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If you want to create a matchmaking server i. You would be best looking at some tutorials on having php interact with a remote database to get a general idea of what to do. So the basic premise would be have a server script that sends the gameserver details such as the name and a unique id when the server is started and then have it update every X seconds with the player count etc using that unique id and then removes itself when the server stops.

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The client then retrieves this and puts it into a list. That would give you a basic server list. There are more things like removing servers that crashed and what not.


Bear in mind, you will need a vps or dedicated server to host this which may be more expensive than unity matchmaking. If you have more than that, you are likely making enough to afford to pay for more. Yeah, it may seem expensive when looking at it without funds but if you can generate some income, the price is more than reasonable. Up to 2 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of Log in Create a Unity ID.

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We've updated our Terms of Service. Want to provide direct feedback to the Unity team? Join the Unity Advisory Panel. Improve your Unity skills with a certified instructor in a private, interactive classroom. Watch the overview now. Unity Multiplayer Dedicated Server and Matchmaking, questions? Mar 22, Posts: Hello, I am very new to Unity but I managed to build a game with two players who can move and shoot over the network.

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But I am not sure how to setup matchmaking and dedicated servers. Ok, so, to begin, we plan exactly what the matchmaking needs. I figured mine needed the following, but your specifications may differ:.

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ServerScene a simple scene with GUI counters and debug stats. It contains the logic for both the client and server. The client needs only one var:.

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The player is added to the end of the list, then using the following snippit in the update function, we get the number of IDs in the queue:. When the button is pressed again, it does the opposite, removing the ID from the queue, reducing it by one. You would just need to set it so that when the user disconnects the server checks for the ID and removes it from the main queue, possibly by running leaveServerQueueList.

Thats pretty much it. Obviously you would have to add the logic to connect when you the game room on where to find the port, but if you only need a barebones matchmaking system, there you have it. I just need to figure out the best way to allow the user to create accounts, if anybody could give suggestions, that'd be swell.

I don't use unity, but just a couple of minor issues I noticed.

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Forgive me if I'm wrong due to my lack of Unity knowledge. In your update function to display the number of people in the queue, you can just use peopleInQueue. Length instead of a loop.

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When you're checking if there are enough people in the queue, it's probably a good idea to check for at least 6 people instead of 6 exactly. That way in case there is a race condition you don't run into issues.

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I though i edited the queue check earlier, apparently not. As to the peopleInQueue , it turns out you can use peopleInQueue. Count instead of an unnecessary loop. Nice I've just started working on learning how to do multiplayer for my Unity game so this is helpful.. If i get some free time, i may see about posting some more simple tuts.

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