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Step-by-step guide on how to setup new Chromecast Audio

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc. The Netflix logo is a trademark of Netflix, Inc. Netflix is available in certain countries. Unlimited streaming membership required. More information at www. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Main Page Chromecast Chromecast Audio. How to cast audio: A quick start guide Can't wait to get casting? Get started with these simple steps: Plug Chromecast Audio into your speaker using the audio cable.

Connect Double check that the Chromecast Audio and the mobile device, tablet, or laptop you are using to set up Chromecast Audio with are both on the same Wi-Fi network.

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Chromecast built-in is now a common inclusion in many smart TVs, soundbars, media players, and AV receivers. This begs the question, is there still a reason to buy a standalone Chromecast media bridge? Like its predecessors, the Ultra is not a media player in and of itself.

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It's a bridge, allowing you to stream content from phones, tablets, and computers to your display or AV processor. The Ultra is compatible with Android 4. The Ultra is a little black puck measuring 2.

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On the opposite end is a USB port to connect the supplied power adapter. Unlike previous models that could be powered off your TV's USB port, the Ultra's increased processing prowess demands the use of the power adapter. Another spec that's new for the Ultra is the inclusion of an Ethernet port, which is actually located on the power adapter--so I didn't even see it at first.

How to Set Up Whole-House Audio on the Cheap with Google Chromecast

I powered up the Ultra and used the Google Home app on my iPhone 6 to walk through the setup process. You can also set up the Chromecast using a computer by going to chromecast. When I launched the Google Home app, a pop-up window immediately notified me that a new device was found and asked me if I wanted to set it up. I hit Setup and followed the app instructions, which really just involved naming the device and adding it to my Wi-Fi network if you go the wired route, you don't even have to do this. During the course of my evaluation, I actually moved the Chromecast Ultra three times, to multiple Wi-Fi networks, and had no trouble getting connected each time.

That's it for setup.

How To Connect Chromecast & Chromecast Audio To Your AV Receiver

Next it's all about casting content from compatible services on your mobile devices. You can cast directly from any compatible app on your mobile device, or you can stay in Google Home and use it as a central interface. I remember that my main gripe and it was a minor one with the original Chromecast was that it lacked the cohesion of a dedicated media streamer because there wasn't a unified interface. You had to jump from app to app to launch content. The Google Home app now provides that cohesion.

The home page has three options along the top: Watch, Listen, and Discover. Within each sub-menu, Google Home shows you exactly which apps on your device are cast-compatible.

Chromecast Audio Unboxing and Setup!

It also gave me a list of other compatible apps. If you launch an app from within Google Home, there's a little icon at the top left at least that's where it is in iOS to return to Google Home at any time.

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It's a seamless experience. Now let's talk performance.