Social anxiety dating impossible

So, before a date, I not only stress about the date itself, but I panic about the anxiety itself. With practice, dating has gotten a lot easier for me.

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Now, through opening up to people, I've learned that we're all going through experiences in life and we all have things we are ashamed of. I now understand that feeling anxious when it comes to dating is also a shared human experience and that I am not alone. Now my approach to dating includes telling the other person when I am nervous because acting on the nerves decreases the negative thoughts I experience.

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2. Practice!

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All I can really ask about now is his work… Me: Where do you work? At an engineering firm, what about you? I just got out of school. Oh nice, where did you go to school? When the time came for me to meet them on a first date, all the prep work I thought I had done for my anxiety was useless. I was a mess.

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I get nerve rashes on my neck and face when I am worried or anxious, so was sitting there knowing I looked like a beetroot because I could feel my face burning this is how I know the redness is there without me having to look in a mirror. I knew I had no chance of seeing these people again and this was confirmed when they both said to me afterwards, individually and this is verbatim: These experiences have put me off dating for life.

But for me, I think: I am single, happy and loving life. And who needs marriage and babies anyway when you can have a dog instead? We want to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor here.

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