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Online dating gives you the opportunity to learn a great deal about a person before you ever meet in person, but it requires a lot of trust. How do you know if your online friends are who they say they are? How many people will actually confess to past crimes or indiscretions when trying to attract a new partner? Do not let yourself become a victim of a Catfish scheme. If you think you are finally ready to meet the online person of your dreams, call ICS first. Our investigators will do a background check for online dating to make sure that you are safe and that you can trust the person you are leaving your comfort zone to meet.

Choosing a partner usually has a profound effect on the rest of your life, and we can help make sure that you are choosing someone whose effect will be a positive one. If you are tired of trying to meet people in bars and clubs and have decided to go online to find the next special someone, then you might be at risk.

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There is no way to know who is actually on the other end of your emails, even if they seem perfectly genuine and sincere. The internet is a perfect place for identity thieves as well as violent and sexual criminals to find their next victim.

Call ICS for a background check before you venture out to meet your online partner, and let us protect you before it is too late. Background Checks for Online Dating: You can always do a Google search of your potential date, but that will not tell you who a person really is. ICS has access to far more important details that will paint the whole picture: Operating since Far greater operational reach than any other investigative service in the world Built through experience and expertise with a mix of law enforcement and military backgrounds All services are performed and billed on an hourly basis.

Online Dating Checks

Global resources network for domestic and international work Constantly evolving technical capabilities to adapt to advances in electronics and technology Use of cutting edge technology and equipment Implementation: Case Type Cost Factors. Please be prepared, a Free Consultation for this investigation type may request the following information: Will you need these services on a regular or recurring basis? By what date do the services need to be complete? What is the purpose of the investigation?

What is your relationship to the subject? Does the subject use IM, Chat or Email? Please list any dating services or websites the subject has used: No dating or social networking site is completely immune from fraud. Verify first, and then decide. Romance scams are now one of the fastest growing fraud types on the Internet.

This type of fraud has become increasingly complex and difficult to detect. Is your new partner who he or she claims to be?

Dating Background Checks

Our investigators can provide you with clear evidence to keep you safe. Wymoo investigators go much further than simply checking criminal and court records. Our dating background checks are comprehensive and complete, and we verify identity, address, ID or passport, education and employment, marriage records, and much more. We also offer surveillance services for infidelity cases.

International Background Checks & International Person Finder Service

With worldwide headquarters based in Florida, United States, plus agents and highly trained investigators around the globe, Wymoo provides clients with dating background check and romance scam screening with local expertise, worldwide. Don't be a victim of fraud or dating scam.

Get the facts with a real investigation. Get a free quote today.