Pixel gun 3d not a dating app

Pixel Gun 3D Game review I think this game is a cool and amazing game. I like that Sandbox is a mini-game without fighting but a lot of people write crazy things in the Chat box. I personally don't like this mini-game because of the pesky Chatting. In Pixel Gun 3D battles against strangers you rarely see something posted in the chat box, that's because players can be killed while they are typing their Message. In Sandbox more messages get sent because there is no fighting to deal with. If you give likes to other players in Sandbox, the people mostly leave you alone or possibly even send nice you comments.

Mostly it's because of the notifications they send you. It's hard to earn currency and the weapon prices on strong weapons are very pricey. You have 2 Possibilities, first you open the shop and buy Pixel Gun currency in exchange for regular currency or, second, you reach the next 3 to 8 levels until you can afford it.

This game takes advantage of your patience, and of course, the impatient kids end up paying LOTS of Money.

Parents say

It should be clear NOT to use your real name as a username. Kid, 9 years old November 9, Really Good Game This game is good it may look a lot like minecraft but the objectives are different for example: At times people may swear and do all sorts of bad things but without that its good. It is fairly easy to play and it might seem a violent but in reality its just that when characters get shot their body becomes red. One last thing is that it may be scary to younger children and even i get a bit freaked out on campaign over its a very good game.

Kid, 11 years old November 7, Kid, 10 years old September 30, Very, very bad for kids Though i play it. Which i no longer do. Kid, 6 years old September 10, This game is very good.

Pixel Gun 3D is NOT a dating app

The only problem with this is that the game is pay to win. For example, you have to buy guns with coins and gems, which are in game currencies. But it can be very hard to get coins and gems. And you have to spend a lot of money to get guns. And a lot of people kill me with very overpowered guns. This is a big problem.

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When you leave the game your currently in, You lose 30 trophies. Which really annoys me. Other than that, this game is pretty good. Kid, 10 years old May 27, Yes, there is violence and some blood, and there is a custom skin creator and chat, but other than that, the game is a pretty good FPS For you older, non-gamer types, that stands for First Person Shooter.

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  6. Kid, 9 years old May 20, So many in my opinion TOO many parents say this game is scary, sexual, and graphic and violent. I strongly disagree with these parents. It barely has any blood. Yes, there are little red pixels that drop out when you kill a player, but they can barely be seen. Most people concern about the chat. Also you can turn the chat off. And for the people that don't like online games to give to kids, there is an offline campaign.

    For very young people, some of these monsters are scary, but if that's the case, just watch over them and they can give you a big hug if they are scared. Who doesn't love hugs? Did I mention it's like Minecraft, just with guns? Kid, 12 years old May 11, Dont listen to the other guys!

    Pixel gun 3d dating

    Any game could be "evil" depending on the people playing it. The violence is like minecwaft with guns, and there isn't any sex unless two people decide to make inappropriate skins and glitch the together to make it look like they're kissing. You also get bored after a while, and now everything is overpriced due to the fact he stupid updates. My gun used to cost 10 gems to upgrade, but now the stupid update made it thats more than it costs to buy half da guns. Teen, 16 years old Written by Rapadeaxa May 8, Do not date or play with players older then you and know how to text if someone cyber bullys you just leave the server no problem.

    Kid, 10 years old July 18, I'm a professional in knowing about this game. Teen, 13 years old Written by Leo Pard April 14, I think there is a lot of violence, but overall this game should not be rated 18 and up. Kid, 12 years old April 10, Good Game be cautious I downloaded this game a while ago and found it quite fun. Trolling is not as easy as it seems welcome back to a brand new video today i try to get a hot, sexy girlfriend in the game pixel gun 3d i hope to get s. Generally, 8bit games are confined to puzzles and endless runners while first- person shooters boast stunning and realistic graphics pixelated fps games are a rare breed, limited to a few popular titles like doom ii or wolfenstein pixel gun 3d is the new sibling which has been clinging to the top paid.

    Hahahahahahaha like and comment hope you enjoy: Welcome to a brand new video: Sandbox was a mode in pixel gun 3d added in update it turned into a minigame in the this minigame was intentionally programmed to be a minigame for socialising but despite it being peaceful and kill-free, many players take this minigame as a dating service some of the weapons in the armory can be. For parents that who let their kids play pixel gun 3d, they should turn off the chat option because the most of the sexual stuff happens in chat and it can expose kids to inappropriate words for their age or they it is a game made up of trolls, 5 year olds, and people that want to date through the in-game chat.

    Read pixel gun 3d reviews from parents on common sense media become a a lot of people try to date and have sex a lot of players what this game is meh because its just minecraft but with guns and the chat there's sex,swearing and harassment we have emailed them to turn off the chat feat or put a swear censor.

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    No descript i gtg home bye. Please note that the miscellaneous topic is not for anything outside anything related to pixel gun -do not spam mmm spam -do not advertise scams or clickbait you are permitted to advertising anything from your own youtube channel or -please, do not try to use the community as a dating website for pg3d or to try to. Dating some love it most hate it all shouldn't participate in it in this video, i talk about why we shouldn't date in pixel gun 3d watch the whole video.