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Yet for all its simple clarity, their teaching carries with it a profound appreciation for the subtle beauty of Creation. Come with me on a journey of discovery. Let's look together at the awsome profundity of Nature and Consciousness. The compulsive analysis of five can lead to elaborate pseudo-logical constructions designed to explain everything. The four-wing's emotionality adds a flavor of dramatic hopelessness. Others Simply Do Not Understand.

Overview of the Enneagram Type 5

No one could understand. There is little to no social involvement. In the extreme, the panic and scattered mania of seven combine with twoish self-congratulatory hysteria. As inner tension builds, schizoid withdrawal from reality becomes more and more likely. The end result is a kind of terrified fugue, completely cut off from reality. The only escape from the constant overwhelming chaos is inward. Reasonable, ordinary clothing, not too bold. Comfort is quite important.

Enneagram Type 5 (5w4 & 5w6): Insights for INTP, INTJ, INFJ & INFP Types

There is often a rumpled, dissheveled quality. Cosmologists, futurists, science fiction authors. Others dive deeply into some highly specialized discipline, becoming computer programmers, nuclear physicists, theoretical scientists, molecular biologists, surface scientists, or any of a thousand other highly technical jobs. My personal interpretation is that 5s don't really "exist" as an unified type -- Enneagram 5 is a direct descendant of Jung's Introverted Thinking type description, which imo was based on his observations of introverts who were thinkers , so both INTps and INTjs, probably a few others in the mix.

The descriptions are very different Te is business logic. Ni is predicative intuition. INTps aren't the theoretical scientists of the world. I'm not saying that they aren't good at theory, but INTjs are more theoretical when it comes to new concepts and ideas. Originally Posted by Thunder. It's not like there's a better place to put them anyway. I think he meant 5w6 would be fore INTps. > Compatibility by Enneagram Types

I consider myself to be a Socionics INTp and an Enneagramme 5w4, based on more things than I can be bothered to count. Now, the question is, do I trust my own observations with lots of pieces that fit together, or do I believe this random statement with very little reasoning behind it?

Because today's concerns are tomorrow's indifferences! The limbo between Enneagram types 4w5 and 5w4. The limbo between Enneagram types 4w5 and 5w4 I've read so many different perspectives on this particular typing conundrum that my head is spinning and the answer does not appear to be found within it.

As an ISTp I can only guess that all this talk about "emotion" and "feeling" in enneatype 4 would point to my being a definite 5 with a little subwing of 4 being as how I have Fe as my PoLR. Is this at all correct or does it point to the whole Fe is not just emotion and feeling thing that I probably gloss over due to it being my PoLR lol.

I'm resigned to getting nowhere with this. All Elvis did was stand on a stage and play a guitar. He never fell off on that pavement at no 80 mph. I'm likely also a Fe-PoLR and somehow in this limbo.

INTP & INTJ Fives (5w4 & 5w6)

Though in my case I used to be about certain of 5w4 and now I'm fairly convinced of being a 4w5. For me, the deal-breaker is whether you look at behavioural traits alone - which are, after all, supposed to be the reliable indicator of type - or also deeper, into mindset, ways of paying attention, internal focus. In the first case, shy, intellectual not necessarily the same as intelligent, disclaimer for those of you who love any excuse to bitch , introverted people are 5s, while 4s are drama queens and artists.

If you will consider the second, 5s are characterized by detachment from their own emotions, being threatened by intrusion and especially imposition on their will. As long as I thought of Enneagram as shallow and failing to grasp personality, I could self-type as 5 and discard most descriptions that went deeper and didn't work at all as taking the theory too far, where it no longer applied and became nothing but a baseless extrapolations of behaviour on the state of mind. Realizing I was likely a 4 made me see Enneagram as deeper than that; the biggest milestone was actually considering it, since when I did, I actually bothered to ask others about their impressions.

Especially finding other 5s had never had issues like I did made it clear I was not one. So I say, if you don't relate to descriptions of your type despite superficial similarities, it's a hint you might need to reconsider. How does it work with Fe-PoLR I wouldn't consider it impossible in either case, I suppose. I don't think 4s focus on emotion and feeling can be undervalued, as it seems an inherent part of this enneatype to feel strongly and even more so, intensify their feelings through imagination as opposed to 5s less emotionally intense spaced-outedness, which is the impression I gained discussing this with actual 5s, again.

I don't believe it's inconsistent with Fe-PoLR. Open emotional expression is less obvious I believe it's linked to the type, but not necessarily in a way that is always obvious. I engaged a lot with people as a counselor for ten years then stopped to pursue more creative endeavours and to acquire this knowledge about society.

4W5/5W4 relations

I like it but hate worrying over money. I have a lot of insights to share but have had too many combative run ins with society that I am now content to sit back and watch it go down the toilet. I care but not at the expense of ruining my own inner peace unless a true human I find.

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Ah, I just love this! You always have a way of writing exactly how our mind frame works in both how it manifests in real life situations and the mind and emotions that drive us to be that way in a way that is clearly defined and enlightening. I feel so refreshed…. A good personal example is art related.

I retired early and decided to take up art. Having never before made art, I performed significant research for over 6 months before ever attempting any art whatsoever.

My friends teased me about doing research instead of practicing art. However, 6 months afterwards I was selling art in galleries. Your example of a business plan taking one year to perfect sounds fiscally responsible to me. As in my art example, we may use a larger percentage of time in the planning phase but we save a lot of time by being better informed or prepared for the implementation phase.

I always gain a new bit of perspective when I read your articles and books. I wonder if the subtype Sx is what dictates the wing. However, this may be a selection bias. With a heavier lean in UR, my gaze dives deep into the UL. It would be difficult not to see the overlap of Jungian Theory, Enneagram, and John Holland codes among other works. Does anyone know if someone has attempted to combine them into one model?

As always, great article AJ. I much prefer a clean, clinical environment; I find that cluttered areas detract quite heavily from my mental energy — energy invariably reserved for my job which requires a fair amount of focused attention. I therefore try to ensure that my environment is configured in a way which requires absolute minimum interaction and if feasible is navigable with as little conscious effort as possible.

Your type analyses tend to be very INxx focused. I think you forget than ENTPs and INTPs are very very similar and thus as someone who used to type as both much of what is presented on the latter is useful for the former too. ENTPs are often introverts in real life even if their intuition is externally oriented. Their commonly dismissed as jocular and superficial compared to their philosophical analytical NT counterparts. That is a real shame.

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Their Se, in my opinion deals more with physical sensations than a thirst for a luxurious life, and their Ni also makes them procrascinate and see the big picture a lot. I just find it unfair to see ISTPs stereotyped as unintellectual thrill seekers. Posts for N Types. Drenth According to the organization, Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, 1 the Enneagram type 5, also known as the Observer or Investigator , tends to self-describe as follows: I detach from my feelings and observe rather than participate.

I hoard time, space, energy, and knowledge to myself.