Global offensive matchmaking cooldown

Kind of like having our cake and eating it. Astrom View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Stepa:. Originally posted by propain Midas View Profile View Posts. I got ban because of vac error failed to reconnect to game and i have 7 days ban now. Darkcuse View Profile View Posts. The competitive cool-down system is horrible, even though an AFKer and leavers should get penalized for leaving it does not make sense that if your internet decides to stop working or your computer shuts down on you, you should not be blocked from playing so easily.

I mean 1 week in order for the bans to drop a level is first of all too long as it makes the individual reluctant of playing the game which I am sorry but should not be a thing, I should want to join competitive to have fun and process not in the fear of getting a temporary ban I myself have a unstable internet connection I have been dced from 2 games within 24 hours due to the service provider.


Also not joining a warm up should not result in a ban, I mean it does not make sense as the game has not actually started so finding a new player should not be hard and if it does not happen the game could just be cancelled after the 5 minute mark. I am just annoyed at the fact that I am now not willing to play competitive due to the fear of getting ban and having to either wait or re-purchase the copy of the game Start a New Discussion.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Que pasa cuando te expulsan de una partida competitiva? Blue Screen un Csgo. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. I guess it would be the same, hard to go back to Source after GO. And I am too old now for those games. I was good back in but not so much these days. I know that, I have about hours in dota so I'm aware of the penalties but I feel like maybe locking someone out of the game for 24 hours or something would really discourage just being a huge asshole.

When you hit competitive you go through matchmaking, you don't pick who you play with or against and you don't pick a server either.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Bans & Cooldowns - The In-Depth Guide

Temporary bans are issued automatically for leaving a game, team killing, being vote kicked by other players etc. Each time increasing the duration. In my experience, automatic bans like this without an appeal process are always more punishing to normal players.

Emergency do happens forcing you to leave, a team full of jackasses happens, a server lagging like shit happens. All those things happen all the fucking time. And with no way to block specific players from being matched with you this can be a real problem. Play enough matches and it's not that rare from playing with the same players more than once since you are still matched with players of similar skills. Oh your comment in this context sounded like outside looking in. Or at least I read it that way. I'm not so sure about blocking matchmaking completely. I ended up in low prio for 24h once because my internet went out 3 games in a row, so if that had been a complete block I'd be pissed.

And most people who never get the hint just remain in low priority in perpetuity so we don't have to deal with them anyways.

Might as well have been a ban at that point. It's honestly a pretty good system. I've played CS 1.

So lets just say I've invested way too much time into the franchise, so when i finally stopped playing it was a big change. It would more accurately be described as a PUG match, which stands for Pick up game. PUGS are mainly for fun, not that there is anything wrong with that, and are usually played with players who dont regularly play with eachother. In my eyes true competitive play is when at least when you have two teams of players matching off who all play regularly together.

You had to record your games, run clients, and takes screen shots of smoke at mid SS mid , all as cheat counter measures. I have about hours, most in competitive. I have been kicked from a game maybe twice and that's just due to me being matched with a 4 stack and them kicking me because they think its funny. You don't just get a 7 day ban your first time. Please Log In to post. Conker Follow Forum Posts: Just need to vent you guys, So earlier tonight I had been playing a competitive match.

I'm too old for this shit.

I retire. I throw in the towel. I am done.

TruthTellah Follow Forum Posts: See you in a week, duder. Is there a way to block players so that I wont be matched with them in the future? Then, eventually, you start playing again. Usernameandemail Follow Forum Posts: Come play Dota instead. Keirgo Follow Forum Posts: Branthog Follow Forum Posts: At least I can point them to the sticky ; I linked it from there. Last edited by KillahInstinct ; 24 Nov, 2: Killor View Profile View Posts. It is soo lame that i gotta play 5 days with 2 matches each to get my mates skill group.. I just don't get it Whats the explanation for that?

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For one, it can better determine what skill level you belong in. It counters you playing as the worst player in the game supposedly , and being 'carried' by your friends.

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Secondly, it would act against smurfing and other abuse of people buying a second or many more account and 'avoid' the rules. Not to mention the game consists of a lot more than just matchmaking ;. Last edited by KillahInstinct ; 24 Nov, 6: I get it but it is really making me sad as 5 days is a long time if u have a run ATM: You've too much free time ; I mean, it's after 2 wins right - so you could have normally speaking played 4 games.