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Where did all the mixed guys go? My boyfriend is white though. Original post by SaucissonSecCy You are mixed race guy right? Oh also, I should add, I'd be quite interested if you could add which of your parents is which ethnicity, so I can see if this affects it. Whether or not people would like to admit it, there is a objective hierachy of of attractiveness for races and basically the whiter you are the better. Most mixed race people end up with white people unless they're raised in a very cultural ethnic community and take on a more ethnic identity.

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I don't mean to sound racist and i'm actually ethnic myself but it's all backed up by statistics. Report Thread starter 3 years ago Original post by Most Competitive Dad - white Mum - south asian.

Original post by Anonymous Whether or not people would like to admit it, there is a objective hierachy of of attractiveness for races and basically the whiter you are the better. Of course it's rare for mixed race people to date each other, they're a minority in the UK Northern Ireland in particular. If I narrowed my dating pool to only mixed race gay guys in Northern Ireland the odds of me finding someone I connected to would be quite low indeed. Original post by SaucissonSecCy But you are a UKIP supporter, slightly biased sample, if you don't mind me saying, and slightly atypical for a mixed race person.

I think the opposite of what you say is true. I tend to want females my complexion or darker [Im mixed] - I have gone white but it not a preference. Mixed females as far as I know consider themselves black and only a few cases I know of would date white guy. White men seem to have strong preference for their own kind and see mixed race girls as black and 'out of the question' from my experience. Original post by Xsk Of course it's rare for mixed race people to date each other, they're a minority in the UK Northern Ireland in particular.

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Oops, nobody is replying to posts. Why not reply to an un-answered thread? Lil Pump Age 18 Wiki: As a child, she dreamt of becoming a stylist or a fashion designer someday and with entrepreneurial skills in her blood, she made her dream come true by opening a retail clothing boutique store, Pittstop Clothing. And in July she even went onto release her own album named Mulatto.

Way to go Mulatto for achieving tons of achievements at such a young age!

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When it comes to dating, she found love with someone she knew for a long time. Miss Mulatto started dating her boyfriend, an American rapper, Bandit Gang Marco in August when she was of age The couple knew each other since Mulatto was 12 years old and were very good friends before dating. But in , the pair broke up just 3 days before releasing her mixtape Time and Pressure in which they had collaborated on a song named Hurt together. The break up had Mulatto arise second thoughts on whether to release their song or not but she did at last and it was a hit.

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She also mentioned that they are and will remain good friends despite the breakup. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy who referred her to the A. Love was not enough to mitigate the racial fear and hatred that resisted their union. It was not enough to unravel the complicated narrative of white supremacy that led to segregation, to Jim Crow and anti-miscegenation laws. Virginia , the U. No matter what society asserts about race, no matter what religious institutions teach about race and no matter the ethnicity of the couple, marriage is a basic civil right.

The Supreme Court changed the narrative, changed the story. And it changed the culture. According to Pew Research study of married couples February , the share of interracial couples reached an all-time high of 8. In , that share was just 3. The narrative of homophobia in our nation is also complicated and tragic.

The culture has shaped it, religious institutions have often reinforced it, and fear feeds it. I believe that no matter what the culture asserts, adults have the civil right to marry, no matter their sexual orientation. And I believe this is also true: Wherever love is, God is. When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. They should have the civil right to marry and their love should be blessed in our churches. On Sunday, June 9 at 6 p.

We will celebrate in hope that the Supreme Court will once again change the story, that it will rule on Prop 8 and DOMA in such a way that all couples have the right to marry in every state in our union. During the commitment ceremony, all couples — no matter their ethnicity, or their gender or sexuality — can renew or make new vows to each other.

We will celebrate loving, because we know for sure that love heals.

Come and bring someone special with you! Commenting on the similarities between interracial and same-sex marriage in , Mildred Loving said,. I support the freedom to marry for all. That is what Loving and loving are all about. It happens to be Loving Day which is what prompted me to finally get around to posting about the Cheerios. Love people where they are, right?

June 12 is the 46th anniversary of Loving v. He is a speaker on multiracial identity, community organizing and social change through design. There is nothing out of the ordinary about the commercial, except that the parents happen to be an interracial couple. But the truth is, racially blended families are becoming more ordinary every day, due to the Supreme Court decision that declared all laws against interracial marriage unconstitutional.

Two different marriage bans, both wrong. Today is the 46th anniversary of that decision, and one in seven new marriages in the United States is interracial or interethnic. Number of interracial couples in U. While the negative comments about the Cheerios commercial made it newsworthy, there were also many others who showed their support for the Cheerios brand. Multiracial Americans of Southern California, a multiethnic community group, started a Facebook album for people to post photos of themselves holding a box of Cheerios.

The weddings of two multiracial couples from high-profile families also prompted racist comments online. And Jack McCain, son of Sen. John McCain, married Renee Swift, a woman of color. The reaction to these marriages is reminiscent of the response to the marriage of Peggy Rusk — the daughter of then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk — and Guy Smith, a black man.

But it makes me wonder: Apparently, many of them spend a lot of time leaving comments online. The election of Barack Obama inspired many of us to hope that widespread racism was a relic of the past. And while he was elected to a second term, we must not be complacent when it comes to racism in our daily lives. We must seek out opportunities to educate others about the history of our civil rights.

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Martin Luther King Jr. And while many participants are multiracial, anyone can host a Loving Day Celebration for friends and family, and make it a part of their annual traditions. We need to work collectively to fight prejudice through education and build a strong sense of multiethnic community. Comments so offensive that General Mills deleted and disabled them.

And I got a little choked up. Not about the comment fiasco. I stopped getting choked up about youtube comments years ago, thank God, and it comes as absolutely no surprise to me that hateful voices rose from the trollers. I am 36 years old. I was in commercials as a kid. I have never seen a commercial like this. That is what is shocking. That in , this near-revolutionary advertising. People took note, did double takes.

Fears and tempers were flared. Clearly this is long overdue. So, thank you Cheerios!! Thank you for looking at your community and your consumers and seeing what is actually in front of you. By endorsing reality, you make us face it and give us the opportunity to adjust to it. Maybe even to like it You reflect me and all the others like me who had never experienced the normalization of our lives in a television commercial. This makes for a healthier society. That makes for a healthier me.

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Last week, a new ad from Cheerios was deemed controversial when media outlets discovered that the racist contingent of the idiocracy known as the YouTube comment section trashed the ad for featuring a mixed-race couple and a biracial child. But according to data from Ace Metrix, Americans like the ad. The report, which surveyed over consumers, went on to note: While African Americans and Hispanics generally award advertising higher scores than their ethnic counterparts — the score is higher than average for African-Americans.

I forgive myself for this because without the black and white there is no mixed. Without the baggage of white vs.