Extrovert girl dating introvert guy

I tried another extrovert relationship about 2 years ago and it didn't work whatsoever. You'll find some people who are willing to work with you if they truly like you but by default I'd say it's not worth the effort until they prove otherwise. It's, after all, easier for introvert to understand another introvert. Some extroverts can do it as well, but it's not as natural for them.

12 Men Reveal Exactly Why They’d Rather Date An Introvert Or An Extrovert

Currently dating an extroverted girl. That being said, it can be a bit hard due to sheer misinterpretation of each other. For example my girlfriend will invite me to a large party of her coworkers. I've gone to some of these before, but mostly longer ago. It's really hard to want to go to a party with say 50 people and you know exactly 1 of them, and she will be busy chatting with everyone while you will be So I say I really don't enjoy that. But from her perspective it's kinda "showing me off" to people and getting lots of validation from other people to have me there, it's really a function of her respect for me.

Both of us probably. But I don't really understand how she actually finds that kind of thing fun, and she doesn't understand why I wouldn't want to take pride in our relationship and by inference, I must not find her that attractive or something, etc. Sometimes she really wants to go out to dinner and she'll bring up ideas of various places to go.

So I'll try to appease her and agree to go somewhere, but then I simply have nothing to say. This is especially true if she wants to meet somewhere after work. And I hate talking about work too.

12 Men Reveal Exactly Why They’d Rather Date An Introvert Or An Extrovert | Thought Catalog

So there is a lot of "are you ok? I'm sure we've all heard these questions before. I don't know how many times I've said "everything's fine". I feel that has gotten less over time, but it still happens. Although surely from her perspective she knows that if she were out at dinner and not talking, it would be because she had an awful day.

But like I said, there are a lot of other factors in people.

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Their background, their family, their hobbies all play a role in how this kind of stuff unfolds too. But that's my input fwiw. Our relationship has been great, but there are times where she gets reminded of my less social nature. She had to get used to the fact that I will be far from the life of the party when she has friends over, and that sometimes, I just want to sit and read on my phone or something.

Yeah Ive had a few extraverted girlfriends, I thibk of it more as ying and yang rather than chalk and cheese. Communication and understanding is key, if you bith 'get' eaxh other, then you'll know when the extravert needs to be around oeople, and wheb the introvert needs some soace, and you can work with each other to make that work.

I have definitely found the differences to be more complimentary than they are destructive, and I like the balance it brings. We have been together for a year and our connection was instant. He says he felt naturally comfortable with me from the very beginning which is a big deal for him. His past relationships had similar communication issues, with that being said, he has dated mostly introverts.

My own insecurities made me feel the worst. Our chemistry is mutually strong.

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So we kissed and I thought made up. But since he has limited energy to talk, we often parked our conversation, never resumed it and never resolved anything. I know we could make something extraordinary together, so long as we learn how to communicate with each other.


I think we balance each other. So much, the thought of dabbling in this dysfunction leaves me to withdrawal from the whole mess of relationships. He seems to come out his comfort zone to get my attention at times. Your email address will not be published. Other questions that often come up are: The Questions Introvert-Extrovert Relationships. Anonymous2 on August 2, at 1: Michaela on August 2, at Gustavo on December 29, at Thanks all of you! Andrew on December 1, at 4: So is the man supposed to be into the woman more so than the woman is into the man?

Pat on September 23, at 9: Steven Foose on January 14, at 1: We are responsible for our innards and cannot place that burden on someone else.

Ellebrite on May 1, at 4: Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Open Your Fortune Cookie. Sneaky Introvert Energy Leaks. The Ultimate Introvert Gift Guide. A weird introvert thing. I had an ex that got mad whenever I went out with my boys cuz she knew how my boys were. Yes, it's alright to lead an introverted lifestyle.

Some people enjoy one on one conversations and hang outs. I think this will work out, and if not with her then another women will suit him in his future. If he has a hard time meeting women, I suggest at least trying to start conversation with some at school or work just to get the ball rolling. Usually women assume the submissive position when meeting men, and wait for the guy to approach them and ask them out. So he should man up in that area, for sure. Introverts energy gets drained when they are in large crowds and are not in control. Extroverts feeds off of large crows of people.

As in even when im with my friends, i just dont feel like talking alot of times. When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time. Originally Posted by IamPower. Originally Posted by jacketfan. He sounds like a normal 19 yo - just learning about life and leaning about being social, good thing he has a outgoing girl now in his life, might snap him into being more social. Hopefully he finds a good medium balance and doesnt go full on introvert While theres nothing wrong with being introverted, seeing an extroverted woman is