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The show has been extended for an additional episode. Tom Hiddleston, popularly known as the trickster god in "Thor" the film, has become the Internet's latest obsession! Get highlights of hottest news and must-share stories every day. Get our latest updates Follow saysdotcom Instagram YouTube. Photos taken by Dispatch of Seung Gi and Yoona meeting in secret. Yoona was spotted going to an apartment in Samsung-dong wherein Lee Seung Gi is going to pick him up.

Yoona and Seung Gi met in secret in October Representatives confirmed the couple after photos of their secret dates were published.

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona of SNSD Confirmed to be Dating | A Koala's Playground

Yoona and Seung Gi are said to have started seeing each other in September. Here's why people are already calling them Korea's Brad Pitt and Angelina. For 3 consecutive years, Seung Gi admitted on national television that his ideal type is Yoona. He also publicly said, "I like her to death". Seung Gi thought Yoona's sweet potato story was funny when no one else did. They share some of the most adorable moments together.

And even perform well together. They're both award-winning stars and have been voted Korea's most popular artistes by the public. Yoona and Seung Gi on an episode of "Strong Heart. Seung Gi and Yoona. Seung Gi and Yoona are known as YoonGi. The netizens have been pouring praises and gushing about them everywhere in Nate.

Hope they remain loyal and in-love for a really really long time! How come we never hear ha ji win dating anyone? She is so gorgeous and has a great personality. Where are the eiligible bachelors? Well, i think it is a nice match. She seems to be conservative like him in personality, no scandal or whatsoever. She refused to do twitter or instagram despite the pressure from fans.

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She has the respect of entertainers due to her being humble and nice. She just gets a lot of bashing for being the face of SNSD. I guess they both fit well.

2. He also publicly said, "I like her to death"

Its still at young stage. I hope it goes well for them. Btw, the dispatch article is cute. They never date pass 1 am and poor couple only date in a car as they live with their parents. I totally remember that Strong Heart episode when Seunggi was like yes I like Yoona and he was constantly teased for it.

Congratulations to the new couple…may you guys have an awesome relationship today and in the future! Happy New Year to you all!! It is indeed a good news…What a great way to start the year…I am really happy to hear that these korean stars are courageous enough to tell the world that it is okay to fall in love and not hide it to people: I am just wondering who will be the next couple….. So happy for this couple seungi always liked her and he finaly got the girl great news to start the new year with.

I am so happy for them!! Funny to look at this vid now. So grown up and dating Yoona …. Noona is so happy for you Two …. God bless u … Be happy. These entertainers always seem so dam busy i wonder how they find the time to date. And hopefully to one of those awesome good looking actors!

I bet all yoonas fanboys are all dying from jealousy towards seunggi because i remember back in strong heart days seunggi was just like other fanboy. I am happy for both of them. And regarding seunggi being smart, yoona is smart too and perseverance that leads her where she is today with her career. And you know maybe this smart guy can see through her true charm without her being too intellectual.

And thats what make him fall for her. Imagine their babies guys, their babies would be beauty omg.

Lee Seung Gi and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Confirmed to be Dating

Im not thinking too far but you know they both are so good looking! What a way to start New Year! Congrats to them for being a happy couple. The heart has reason that reason only knows. I think its being judgmental to base love on intelligence. We do lots of stupid things when we are in love. I think its great that those two people are dating and we should give them our support and understanding. Its a New Year after all.

[News] Lee Seung Gi & SNSD YoonA Dating Behind Stroy

Love, love, love, people!!!! Maybe they will give us triple news like happened in c-ent. Same goes to me, if the news broke about one year ago, I might be ranting. Now dear Yoona, make our smileboy happy!! I think GeumBum couple really open up the radar for other young couples in the K-entertainment industry to be more open and for agencies not to deny anything. Just be happy for both of them: Maybe they will have to wait for 8 yrs to get married?? And Seung Gi is such a sweetie too. What a cute, cute couple. Booksmart heodang Seunggi and streetsmart quick-witted Yoona.

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No wonder even hard-to-please k-netizens give this couple their blessing! He he, Seung Gi looks like Mickey Mouse in the last but one pic.

1. For 3 consecutive years, Seung Gi admitted on national television that his ideal type is Yoona

OMG, it really makes me shocked. But what can I say? That is like 4 years in a row and he finally got the girl. I mean that is persistent but also scary. Yoona and him too have been ideal for a lot of people. I never thought much of it because they are safe choices, but I guess he was honest in his answer. Congrats to yoona and lee seung gi. LOL she aint there yet. Hi, I am new here. Even, my crazy thought hope they can date for a real. However, LSG has just loved and dated Yoona…chukae.

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