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TheScavenger Member Epic Posts: It was a game where only females were playable to cut down cost of making males of course. It was an adult rated game, because of nudity. However the main part of the game was dating other characters, getting social status and going to a harry potter-like wizard school. But there were also many sports you could take part in, like silver ball in hoop game totally not like the harry potter one which was gold not silver. Or you could duel other players.

But the biggest thing was competition of girls you could date. If two or more players wanted to date the same girl, they'd have to do competitions and do their best to impress. The more reputation you have, the more money and the more you win at sports or get good wizardry grades, the more likely you'll get the girl. Scorchien Member Legendary Posts: Its like a kid hiding behind a blanket who thinks nobody sees them but we can see right thru them. Please do not respond to me, even if I ask you a question, its rhetorical.

Please do not respond to me. This is where I must inform the OP that he is living in a simulation and after the body hosting his AI dies it will be put into a dating SIM MMO as a "best girl" character for the slightly kinky people. Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent.

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Aeander Member Epic Posts: Shamelessly admitting that I play Huniepop on the rare occassion. When you're single and want to totally shut your brain off for a few hours, Huniepop is much better than alcohol.

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Saneless Member Uncommon Posts: Maybe you should try this rpg called outside. Asheram Member Rare Posts: Tiller Member Epic Posts: November edited November As a manner of apology, the man offers to cover her medical bills and gives his business card, revealing himself as Yuta Sakurai. The next day, Hayashi tells his fellow guild-mates about the incident while switching the genders of those involved , and Kanbe suggests he start off with an email to thank this person. Moriko send Yuta a message and gets a quick reply offering to meet for dinner.

While feeling anxious about meeting Yuta in public, Moriko gains confidence after talking to Lily as Hayashi again in the game world. Yuta has an informal dinner out with his co-worker Homare Koiwai, who talks about working with Moriko in the past despite never seeing her in person. Meanwhile, Yuta responds to Moriko's message, wanting to remain friends after being respectfully turned down for a future meeting.

In the game, Hayashi receives an expensive coat from Lily, but is afraid of putting it on as Lily might have ulterior motives. After meeting with Lily to discuss the gift, Lily tells of her history in the game, of being both a girl and a support class that everyone wanted to partner with.

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When she joined a guild, another female character accused Lily of playing off the guildmaster's feelings. Lily then puts on her own expensive coat and asks Hayashi to be her partner. Moriko is flustered at the thought of accepting a girl's feelings online, but accepts, not knowing who Lily's player really is.

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Kazuomi briefly chats with Moriko at the convenience store when she buys a game card for a new event in Fruits de Mer. Meanwhile, Homare teases Yuta about his new obsession with the woman he ran into the other day. In-game, the members of the Home clan try to find the rarest items in loot boxes, after Hayashi tempts fate with an unofficial "Greed Curse.

He spots her as he is leaving, but goes back in and convinces her to meet for drinks and to trade contact information. He then teases Yuta about it at work the next day.

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In-game, Hayashi talks to Lily about preparing for a night out with a girl outside the game, but his story sounds very familiar to Lily's player, who is shown to be Yuta. Moriko gets incredibly nervous about her appearance for her date with Koiwai. As she buys herself extra pairs of leggings, the clerk Kazuomi talks to her about their shared interest in Fruits de Mer. Hayashi is incredibly nervous after hearing from Lilac about a female friend who used a male avatar, and even more so after discovering that Kanbe is actually Kazuomi in real life.

Hayashi tries to get advice about what to wear to his date offline, and gets conflicting opinions from Kanbe and Lily. Later, Moriko decides to fix her hair at a salon and try applying makeup despite being out of practice.

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Meanwhile, Yuta was told that Homare's date is in two days, but Hayashi's responses hinted that it was tomorrow. After finding that Hayashi is offline the next day before a raid, Yuta logs off and races to the public square to confirm his suspicions, when he spots a beautified Moriko in the crowd. Moriko waits for Koiwai, but he doesn't show up. While waiting, she meets up with Sakurai.

Moriko finds out that she got the day of the week wrong, then Koiwai suggests that she and Sakurai both go for a drink together. Sakurai gets worried, logs off suddenly from the game and goes to Koiwai's house to check with him to see how the date went.

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Moriko reflects on how she feels that her home is the MMOs. Sakurai now is sure that Hayashi is Moriko. However he struggles to keep playing on pretending that he doesn't know who Hayashi is. Moriko decides to try to keep her online friends separated from Koiwai and creates a new character with the looks based on her character from the last game she played before Fruits de Mer.

Koiwai creates Harumi, a muscular female warrior. Sakurai then receives a screenshot from Moriko's new character and it reminds him from a character from a previous game. Sakurai then decides to create another new character to play together with Koiwai. Sakurai remembers from when he played the previous game. Being an adopted foreigner by an elderly japanese couple, he started playing a game called Nanter SG after their death.

In this game, he met a player whom unknown to him was Moriko and bonded with her. Then, Sakurai names his character with the same name, Harth, from the previous game to see if Moriko is the same player from the other game. They both realize that they knew each other from the previous game and agree to meet each other. Sakurai then reveals that he is also Lily. Sakurai mistakenly believes he was rejected by Moriko and does not login to Fruits De Mer for a week, upsetting both of them.