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So get out there, and go find your new Tinder bae. When you first make a profile it will ask for your name, age, height, sexuality, gender, and email. Her kindly includes 12 sexuality choices, as well as TBD and questioning, along with 25 gender options. Once you start swiping, you can hit the heart button to like someone, and the person is notified that you liked them.

Once you match with someone you are able to chat. No one that I have matched with-and I have a copious amount of matches-has ever answered the questions. If you want to be cool, ignore them at all costs and just say hey how are you? You can also click on their profile to add friend. If the other person accepts your friendship then you can chat without being matched.

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This app is not my personal favorite, although I do actively use it. I am a broke college kid and often question whether or not I can even afford ramen, let alone a dating app. I have also found that I am often swiping left, and rarely come across profiles that I am interested in. It would be a three, but it gains two points for being inclusive. Tinder has quite the reputation as being the hookup app of our generation. In my experience that is somewhat true. I just swipe left and move on.

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Tinder does not list your sexuality or gender, although you can post it in your bio. In order to match on Tinder both people have to swipe right on each other without being notified that they were liked. You are notified when you receive a match. Similar to Her, you can chat if you match, however, unlike Her it does not offer conversation topics. Tinder is my favorite dating app.

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I typically find more interesting profiles, and tend to have better conversations then I do on Her. The final, and most interesting dating app is Bumble. Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder, left and sued the company due to sexual harassment and soon after created Bumble. Bumble is mostly marketed towards straight people as a feminist app. When a blind match occurs, the woman has to initiate the conversation within 24 hours of the match. If she chooses not to reach out, then the match goes away. This is supposed to eliminate dirty and inappropriate pick lines from men typically found on Tinder, and encourage respectful behavior.

However, all bets are off for the gays. In a same-sex match, either party can initiate the conversation.

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Bumble has good intentions, but needs to work on its gay-friendliness. Many dating sites and apps will have their own safety policies or tips outlined in small print. Some will even have advanced moderation. Other services like Guardian Soulmates, a global dating website which was in the news after a data breach in early , features tips onsite and link-outs to ODA - the Online Dating Association. The ODA is an online dating goldmine. Using apps like Tinder, Bumble and Chappy are a great start. These verify your identity with either a number or a Facebook profile, sifting through a layer of scam daters.

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Facebook is the easiest. Going a step beyond Facebook searching and dipping your toes into the murky world of cyberstalking could be a necessary step if Facebook fails you. If the information is publically available, then you can use it to swiftly verify that the person is real, using only details that they're already openly sharing. Just don't go digging for details that they're not making public — that's not cool. Bear in mind, teachers, spies and privacy savvy users will unlikely have an easy to trace online fingerprint.

In turn, the methods mentioned are just initial guidelines. Nothing saucy, just a quick identity check - though of course, flirting is definitely allowed. Most smartphones have GPS receivers, so can accurately pinpoint your location.

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Even smarter is the fact that apps like Glympse and even WhatsApp allow you to share your location with a contact for a set period of time. Fire one of these services up as soon as you meet your date, share your location with a trusted friend and they can keep tabs on your whereabouts with little more than a glance at their smartphone. This will give your phone the best chance of sending your accurate location - and if a problem does arise, your friend can locate you to within a few meters.

That said, there are still measures you can take to keep connected to a trusted friend in addition to those outlined above.