sides of the bike, the Engine Number, and the Frame Number. If you have any original Bills of Sale or Service documents then this will make the job much easier.


In fact, any dated information you can supply on your machine will make your case that much stronger. Once you have got all your evidence you need to send it to the Club's Machine Registrar along with your payment. Cheques payable to 'Triumph Owners M. After obtaining your Dating Certificate, you can send it along with the appropriate forms to the DVLA to obtain your authorisation to use the original registration number.

What year is it?

More information about registering your motorcycle can be obtained from the Gov. The current Machine Registrar is: If you have any queries about this service, please use the contact form. Please send a C4 envelope with a large-letter stamp with your Dating Certificate requests. The Club Archives is a valuable source of information on Triumph motorcycles.

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