Verizon fios phone hookup

I also mounted a UPS battery on the wall below the closet to make sure we keep connectivity if the power goes out. The wiring guys did a great job and labeled everything just like I like it. That's the 1 tip in all of this - stay organized.

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We've got labels at the end of each cable marking what it's for as well as permanent ink written on the cables themselves. The next step will be hooking up all the computers and running a traffic generating program to flood the network and see if the Netgear switch the one folks in the comments were concerned was suboptimal holds up.

How to log into a Verizon FiOS router

This is going to be fun. It's odd how hooking up water and power and sewer are trivial and boring but when Internet gets hooked up, suddenly this empty house has potential. We'll move in completely in 10 days. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. Blog Home How To: About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

Wiring the new house for a Home Network - Part 3 - ISP Hookup - Scott Hanselman

Comments [31] Share on: Wednesday, October 31, Did they charge you extra for the upgrade to 15 MB? I need to do something better at my house since I have cables going everywhere. It's a really cheap solution but it works. Thursday, November 01, The router you have been given will die in a year. Happened to me and others Consider swapping out with something more robust ala Netgear Otherwise solid as a rock Looks like a very nice setup, Scott.

Since I live in an apartment, I've got to make do with Cat 5 snaking along the baseboards. But I can read about setups like yours and dream.

To Bridge or Not to MoCa Bridge your Verizon FIOS Router

Thursday, November 01, 1: I've had to snake Cat5 through out the entire house to get connections to a few rooms, and a wireless router to pick up whats left. But hey, us common folk can dream. Also wondering where you got the door for your wiring closet. I've already run several hundred feet of new cabling for my home network , and am still running it as we continue to renovate the house a room at a time. In the end I plan to put all of the equipment router, switch, UPS, etc I'll likely end up building something myself, which I'm cool with, I just don't know were to look for the parts.

Thursday, November 01, 2: I love your wiring cabinet and door. Please post a link to where you got it. Thursday, November 01, 3: Did they terminate your cable runs into a patch panel or just put RJ45 connectors on the end? It has all the features I need and actually got me off of the LinkSys firmware hacking scene. It's just a FEW inches too narrow though.

I think in retrospect I'll have to drill some ventilation holes and make a vent out the side of the whole closet as well. I had a punch-down block in my last house and it was more trouble than it was worth, IMHO, so here I just have RJ45 connectors at the ends. There is a small distribution hub or module that acts as a block but I'm only using it for the telephone. Thursday, November 01, 5: Scott, Just to preface. I am watching COX start to do back flips getting concerned. After FIOS, not an issue, non what so ever! You are going to be living large!!!

Thursday, November 01, 6: Scott, I've heard that FIOS service blocks all the incoming ports, making it impossible to host a website, ftp or even terminal in. If so, what ports are not blocked? I'm sure this place was built in the 20's and still has the same wiring. Same for FIOS or are you locked in with your phone company? Thursday, November 01, 8: Robert - Yes, it blocks most ports. The Port 80 block is my only real beef and I'm sure they'll work something out now that Home Server is out.

Not being able to Terminal into my home server is a bummer. They also have Phone and TV. It's being turned on in Portland on December 26th, so we'll be without TV from the time we move in until then, but it'll be worth it to be rid of Comcast. Scott, you should be careful with wifi camera in the baby room.

Some are saying that those kinds of waves are quite dangerous for the brain, especially for small kids. We do turn off wifi in the house during the night.

How do I connect a new phone jack to the FIOS ONT?

Installation for Verizon can be pricey for the telecom giant as contractors have to lay a fiber optic conduit directly to the home. First step beyond the initial phone call of course was to install a conduit for the fiber optic line to the home.

Using Your Router with Fios

In my neighborhood, all power and phone lines are buried so laying the line required some digging. A conduit for the fiber-optic cable is run under the lawn to the house. Contractors covered their tracks pretty well. Once the conduit is buried. You're set for the installation. The lead time for this installation from the initial call was about 10 days. Each fiber-optic hub serves 12 homes. Each house has a connection once the fiber-optic lines are run through the conduits orange tubes.

These run under the street to my house. I'll be the second house in the 12 homes served by this hub to get FiOS. Each house has its own line. The cable now has to be pulled through the conduit to the house. In the meantime, it sits on the sidewalk. On left, where the FiOS box goes. On right, the old telephone box. The old telephone box and the copper wiring stays, but essentially becomes obsolete once FiOS is up and running.

The phone signal is carried over the fiber-optic network. It take a few minutes for Verizon to transfer your number to the new network. Copper wiring inside the home remains in tact. Contrary to some reports Verizon doesn't strip the home clean of copper wiring. Once the box is connected to the home the connection to Verizon's network is completed across the street. In the basement the battery backup is installed.

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The tech says the battery gives you TV and Internet access for about 20 minutes in a power outage. Then the battery concentrates on phone service. Battery life varies, but replacements are standard and purchased at many places. Once the power and fiber-optic lines are hooked up the installation moves along quickly. That statement assumes your connections are all set.

While Verizon runs fiber-optic cables to your home it uses your existing cable infrastructure to your television and PC. In this case the set-top boxes from Verizon and Comcast were nearly identical. While Verizon's televison service was interesting I was really focused on the Internet connection. In fact, the Net connection is what led to the move away from Comcast. You have to use Verizon's wireless router. The tech was aware of complaints about this policy. The general idea is that Verizon's router is connected to the central office for monitoring. In talkbacks there were some complaints about the range of Verizon's router.

This particular router was manufactured by Actiontec. I found the range to be fine.