Are dating sites a waste of time and money

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The hifi that will change the way you listen to music. Naim Mu-so Qb review. Online dating sites may be great for people like me who are socially awkward to be able to meet someone but people who respond to my ad may not expect to meet someone who is socially awkward. For a lot of women, they are not comfortable with a person who has a foot fetish or other fetish and avoid such people.

Finally, online dating sites allow people to pick and choose that can be both good and bad. As I mentioned, someone could easily look at the height of all the people and choose only people of a certain height or someone could just look at photos and pick someone based on a physical attribute or looks alone. Members can further restrict their search to only members of a specific religion and other characteristics such as political affiliation.

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A person may not share the same religious or political beliefs as you do and they may not even share any hobbies that you enjoy but still be a great match for you. If someone lacks the physical characteristics such as height, religious beliefs, and hobbies of the majority of the members they could easily be eliminated as a choice and not receive a single reply to their profile and never have someone respond when they contact them.

Why online dating is waste of time: Websites can predict friends but not who you will fancy

There are also sites that specifically limit to a specific group such as people with mental or physical disabilities. Even though the intentions are to find people more accepting of their conditions, the potential pool of people to meet is much smaller and when you add the other factors such as physical attributes and shared beliefs or hobbies it further limits who you can meet on such a sight.

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You can even find dating sites catering to a certain fetish but again this further limits the potential choices of people to meet. It would be nice to meet women who are not uncomfortable with someone having a foot fetish but then again, this would further limit the potential women available for me to meet. Perhaps there is a woman who feels uncomfortable with the thought of someone finding her feet sexy but after meeting me they feel comfortable with me and may be willing to accept this even though they initially felt repulsed by the thought of someone finding their feet sexy.

Why limit the possible people you could meet. It would be much better meeting people in person than an online profile. If I seriously wanted to meet women who are open to a foot fetish, it would be easier to just go to a foot party. There are a lot of people who when they first met their spouse or significant other were repulsed by the thought of going to bed with them when they first met but later learned more about them and fell in love with them.

I understand how you feel with online dating but i think online dating is not as bad as you think. I apologize for these offensive comments. People with Aspergers or mental disabilities are more likely to be the victim of violence than they are to commit violence. Some have even committed suicide because of the harsh treatment they have received from people like you.

You may want to check yourself into an psych hospital yourself! Thanks for your comments supporting people with Aspergers and for notifying me that some bigoted comments have appeared on my blog. Of course you dealt with the same thing shortly after Sandy Hook and I apologize on behalf of the many bigots out there. Unfortunately this bigotry from religious groups is quite common. Sometimes hate groups justify mistreating others claiming that some obscure biblical passage condones such treatment. On your foot fetish blog you mention how you like feet but only when it is womens feet!

You cannot delete my comments. Do you plant to create a blog about being a homophobe? On your other blog you mention you have a foot fetish but should mention that your only interested in women feet even though there is no difference between a men and womens feet. Having an interest in women is considered a form of bigotry? Is a women who prefers that a man rub her feet also a bigot? What is the difference between the hands of a guy or gal right? Women who prefer a massage from a guy are bigots right? What the hell is wrong with being straight and only interested in female feet.

Does Online Dating Work OR Is It a Waste of Time?

Would someone also be a bigot if they refused to go to bed with you because they are straight? This would be just as wrong as someone trying to force you to be straight. We at bonafidesoteric accept you for who you are! Regardless if you are interested in obtaining items or simply want to visit, please come see us at: I did read a ebook off amazon site called Online Dating Sucks. It is a tell all abook of the ugly truth on online dating. I have to agree with you about online dating being both a ripoff and a waste of time. In todays online dating world I doubt me and my wife would ever meet!

She is overweight and much taller than me. What actually interested me in my wife is how she acted and in todays world where all meetings are from online dating sites looking at photos and stats we may never have met. Unfortunately even in the offline dating world things are probably worse than when I was dating. Also having aspergers, I feel hopeless about meeting a girl. I sometimes wish I had a girlfriend, but it may not happen to me. The sex dating sites. Any man that writes to a lady and gets a reply with links in it, she is a timewaster trying to scam men into paying money.

Nobody is going to get laid if they are going to wink at each other all the time. Last week I went to Craiglist and I wrote to a lady and she replied. She sent me a link to her profile. I needed to join first. I went there thinking nothing of it assuming I could register for free and then the site kept asking me to make a payment. I told the lady this and she kept telling me to try again. I kept getting the same credit card form. I told her it kept asking me to make a payment.

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I told her again and she sent me another link and it sent me to the same web page with her photo, if that was her and the same credit card form came-up. I told her again it still kept asking me for money. She kept going on about Personals Book. Then I quit on her because she wasted enough of my time. Interesting she hid her advert from me at Craiglist. Also at Craiglist, I got a reply from another lady.

Why online dating sites are a waste of time and money.

She replied with an e-mail with links in it with the username EvaHazard and she wanted me to verify myself at another dating site. I kept drawing a blank where EvaHazard is not on the system. I told that lady and she kept sending me more erotic talk and telling me to try again. Then she started accusing me of being fake. I also told her I was doing the best I can.

Why online dating sites are a waste of time and money. | Living with the aspergers curse.

She kept telling me to go on the site and search for EvaHazard. I also made a quick video to prove to her what was going on. Then she kept accusing me of being a fake again. I got so sick and tired of her, I quit on her. Then later she sent me another e-mail with more erotic talk. At Craiglist, I got a reply from another lady. She sent me exactly the same e-mail that other lady sent me with EvaHazard in it as the username for the same web site. I told her straight away I had that reply from another lady. That lady acted side-tracked and kept going on about erotic stuff and telling me to verify myself.

Why online dating is waste of time

I told her I quit on her. At Personals Book, the times I was having a live chat with some ladies where they wanted to get to know me first and I was chatting to them and doing as they wanted and they always aborted the chats after about ten minutes. I never said anything to put them off. One of them changed the subject and posted a web cam link. If any of you get any e-mails or messages with links in. They are fakes, timewasters, scammers and a waste of space.

This is why so many men get nowhere with the sex dating sites.